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Securus Technologies is a modern technology company that offers not only communication services but also its products to U.S correctional services. This private institution has been in operation for more than ten years. Being located in Texas, Securus has easily provided it’s loyal and trustable goods and services to the all the prison agencies. The company contains skilled personnel with so much experience it this kind of field. To be working for Securus Technologies, one must have been working in the prison field for a long time. Securus really upholds the inmates’ interest to speak to those they love back home. With this kindness, it’s believed that the jailed can reform to be good individuals.


The prisons are working with so much ease due to the high technology by Securus. This has been achieved through the ability to attain evidence with the technological advancements. Securus is running well under the positive management of Rick Smith who is its director. He is not only the head of the company but also a tech expert. With his working staff, he has come up with video apps which offer strict surveillance on the correctional agencies thereby minimizing the prison wardens’ roles of moving up and down always supervising the inmates.


Currently, prisons are able to monitor suspicious calls which may be a result of criminal acts. This is possible via the monitoring software by Securus that has been installing to the prisons and some governmental departments. This has really shut down all forms of immorality. The company has also come up with illegal monetary transaction devices. With these, all criminal financial transactions have been inhibited. To the correctional departments which have no knowledge on how to use Securus technological devices and programs, the company offers to teach the officers on how to go about it with a lot of ease to ensure a crime-free environment is created.


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IDLife, which stands for Individually Designed Life, is a health and wellness company established in 2014 by Logan Stout, its chief executive officer. Logan is an accomplished professional baseball player. He is passionate about wellness and health. The entrepreneur studied Psychology and Business at the University of Dallas and is the author of Stout Advice. He brings a vast experience of business leadership and skills to the management team.

IDLife was founded on the principle of uniqueness and recognizes the customized nutritional needs of its customer. Before getting supplements from the company, individuals are subjected to tests to aid in creating supplements that appropriate for the body. The assessment allows the company to provide what the customer needs only.

The company aims at manufacturing high-quality products and programs that lead to a healthier life. Consumable IDLife products have no additives or fillers. They formulate products that are essential for the body and which have been tested for purity, nutritional absorbability, solubility, purity, and potency. They are casein, soy, gluten, and GMO-free and go through screening by relevant authorities to ensure compliance with set standards.

The products are customized to fulfill the needs of the user and therefore contain no synthetic fillers. With 1.3 million formulations based on recommendations from clinical studies and journals, there is something for everyone.

The individualized supplements come in two versions to be taken in the morning and at night. Since the body is ready to receive minerals and vitamins at different times, the separation ensures maximum absorption of the nutrients.

IDLife products are available through the network marketing business model. The company does not stock them in stores. Instead, it avails them through sales associates. The distributors introduce the products in different forums through word of mouth.

In 2017, the IDLife announced that it would be partnering with Garmin, a leading manufacturer of wearable fitness devices. Users of the IDWellness app can now synchronize information from their fitness devices with features of the application. The move will allow users to reach their health wellness goals with ease. The two companies share ideologies in health maintenance and have years of experience in the sector.

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Tony Petrello has a reputation for being very generous with his vast wealth. Many of his charitable acts have been directed towards research for children’s diseases. There is a very good reason for this. His own daughter is afflicted with a very serious brain disorder that has kept her from living a normal life. Tony has become involved with many children’s hospitals where he lives in Houston. He has been one of the largest financial donors to these hospitals over the past 20 years. It is because of his enormous generosity that these hospitals and labs can continue their research that will hopefully lead to finding cure for the terrible diseases that afflict children.

Tony Petrellois able to donate millions of dollars to children’s hospitals because he makes more money on an annual basis than any other CEO in the United States. Tony is in charge of Nabors Industries. This is a company that is one of the industry leaders when it comes to drilling for natural gas and oil on land. The company was originally formed in the 1960s. It grew to become a very large force in the industry in the 1970s. However, profits started to decline drastically a decade later. In the early 1990s, Tony Petrello was asked to become the new CEO of the company. He brought the company back to its former glory. He was able to do this because he has very good business instincts.

Tony Petrello has a pair of Yale math degrees and a juris doctor from Harvard. He worked as an attorney based in New York for more than a decade. He was very successful in this profession. He was satisfied in his career and was not looking to go into a different line of work. However, he was contacted by the people who were in charge of Nabors. They made Tony an offer that he would have been a fool to turn down. The arrangement has worked very well for both sides. Nabors has flourished under the leadership of Petrello. Meanwhile, Tony has become an extremely wealthy man.

The philanthropy of Tony Petrello has received a great deal of attention because of the large sums of money he has donated. Nabors is continuing to make huge profits under his leadership. Petrello has said that he has no plans to retire. He said that he is blessed to have a job he loves.

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The prominence of Bob Reina is behind his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. From the time that the company establishment took place in 2007, its dedication has been in line with helping others. All they are concerned with includes building futures, dreams realization, as well as giving back across the globe. It is worth acknowledging the fact that it is such forms of commitment which brings about the changes in lives of individuals. A lot of effort is involved in his devotion to the mission not only as the founder but also the CEO.


Bob acknowledges that high level of success comes a lot with increased responsibilities. Such an idea is the crucial section of the culture of the Talk Fusion. This is because it’s a portion of their essential endeavors and acts as their driving force in line with all that they do both at the firm as well as at the individual level. It is for the same reason that they continually strive to carry out additional duties in addition to helping a higher number of individuals. It is true that under the direction of Bob Reina, the motivation is in line with bringing change accordingly and appropriately.


