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So let me tell you why I love this company. I’m not one who can afford luxury items, like the ones sold by The RealReal’s luxury consignment shop. I’m a Muslim woman on a budget, and I do functional clothing. I ask myself two questions when I’m buying clothes, “Am I covered?, and Am I be cute?”. As long as the answer’s yes for both of those questions, then I’m good to go. And I shop any wear with loose, modest clothing; it can be Target or Islamic dress shops on the street I’m not too particular. The RealReal and it’s brainchild Julie Wainwright interest me because of the ‘how’ factor. How she put together her business, how she marketed it, found her niche, did research on her customer base to figure out what to sell and when. All the juicy nuts and bolts that have made the RealReal such a success from its start only six years ago.

I’ve been doing my research on how to start a successful online business. Reading about how Julie put together the brick and mortar shop, her artist upbringing gave her the magnificent idea to display the “wearable art” as she calls it, in a very thoughtful creative way. I love how she is working towards making luxury shopping more attainable for the average shopper. Having workshops that teach shoppers how to identify a real from a fake Birkin Bag, in the ladies bathroom there is audio of how to correctly pronounce high-end designer names. And she’s created her niche when visiting The RealReal, whether online or in person, it’s an experience that is unlike anything else that is available for consignment shoppers and sellers.

I love this because everything she’s doing has set her business apart has shown me as an online business wannabe that it’s doable. It also shows me that research is right and you have to do the work to be successful. You have to figure out what is going to set you apart from your competition. Julie has done that with The RealReal, and it is reaping the rewards, her business is thriving. I only pray that my company will have this kind of success six years after opening.

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Whitney Wolfe can be synonymous with empowerment for women. She has thought about a lot of rules that are holding women back. She has wanted to get rid of these rules with Bumble. One thing that she has decided on was being an example of someone who has gone against the rules. One thing that she has done is show women that it is okay to approach someone.

Whitney Wolfe has seen a man that she was interested in and initiated with him. His name is Michael Herd. She has eventually married Michael Herd after dating him for a while.

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Whitney Wolfe knows that other women can have this kind of success if they were encouraged to go for the men they want. This is one of the factors that have made Bumble what it is. She has configured Bumble with the hopes of helping women develop the courage to go for the type of man they want and risk rejection. One thing that a lot of women know is that men are going to be into them. For one thing, women do get approach a lot online and offline. It is the men that are not aware of their value because they often have to risk rejection with every approach.

One thing Whitney Wolfe understands when it comes to men is that they take rejection harshly. Therefore, she has decided that women should be encouraged to go after the type of men that catches their desires. It can be a little easier for women to take rejection given the attention they are given. The dating app that is set up by Whitney Wolfe not only makes it easier for women to find a man that they are interested in, but also find someone who will accept them so that they can form a good relationship.

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Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and his father was a college professor. He was born on October 17, 1957, In Bronx, New York. He joined Cherry Hill High School East. After graduating, he joined the University of Maine where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Today, Lawrence Bender is a celebrated filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. He has produced several movies including Pulp fiction, Django, the Inconvenient Truth, the countdown to zero, Goodwill hunting, Reservoir dogs and safe among others.

Lawrence Bender has scooped over six academy awards and has been nominated 29 times for the best picture films. Lawrence Bender is also the man behind the production of the movie ‘The great raid’. The movie is set around the world war ll era. Carrying a rescue mission during World War II in the Japanese POW camp was the most daring mission in the movie. The movie was set in the heart of Luzon the largest island in the Philippines. US troops and the Philippine fighters were confined inside Camp Cabanatuan after being overpowered. They were trounced on Bataan peninsula on March 1942. The soldiers were forced to walk for over 60 miles to a prison camp where a notorious ordeal had occurred.

All those soldiers that survived the March ordeal suffered from malaria, malnutrition and dysentery. Others suffered at the hands of the Japanese. Surprisingly, in 1945 the US 6th Ranger battalion attempted a raid on a camp that never seemed impossible to attack. Inside the Cabanatuan camp, we meet Major Gibson; an American fighter who hasn’t lost any hope of rescue. Sad enough his body is growing weak because of Malaria. Commander of the 6th Battalion Lt. Col. Henry Mucci picks a young Captain Prince for heroic duty.

Prince is assigned the duty to rescue all the 510 US prisoners confined in the camp. Before the rescue, a Japanese commandant douses some prisoners with gasoline and burns them alive. Dahl gives out a story indirectly of a certain widow who camouflages as a Lithuanian widow. She assists smuggle supplies, information and medicine from Manila Philippine into camps such as Cabanatuan.

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Say you want to open a mall in Brazil, and you want to know who your competition is, one of the names that will definitely come up is Roberto Santiago. