Equities First Holdings LLC is a financial organization which provides business as well as high net-worth individuals with efficient funding solutions. The organization provides clients seeking non-purpose capital. It specializes in providing specialized loan products to people and businesses using stocks as collateral. The company was established in 2002 and is privately held. It has its headquarters in Indianapolis Indiana State.

The unique organizational approach to the non-purpose financing has seen the organization advance over one billion dollars to its clients across the world. To date, Equity First Holdings has completed over 700 transactions. This has allowed clients to access better financing terms and lower cost of capital as compared to the traditional financing alternatives. Other services that the company provides include capital allocation as well as financial services.

Equities First Holdings has offices across the world in such places as London, Perth, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. Currently, the organization has more than fifty employees across the cross.


Business Ventures

Vincent Parascandola grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Xaverian High School. For his university education he attended the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. His degree was in computer science. He soon entered the insurance industry upon graduation and over the years has developed into a top executive.

Parascandola’s first job was at Irving Trust Company, a bank, however. Vincent Parascandola worked there as an analyst for two years up through the time the company was acquired by the Bank of New York. He decided to exit banking and instead enter the insurance industry. His first job in this new role was at Prudential Insurance where he was an insurance agent. In the two years he was in this role he learned quite a bit about the insurance industry and how policies work. He turned this experience into a position change and joined The MONY Group as one of their financial professionals. He sold insurance products such as annuities and life insurance. He also became skilled in managing investments such as his client’s retirement accounts.

Over the years, Vincent Parascandola rose through the ranks at The MONY Group. He was a sales manager, then managing director, and finally earned the rank of field vice president. Much like Irving Trust Company, though, The MONY Group was acquired. AXA, a huge international insurance and investment firm, bought The MONY Group in 2005. However, Vincent Parascandola stayed on after the acquisition was completed and became an executive vice president for AXA Equitable, the new name of one of AXA’s United States subsidiaries. For more details visit WalletHub.

While working for AXA Equitable, Vincent has served in a number of executive roles. He has been a president of three divisions; the Northern Division, the Advantage Group, and the Continental Division. He is now the senior executive vice president of AXA US. Based in New York, he manages a large team of financial professionals who work out of New Jersey. He also recruits new people to these roles and provides training to them. His responsibility is also to make sure that profit targets are hit each quarter by his team. Check out Brightscope for the details.

Entrepreneur, Technology

Information technology is running the game right about now. This field of work is one of the most prestigious industries on earth. Some of the most intelligent individuals are employed here, and they have introduced a lot of luxury items into our everyday lives. On the other hand, this industry has introduced many practical solutions to help make peoples lives better. No one has done this as a good as Eric Pulier as he has single handedly revolutionized the game through his very own actions. This guy is known to be a futurist, a technologist, a businessman, an entrepreneur and an investor. Pulier is at the apex of his career, which has cemented is resume in stone.

Ever since he was a child, Pulier always seem to stand out amongst the crowd. He has always had a fascination with technology. While in high school, this guy founded a computer database company and when he was in the fourth grade, he had already programmed a computer. Academics was also something that he was naturally good at as he consistently scored high on tests. This consistency would help send him on a one-way ticket to Harvard University. While at Harvard, Pulier was a very busy guy as he worked for the Harvard Crimson publication. He has an editor and a column writer here, but his major was American and English Literature. Around this point in time, he would take classes over at MIT, which enhanced his fascination of technology. In 1988, Eric Pulier graduated college and by 1991, he would take the technological industry by storm.

Pulier has developed educational multimedia programs for people who suffer with physical disabilities, and he has helped to build one of the very first private social media networks. Starbright World allowed chronically ill children to communicate via chat and message. Over 700 children benefited from the network, which dramatically helped to raise the moral. Eric Pulier is a man on a mission, but who knows what the future will hold.

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