Notably, the most influential individuals often serve as examples in their leadership. Similarly, the impact that Bob Reina already left throughout the globe is incredible. Having broken significant records more than once, he drives his vision towards transforming lives via actions. As well, such efforts often repeat themselves via his firm as well as the Independent Associates spread across a hundred and forty countries.


The indulgence of Bob regarding giving back acted as his source of inspiration that took him further ahead. A short while back, he set up an initiative which allows each associate of Talk Fusion to facilitate the donation of a free account meant for a chosen charity ( The free charity account is associated with the custom monthly plan that entails branding, complete customization as well as the access to the marketing products of the video of Talk Fusion. Additional information is available at


Joe Arpaio

On the evening of October 18, 2007, the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio instigated the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Frontera. The Maricopa County sheriff who ran the highly feared “Selective Enforcement Unit” sent deputies to Phoenix areas to arrest the two. Mike and Jim, who are the executives at the Village Voice Media, were forced in black SUVs which had tinted windows and Mexican number plates. The two were later locked up in separate jails which were under the management of Joe.

Cause of the Outrageous Arrest

Through Phoenix News Time newspaper, Mike and Jim had exposed the misdeeds carried out by the sheriff. Among the things reported by the newspaper include the way the sheriff mismanaged his office by punishing any critics of abuse of power of the sheriff office. They also noted the poor conditions of Arpaio jails and the mistreatments and deaths of those held in those jails. It also noted his habit of patriarchal role in encouraging the anti-Mexican fear-peddling and political posturing throughout Arizona. Many Latinos faced unconstitutional detention and racial profiling under the sheriff’s prosecution system. Joe felt offended by those reports and hence leading the arrests.

Illegal Arrest

After the arrest, Joe’s allies at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office unconstitutionally created jury subpoenas that were supposed to collect all details regarding the editors of the newspaper. This included taking IP addresses and all details of the newspaper writers and editors. Instead of feeling threatened by the subpoena, Mike and Jim went ahead to write about it with the aim of further exposing the level of corruption within the system.

The arrest resulted in a national public outcry which resulted in the release of Jim and Mike after spending 24 hours in jail. Consequently, all their charges were dropped immediately. This, however, resulted in a long court battle as the two news editors sought justice after their illegal detention. In 2012, the jury subpoenas that served on Lacey and Larkin were named invalid by the Ninth Circuit since the prosecutor had not followed the required legal procedures. The court, therefore, ruled that Lacey and Larkin were arrested illegally.

$3.7 million Settlement

Jim and Mike received a settlement of $3.7 million which they used to create Frontera Fund. This is a unique initiative that takes the responsibility of protecting the Hispanic Community against civil rights abuse and racial discrimination. Mike and Jim distributed the funds received from the settlement to small nonprofit groups that fight for the rights of the Hispanic Community.

Rising Star: New Site Launch

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are two journalists, and entrepreneurs who write and publish their own news publications to bring information to inquiring people. They were arrested in 2007 by the law breaking tyrant, and the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, for publishing information on the criminal activity of the sheriff, Joe Arpaio. When their First Amendment Rights were violated, the two men filed a lawsuit against the county, and the sheriff. They won the lawsuit, after a few years of litigation, and were awarded $3.7 million dollars. Instead of keeping this money for themselves, they used it to establish the Frontera Fund which is designed to help organizations who were helping in the fight for the civil, human, and migrant rights of Arizona citizens.

Larkin and Lacey continued their writing and publishing of newspapers, and online publications. Their focus is in the area of political injustices, and other main stream, conservative issues. They started the New Times, a weekly online newspaper with Lacey as executive editor, and Larkin in advertising. The paper grew in circulation to become among the top free weekly newspaper alternatives. They ultimately embraced the ownership of seventeen newspapers that circulated from the east to the west coast.

They just recently launched their newest endeavor, The Front Page Confidential. This is an online publication that lends itself to all matters that involve, or pertain to free speech. Larkin and Lacey have earned themselves the reputation of being hard core investigative reporters of their featured writing that has a magazine style format. They provide coverage food, music, arts, film, and other interesting local events. In recent calculations, the chain of publications had reached over fifty million online readers, and more than nine million print readers. They continue their success as advocates of the First Amendment Rights of all people.


Jeremy L. Goldstein, an associate lawyer at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, has expertise in business law and has been practicing his career for more than fifteen years now. At the law firm, he focuses on advising clients on successful and legal ways of how to market their products excellently for the success of their businesses.

Previously, he used to singly operate some law firm located in New York City. During this time, he benefited business corporations with advice pertaining to safeguarding the welfare of employees and their companies as well.


Up until now Jeremy L. Goldstein still offers legal advice to employees and investors of various companies. One the most recent areas he has come up with are knockout options that many workers have considered. This has assisted with compensations and other benefits from the companies they work for. These knockout options have helped workers to secure better covers for their insurances and those of their families. Jeremy L. Goldstein has advised companies to consider these options to avoid the expenses involved while using other complex methods of rewarding employees. These options also help in purchasing stocks and maximum utilization of company’s shares before their expiry. Employees, on the other hand, can use these options to buy shares from the company and utilize them before their values depreciate. Additionally, it gives them the allowance to cancel the ownership of some of these shares before their values drop too low.


Jeremy L. Goldstein has also provided knockout approaches that assist firms in reducing costs of their operations hence making the accounting of stocks cheaper. Investors and business partners also benefit from these knockout mechanisms. This is by providing options that enable the shareholders to prolong their ownership for the shares and stocks that they buy from these companies that they invest with.

All these have enormously contributed to the growth of the law firm.


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