Everyone wants to function in a sane and rational way. Nobody wants to be identified as a person with a mental health disorder. This is especially true for the people who live, work and go to school in the greater Oakland area. While people in the Oaktown area might not want this label, the fact is that thousands of local Oakland residents suffer from some type of mental health issue. TMS Therapy can be the solution they need to help manage or even correct their mental deficiencies.

At least 1 in 6 Oakland residents have a mental health issue and 1 in 20 have a serious mental health problem. Oakland has close to 450,000 and close to 75,000 could benefit from the help of a licensed therapist or from some type of therapy-based program. TMS Health Solutions is definitely an organization that can help people in this capacity.

TMS offers various solutions for people suffering from mental health disorders. This treatment facility offers psychiatric therapy and anti-depressants for people in need. They also use magnetic pulse therapy to help a person’s brain to correct the disturbing patterns that causes a person to be depressed or filled with anxiety.
Patients are also given medications that deal with mental health disorders.

Medications will vary for each patient’s situation. The medications that psychiatrists prescribe is usually an anti-depressant. The company also has a wide variety of psychiatrists on staff who are located at various locations throughout the city of Oakland.

These highly trained and compassionate individuals understand their job and know how to help people to effectively deal with their mental health issues. These individuals have vast experience and they use it to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible.

TMS therapy has been effective with helping patients. This process also produces long lasting results. Patients will have to follow up with care because depression might never go away. The techniques that patients learn will help them to overcome various problems associated with their mental health issue. Oakland residents no longer must be defeated by depression or any other mental health issue. TMS Health Solutions can help to change their situation for the better.

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Dr. Shafik Hussein Sachedina is a great authority in the United Kingdom. The dental surgeon has become very popular over the years because of his role in the Ismaili Community. The doctor has changed billions of lives due to his role in the society. According to his resume, the doctor was born in Tanzania, but he was fortunate to grow up in London. His parents left Tanzania when the businessman was young so that they could look for greener pastures for their son. Many years later, this family is proud of the decision they made when their child was young. Sachedina had an opportunity to attend some of the leading school in London. If the family had chosen to remain in their former country, they would have settled for a different life for their son.

In London, Sachedina chose to specialize in dental surgery. The businessman had always felt that he was going to become successful if he worked as a community leader. His degree in dental surgery did not hinder his other passions. The businessman changed many patients’ lives due to the skills he was given when he was at the university. Shafik Sachedina has never regretted going to the medical school for this kind of education. Apart from having a great career in medicine, Sachedina has been a key figure in the prestigious Institute of Ismaili Studies.

Read more: A delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation led by Shafik Sachedina meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

The institution specializes in research, and it is headquartered in London. This organization was introduced into the global market many years ago, and its main aim is to promote Islamic cultures among the society. The organization knows that people in the modern times are forgetting their cultures due to their busy lifestyles, and this is why it is focusing on bringing the communities together using religion. The Muslim faith has been promoted by company since it was founded several years ago. With the help of the top professionals such as Shafik Sachedina, the foundation has managed to reach its goals with a lot of ease.

The Institute of Ismaili has also been functioning as the gathering station for the people who come from the Ismaili community. These individuals are able to understand their thoughts and history through these gatherings. Any neglected field in the Muslim culture is discussed when these communities meet for the numerous functions held by the company. Shafik Sachedina is a professional who is bringing change in this foundation. His leadership skills have been vital in this company.

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If you’re looking for insurance and you’re not sure where to turn, you will need to check out USHEALTH Group insurance. They are underwritten by Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. They have been in business for over 50 years and are responsible for servicing over 15 million customers. They specialize in helping you find the perfect insurance that will fit your essential needs. They work with individuals, families and small businesses to utilize the most advanced healthcare options on the market. We all know that healthcare changes quite rapidly and it can be hard to keep up with all of the regulations. That’s why USHEALTH Group and their trusted licensed advisors are fully trained to assist you with all of your questions, concerns and coverage options. They help find insurance that covers life insurance, disease/sickness and accident/disability insurance. Their plans are affordable, flexible and secure.

