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In 2015, YouTube celebrated its tenth year as one of the most popular social and sharing platforms on the Internet. YouTube has infamously redefined how to become famous.
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox uploaded a video of their dancing to a TV show theme song in YouTube’s first year. They became instant viral stars and expect the release of their first motion picture in July 2016.

iJustine — or Justine Ezarik — truly exemplifies the influence of YouTube on fame. She recently wrote a book on living her life through the platform, the peak of a YouTube career that started in 2006. Her first smash was a review of her phone bill. Today, she has over two million subscribers.

Though soundly questioned as an artist, that hasn’t stopped Rebecca Black’s song Friday from going global with (currently) 90,222,885 views, almost two million dislikes, one million subscribers and nearly 700,000 comments.

From the Land Down Under, Wengie is the name of a channel and a beauty host. Using herself as a model, Wendy Huang started out providing lessons in makeup application. She has successfully branched out into everything from hair care to diet and fashion. She has over a million subscribers.

The awkward FRED character was created by Lucas Cruikshank. Today, Cruikshank has branched out into producing videos for his channel, but Cruikshank opened the door to fame with his comedic adventures as Fred, a goofball that went on to have his own television series on Nickelodeon.

YouTube has created a new path to fame, but it has not made getting famous easier. There is an unimaginable amount of content getting no attention at all. Even fame on YouTube requires creativity, technical and interpersonal skill, and persistence, persistence, persistence. You have to create something that’s not already there that people want to see. It’s imperative that you’re passionate about what you do, as opposed to trying to be famous. Do your research. Check out Wengie’s channel. It demonstrates a smart evolution, with the star originally fulfilling one need and branching out, while using strong original content and exemplary production to keep viewers coming back.


As increasing number of people live into their tenth decade, some of them are dealing with the challenges of old age and health related issues. There have been many problems arising from inability to do their routine tasks on a daily basis. These things can have different causes and many want to deal with them in the best possible way. For them, assisted living facility like the Manse on Marsh can be really helpful.

The Manse on Marsh can signal the beginning of a new phase of life for many senior citizens. Because they are not used to retirement, because they need help with many things from cleaning to transportation, this facility can be a knight in shining armor for short-term or long-term living conditions. Those who care for seniors at this center handle them with confronting issues very well. The facility offers everything that the seniors need for a comfortable life from fresh meals and laundry service to medical care. How best to manage the burden of old age is one of the problems some seniors face, both at a personal level as well as in the society. Health concerns become more common as people get older, and there are other problems they have to struggle with due to aging. The Manse on Marsh is designed with seniors’ lifestyle in mind and the blog does a good job of showing as much. Its programs and services are designed to make sure that the seniors are happy and healthy throughout their stay. Along with staff members to oversee the management of the facility as well as maintenance, there are teams associated with the facility to make sure that the residents here are eating and living well. There are programs designed to keep them busy as well, such as exercise, yoga, meditation and other types of education.

Keeping the issue simple is the fact that as people grow old, this facility helps with making decisions about their care and treatment when required. This brings the seniors to another reasons why living at the Manse on Marsh is the best alternative available to them. Manse commercials indicate that caretakers here are not only taking care of these residents but making sure that they maintain high quality of life. Good care for people means relying upon good support of the caretakers. It also means taking a holistic approach to meeting the needs of residents. In all these cases, it is worth trying the Manse on Marsh that will make a difference in seniors’ life, however small. There is a long history that the Manse on Marsh is the right facility for senior citizens, particularly to those for whom nursing home is not an option. Seeking more information about this facility can help make for a smoother ride after retirement.


Two things have mainly driven consumption of coffee: pursuit for class and avoiding a headache out of addiction. Medicinal herb on the other hand have been known mostly for the unpleasant bitter experience. One takes herbs that are bitter than the pan being relieved. Organo Gold is however re-inventing coffee for what it is known and blending it with the herbal power. Thanks to Organo Gold, Coffee is the trendy herb in town! With the coffee, one continues to enjoy the distinct taste of coffee and continues to get healthier.

It has taken the Organo Gold years of perfection to arrive at a product that does not only offer pleasure but is quickly becoming a compulsory companion. And further to its discovery, there is a whole range of flavours to suit consumer’s tastes. The secret is in infusing a 4000-year-old magical Chinese herb called Ganoderma Lucidum. The powerful herb boosts the body health by enabling the body function as it should.

Organo Gold has marked health intervention in a number of ailments including Diabetes, Asthma, High blood pressure, Liver dysfunction, Kidney dysfunction and high cholesterol.

The successes of Organo Gold can be attributed to its effective leadership of Bernardo Chua. Bernardo founded Organo Gold in 2008. At the time of its founding, Bernardo’s vision was to engage in selling a range of healthy bioactive coffee products containing Ganoderma Lucidum. Multi-level marketing was the method of choice for distribution of the product on a wholesale basis. This would then see the product being offered to coffee lovers for a set retail price.

Bernie, as he is commonly known on Twitter, is among the top names in the direct sales industry. This marketing method ensures that products are actually delivered to the final consumer and feedback taken. This is different from stocking the products on supermarket shelves with no real guarantee that the product will actually reach the customer.

Bernie grew up in the Philippines where he started and grew to success Gano Excel and now Organo Gold. He successfully helped in expansion of the products to Northern America. His current successes did not come without challenges. In fact, Bernardo Chua’s commitment to the brand is the reason that they’ve become such an award winning endeavor.

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There has been a population switch going on in Brazil for last three decades. Forty years ago, Brazilians like to settle in rural areas, but that changed as new regulations and economic growth propelled Brazil into the elite emerging market category. Today, almost 75 percent of Brazil’s population live in a city or near a city, according to BMG Bank Vice-President Marcio Alaor. That internal migration has presented several social challenges for cities of all sizes.

Marcio Alaor recently spoke about the Endeavor Index and how the internal migration is impacting businesses in his country. According to the Endeavor Index, there are 32 cities in Brazil that are prime candidates for foreign investment. Alaor thinks investors will return to those cities within the next 18 months. The five top cities on the Endeavor list are São Paulo, Campinas, Victory, Recife, and Florianopolis. Florianopolis is second on the list, and São Paulo takes the first spot since the city is the top capital investment city in the country.

Alaor told the group that his bank, the BMG Bank, recently moved its headquarters to São Paulo because of the amount of business opportunities in and around the city. Even though there are business opportunities in the cities on the Endeavor list, there are also challenges like an increase in favela communities and more crime. São Paulo deals with favela communities in several ways, but more pop up as the population increases. There are more than 10 million people living in São Paulo.

But the other four cities that represent the top five business cities are not as congested as São Paulo. Alaor said city governments have built a solid infrastructure to support foreign investment, and the location of those cities make it easier for investors to travel to the other major business cities. Alaor knows a lot about the cities that are breaking out of the recessionary mode by developing new technologies that are giving the economy a boost. BMG Bank and Marcio Alaor have played a role in the economic expansion by lending money to businesses when other banks turned them down. Alaor has single-handedly organized banking deals that have helped companies expand in spite of the recession and the brutal inflation.

Marcio is dedicated to improving Brazil’s position in the emerging market category, and if his track record is any indication of what he can do, he will help cities around the country follow the lead of the cities on the Endeavor list.

Like all countries that experience a devastating recession, Brazil is trying to dig out from under the negative press, and accent the positive aspects of the country. The Endeavor Index, created by the Endeavor organization, is helping entrepreneurs succeed, and so is Marcio Alaor.