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A couple of years ago, an innovative software developer called Ed Summers established a Twitter account, which tracks Wikipedia edits made using congressional computers anonymously. The account, @congressedits, is a home of the peculiar, the funny and at times worrying edits. Since new Wikipedia edits are publicly tracked, Ed Summers created a script, which alerts Twitter each time somebody in a congressional office decides to update a Wikipedia page.

Many of the edits are formal, especially when a Senator is voted in again, and the page is edited to reflect that. According to the New York Times, some of the edits are from people with ulterior motives. For instance, after a Kansas Republican, Tim Huelskamp annoyed the leadership of House Republican; someone used a congressional computer to add a section named “National Conservative Leader.” Another weird change is the removal of Sgt. Lloyd J. Reeder from Hiroshima mission crew’s list. In response to the success of @congressedits, similar Twitter accounts have emerged across the globe. The aim of creating these accounts is to enhance government’s transparency and accountability.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a leading company that specializes in creating or editing Wikipedia pages or article for a broad range of clients including prominent individuals, corporations, government agencies, and other entities. The company has a team of proficient Wikipedia editors who incorporate properly formatted and reliably sourced references during the article editing process. Additionally, they strictly abide by the rules and regulations as stipulated by the Wikipedia’s manual of style. Get Your Wiki saves you from the hassles of creating the page by yourself and protects it from malicious edits through its monitoring services.

Why having a Wikipedia page is a wise decision

Visibility and traffic

Wikipedia pages and articles appear on the first page of nearly all search results, providing visibility to the owner of the page or article. For instance, a business that has linked its website with Wikipedia pages can enjoy an increased traffic, which might translate into increased sales.

Maintaining an excellent online reputation

Wikipedia pages are essential tools for the maintenance of an impressive online reputation. Uploading a large number of positive and reliable information about business or brand improves reputation by pushing negative comments and reviews further down the search results of prominent search engines.

Authenticity and credibility

Nowadays, consumers tend to carry out thorough research on the Internet before buying products or services from a particular company. Possession of a Wikipedia page increases the level of reputation, credibility, and authenticity to the business, business owner, and brand.


Have you ended up in a situation at the securities firm you work at where you have realized something illegal is going on? Are you considering becoming an SEC whistleblower?

If so, here are a few things you should know before you take that final step.

Getting an SEC Whistleblower lawyer is vital — Deciding to become a whistleblower is usually a frightening thing, especially as securities firms can often be vindictive once they realize you are about to turn them in to the SEC.

This is why hiring a lawyer that specializes exclusively in representing clients that are whistleblowers is vital. These types of lawyers know exactly how to protect you from your employer, as well as how to advocate for your rights when it comes to the financial awards you may be due.

Once you have a lawyer, you can also decide to report a securities violation anonymously. Something you cannot legally do if you are only being represented by yourself.

A good SEC Whistleblower attorney will also be part of a company that has investigators, forensic accountants and analysts who are ready to uncover any information they think is key to your case. Information that can also be used to protect you, and to bolster your claim for additional monetary awards.

How to find the right lawyer — Now you know why it is important to have the right lawyer representing you, how exactly do you go about finding one?

Start by doing an Internet search for companies that solely represent people who have decided to become whistleblowers. Read their websites, but read them in-depth.

Look at FAQs they may have, read their eligibility statements, learn about employment protections, anonymous reporting and find out about the monetary awards they say you could be eligible to receive.

Finally, make sure they have downloadable handbooks for SEC whistleblowers, so you have a chance to read about what you are letting yourself in for before you even start.

Compare each company you see against any other company you find.

In most cases, the right lawyer for you will stand out quickly, as they will be the one with the most in-depth information available to you before you even decide to sign with them.

Contact this company, tell them about your case and ask them to create a case evaluation for you. Once you are happy with the service you receive, agree to have that lawyer and that firm represent you.

Beauty Products

For women that are looking for a product for the hair that is known to be high quality and is known to completely erase all damage caused to the hair from sunlight or chemicals, a product known as Wen [see, http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html] is greatly recommended for individuals that are looking to have sleek and shiny hair that is completely healthy. Wen is a product that was created by Chaz Dean, a businessman with a passion for giving individuals a unique product that reverses any hair damage without even having to break the bank when applying the product to the damaged or dry hair.