USHEALTH Group relies on two fundamental truths when it comes to their customers. They realize that ever customer is completely different and that a one size fits all approach is not always the final determination. They understand that each customer has specific needs and they will most likely be different from the next customer. The advisors will help you find a plan that fits within your budget and make sure that you understand your coverage benefits before you are fully engaged. In the event that you should need your insurance coverage, you will now know what is covered and what isn’t. Should you run into any coverage problems, you can call the 24/7 hotline and speak with an agent immediately. Learn more about  USHealth Advisors at Better Business Bureau

As a USHEALTH Group insured customer, you will also have the ability to manage your healthcare online. You can check your coverage and benefits to make sure you make informed decision as well as review all of your explanation of benefits (EOB). You can also research your prescription drug treatment options and cost along with a list of participating providers. Their online services also keep track of your plan history, personalized savings and suggested healthcare topics to discuss with your physician. Visit:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ushealth-advisors

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As healthcare information technology and healthcare data management become more and more of a part of the medical records and healthcare worlds, industry experts have predicted several trends to dominate these fields in 2018. Of course, there is not total agreement about the near future, but it seems pretty clear what will be generally important going forward.


For starters, there will be an increased focus on data analytics as healthcare providers give their clients more payment options. Furthermore, more business in general will lead to an increased reliance on data analysis, navigation and mining.


A big part of providing successful software and applications is making sure that they are user-friendly, and this is part of why informatics will be key in 2018. Experts will ensure that processes are smooth, efficient and fast, and – perhaps most importantly – interfaces are easy to use.


Security and privacy issues will continue to be important in the high-tech world in general, and the healthcare IT world is no exception to this. Because of strict privacy laws and the consequences to providers of violating them, building applications that are secure will be paramount going forward. In healthcare especially, there is enormous concern that data and patient information could be compromised.


As the saying goes in healthcare, “If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen,” and electronic documentation systems help doctors, nurses and other providers record information quickly, easily and permanently. Therefore, digital documentation systems will continue to be extremely important in 2018. View Additional Info Here.


Healthcare is one of the most closely regulated industries in the country, and healthcare IT systems can help providers and billers ensure that they are following the rules exactly. This means that companies that can integrate compliance measures into their applications will have an advantage.


About Drew Madden


A healthcare IT executive whose opinions are highly valued as the healthcare industry transitions to electronic healthcare records management is Drew Madden. As an experienced entrepreneur and executive, Madden has used his expertise in healthcare IT in general and Cloud computing in particular to bring out the best in systems and employees.


Drew Madden is one of the key figures who have made a difference in Healthcare IT industry. Over the years, his passion for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has driven him to make a series of accomplishments in the health sector. Madden is a healthcare IT businessman who has previously led the largest Epic consulting company globally: Nordic Consulting Partners.


Drew Madden stands out in the healthcare field. He is a high caliber Healthcare IT investor who is keen on nurturing solid client partnerships. He’s also interested in improving the healthcare culture. Currently, Madden is one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.


See: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drew-madden-60571620


Ara Chackerian is a devoted philanthropist, entrepreneur as well as an angel investor. He is the ASC capital Holdings Managing Director. Ara’s investments are in initial stage healthcare firms whose goal is to reinvent the health care system with the US. Ara’s experience in developing healthcare firms is more than two decades. He is a co-founder of several organizations dealing with a variety of medical services such as PipelineRX, a countrywide Telepharmacy services provider, BMC Diagnostics, diagnostic imaging services leading provider and TMS Health Solutions, a provider of integrated behavioral health services.

Before joining ASC capital Holdings, Ara held several operating executive level offices with various companies. For instance, Ara has been BMS Diagnostic company’s Chief Executive Officer, TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRX’s and PSS/World Medical’s Executive Vice President of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian loves to give back to the community. He has contributed as well as donating to various non-profit organizations focusing on education and youth development. He is also committed to ecological grounds with his Limonapa investment. For a long time, Ara has partnered with TMS Health Solutions to enlarge their experience in developing radiology for outpatient diagnostic centers to a different healthcare area. It took Ara and the partner more than a decade to come up with Northern California’s network of centers. The vision of Ara and the partner is to devise a care delivery program that caters to both the patient and the physician to obtain their preferred outcomes. Moreover, the program will be in a design that allows the patient to always come first. For more details visit tmshealthsolutions.com

Ara Chackerian has bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida state university. Ara always focuses his energies on anything that includes strategy, vision, and coaching. He tries as much to balance between his philanthropic and entrepreneurial desires to achieve his goals. His life experiences nurture his ideas. He believes choosing the right partners in a business can lead to better performance. In addition to this, entrepreneurs need to appreciate the ideas that other partners bring on board. Moreover, entrepreneurs need to learn on how to build a full from several. Besides, Ara believes that entrepreneurs should understand the risks involved before getting into any business.

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Technology is unarguably the fastest-growing business in the entirety of the commercial marketplace, as new developments help even newer developments grow exponentially faster than possible before.

Detailed below are just some of the market’s most recent developments in the field of healthcare and its necessary juxtaposition with information technology and related infrastructure.


Technology Aids Humanity In Living Longer Lifespans

Although it’s not a secret, this fact of healthcare is still astounding – surgeons from around the world can conduct surgeries on patients regardless of their physical location with the help of surgical robots connected through the Internet.

People can also use smartphones to access care directly from physicians, especially helpful if they aren’t able to access each other, due to geographic difficulties or financial troubles.


Software Can Predict Health Problems Based On Browsing Patterns

Throughout the world’s second-most populated country, India, Internet-based pharmacies have urged hundreds of online customers to seek help for medications possibly used to mask the symptoms of their serious underlying health problems. That’s the power of predictive analytics, soon to come to the worldwide market.


Interconnected Technological Devices Make A World Of Difference In Healthcare

Devices connected to one another in closer circuits within health facilities help physicians spend less time on keeping up with nitty, gritty details of patients’ vitals and identifying information, opting for their wearable devices to make quick work of such pesky obligations. Get Additional Information Here.


To Have Proper IT Functions In Healthcare, The Industry Must Have Proper Leaders

One of the healthcare sector’s leading personalities is Mr. Drew Madden, arguably best known for his seven-year tenure with Nordic Consulting Partners, a consulting agency he helped build from practically the ground.

Mr. Madden joined the likes of Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. Within one year’s time, Drew Madden was promoted within the ten-employee small business to president. By the time he left Nordic Consulting Partners in 2016, the consultancy had grown to having more than 700 employees, as well as raising revenue a total of $129,000,000 – from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.

Drew Madden is currently employed by Evergreen Healthcare Partners and has remained with the consultancy firm as managing partner since 2016.

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Millions of people, most of them elderly, are without life insurance. Many young people have the misconceived impression that they are immortal, and are in no hurry to even discuss insurance. The elderly are the people who have let the lack of life insurance get to the point of having difficulty finding a suitable plan that will fit their budget. Sooner or later, every one will need an active life insurance plan to cover expenses when they expire. Life insurance plans, and the language is hard to understand. The experts at Freedom Life Insurance company are available to assist customers, and help make an important insurance decision.

Often times the question as to the type of insurance to get is the reason why many people are not covered. Freedom Life Insurance company will give you an understandable explanation of the various types and plans. The two basic types are Whole Life and Term Life insurance. Whole life insurance has become the most popular plan that most people are investing in. It builds cash value over the years. It is more expensive than the other type, but the face value of the policy never changes, and neither does the premium. This plan pays the amount of the death benefit if it is needed tomorrow, or if the owner lives to be one hundred. This plan can be a good saving element because the growth basis is tax deferred, and it can be used to borrow from. There are many different kinds of whole life policies. Read more on Health Depot for more info.

Term life insurance is less expensive than a whole life plan, and the premiums are lower. One major difference is that the premiums may increase over the years, and the benefit amount will decrease over the life of the policy. This type of plan is only for a term period of time. It death occurs shortly after taking the policy, the benefit amount will be the amount paid into the plan. Most elderly people are taking this plan, and then surprised when it reaches an amount that they can no longer afford. Freedom Life Insurance can inform consumers of all of the unexpected costs involved with this plan. Read :https://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Fort-Worth/freedom-life-insurance-company-of-america-3543239.aspx


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Earnings per Share, simply known as EPS, is a highly discussed term of metric, and a majority of the compensation experts around the world are confused to include it in employee payments. There are contradictory stands by them, and even companies have varied opinions on it. This is where Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney with expert knowledge in executive compensation structuring, explained the importance of EPS, its possibilities and drawbacks, and finally provides the most recommended approach on choosing the metric. According to him, using EPS metric in performance-based pay programs is a good thing.