The product of Wen was recently tested out by one blogger in particular who used the product daily and have her honest opinion about the results of her hair. This blogger stated that after just a few days of using the cleanser conditioner, the damage of her hair just went away. Though this blogger recommends this Amazon sold product to individuals with fine hair, this blogger also wants customers to note that the product does require a bit more time in the morning. For individuals that are looking to make their hair perfect once more, it is recommended to wake up a little earlier in the morning.

The product of Wen was created by Chaz Dean, and individual who had spent months within a lab perfecting his product without using harmful chemicals that would truly damage the hair of the customer. Like the name of the product suggests, Chaz Dean wants to offer his clients a quiet retreat while their hair is being reformed into something that is truly an art. The products that Wen offers outside of salons gives individuals a chance to enjoy washing their hair and to enjoy the results of smooth and soft hair that looks salon quality. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info on this amazing brand.

Business Leaders, Business World

The society we live in has made us believe that success can only come after getting exceptional grades in high school and then attending a prestigious college. There is, however, one person who has proved this notion wrong. Marc Sparks graduated from college with an average grade of C+, but this did not stop him from becoming an entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur.

Using his expertise in business planning and strategy, Marc has guided many companies to financial success.

According to Crunchbase and Angel.co, Marc Sparks believes that success is not brought by luck but rather by hard work. He credits his success in business to his faith in God and the positive attitude he has acquired after several setbacks in his career. Despite being very successful, Marc does not think of himself better than others. That explains why he is so generous in sharing about what has made him successful. In his book “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc outlines his path to success to encourage others.

Marc Sparks knows too well that without financing, start-ups cannot go anywhere. As a venture capitalist, he has given many promising start-up businesses money, and many have become very successful. He is also a renowned philanthropist who has donated to several programs in Texas in addition to being a volunteer in several organizations.

When it comes to helping other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks never gets tired. Spark Tank is his latest endeavor that is a social innovation challenge aimed at empowering social entrepreneurs to change the world. The winner of the challenge is awarded $5,000 to continue impacting lives in the community.

Two rounds of the Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge have been completed, and the winners announced. In Round One of the challenge, a total of 14 applications from across Texas were received. The three finalists were House of Eli, Metro Relief and Dogs Matter.

Dogs Matter was announced the winner and was presented with a trophy and a check for $5,000. Many more applications were received in Round Two where the winner was Mommies in Need. The two other finalists were House of Eli and Families to Freedom.

Applications to Round Three will be open as from September to Oct. 1, 2016. The applications must be made online. The eligible applicants are only 501(c) (3) organizations that have been operating for less than two years. Read more:  Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

A panel carefully reviews each application before choosing three finalists. The chosen finalists are given a maximum of 10 minutes each to present their ideas before the panel in person. A Q&A session follows the presentations where each finalist is given a maximum of 10 minutes to respond to questions. Each program is evaluated on the basis of the presenter’s ability to tell a story, the ability to measure results and the impact the $5,000 will have on the program.


Fabletics and its founder Kate Hudson were given the spotlight in Marie Claire, and this article details how the brand has become a leading leisure destination for all shoppers. Every shopper who desires a new set of casual clothing must ensure they are searching the Fabletics website, and there is hope for a new brand of Fabletics stores in the future. Casual clothing will become more accessible than ever.

#1: Casual Clothing Are Now Incredibly-Chic

Casual clothes have become incredibly-chic due to the infusion of Fabletics into the fashion market. Fashion is now a selective process that women may use when they are leaving the house, and Fabletics provides more fashion sense than the majority of larger brands. Kate chose the styling of Fabletics due to her busy schedule, and her clothing has been used when she does not have the time to spend choosing her clothing.

#2: Dressing Becomes Quite Simple

Dressing has been made quite simple due to the nature of Fabletics clothing. Colors are quite simple to mix or match, and a lady who loves to dress well will find all she needs for a long day in the store. Fabletics is an excellent company when chic clothes are required that not take any effort to use. A woman may change several times between the house, office, grocery store, gym and school before she is home again, and her style is facilitated in its entirety by Fabletics.

#3: Everyone Who Enjoys Fashion Enjoys Fabletics

Fabletics is an incredible athletic wear brand that is easy to wear in all respects. A woman who enjoys clothes will find incredible details in their Fabletics clothing, and it is quite important for a woman to feel her best once she leaves her home. Kate ensured that all women will feel better while getting dressed, and they may wear anything from a pair of tights to a loose sweatshirt.

Every woman who values her appearance may select Fabletics when getting dressed in the morning, and she will enjoy the finer details of a brand made to be fashionable and functional at the same time. No one is dressed better than a Fabletics woman. Source: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/