When it comes to shareholders of a business, EPS acts as one of the largest influencers of share price, and it helps them to decide to either buy or sell stocks. Inside the companies, it helps management to decide on employee payout based on it. A study conducted recently showed that EPS being part of the pay structure helped companies to be more successful. Though it looks like a beneficial system, Jeremy Goldstein says that it creates some unfair advantage to the executives considering the competitive nature of stocks as well as its trading. A section of experts says that it may create favoritism and cause blind eyes to CEOs.



They also say that the system gives better say to executives which is against the collective control concept and may even help the executives to skew results. This makes the shareholders misled and sometimes becomes illegal. A few others think that the metric only focuses on generating short-term profitability against the long-term goals of the company. This is where Jeremy Goldstein advises a negotiated stand on adopting EPS. He asks the companies to include EPS in the pay structure but make the executives responsible for their actions. Also, EPS should be restructured to ensure long-term results and goals of the company and should be ensuring sustainable growth to the company.



Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York City, and he is part of many executive compensation committees of various companies. He collaborated with Bank of America, NYSE Group Inc., Verizon, Goldman Sachs, and more. Goldstein has also collaborated with some of the largest acquisitions in the corporate world in the recent decades.



He is the founder of a boutique law firm, practicing in the areas of corporate governance and executive compensation, called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Goldstein has nearly two decades of expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, and more. Learn more: http://www.chambersandpartners.com/USA/person/485609/jeremy-goldstein



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The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, started his business to provide doctors with a different method for treating cancer patients. He felt that by using the data from a patient’s genomic testing, oncologists could choose the kinds of medicines for them that will be more effective, based on what’s in their DNA. He first got the idea for starting Tempus when he saw someone close to him receive traditional treatment for cancer years ago. This pushed him to think of other things that could be done to make treatment for this disease more advanced and precise. Through the use of technology that provides significant genetic information, he felt that doctors could get a deeper view into a patient’s medical background, and could treat them based on this individual data rather than just relying on regular methods.

Eric Lefkofsky is an innovator who has a deep interest in how to make businesses operate in a more effective way. He not only runs a company that focuses on using technology for better results, but he also teaches classes on the subject at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he is an adjunct professor, and he previously taught Applied Technology courses at DePaul University and Northwestern University. In addition to his instructional endeavors and his leadership at Tempus, he is a philanthropist who supports organizations that help others with educational and scientific aspirations, as well as those that are aimed at helping people who are in need all over the world

He encourages entrepreneurs to take risks and be bold when handling business responsibilities, and in his book entitled Accelerated Disruption, he outlines the steps they can take if they want to find the right kind of industries to innovate, as well as how they can come up with a strategy that will bring in capital that will keep their business running during its most critical stages of development. On top of being the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, who has a JD degree from the University of Michigan, is also the co-founder of a venture fund business called Lightbank.

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If you’ve ever been incarcerated, or have a loved one who is, you know the value of staying in touch. Companies like Securus Technologies make that connection possible. In recent years, the cost of calling and video visitation has gone down significantly. This has been somewhat of a blessing, as there was much concern over the extreme prices charged by many carriers. Not only has Securus Technologies added services, but they’ve made them affordable. Securus has also brought along new technology and acquired new companies to make facilities safer, and better places in general.


Among the recently acquired is GovPayNet. This company was started over 20 years ago to make payments to government agencies much easier. Having a streamlined system for payments such as traffic tickets, probation fees, home monitoring and court costs, have made things much simpler for everyone involved. JPay, another financial service, has also been acquired in the last few years. Combined with Securus Technologies, the companies can introduce new technology at a much faster rate in correctional facilities. Recently, JPay has come out with tablets for inmates to purchase that includes educational software, and courses they can take to advance their skills.


Securus Technologies, having been in business since 1986 has a great deal of experience in the business. Having received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company strives to provide excellent customer service. A recent survey also uncovered a customer satisfaction rate around 95 percent. This is unusually high, and customers report that most of their concerns are resolved in just one call. Making advancements in the world of corrections can sometimes be challenging due to the nature of the business. Securus Technologies, along with its partners, makes the safety and communication safe, reliable and affordable. It will be interesting to see the new services offered in the future by Securus.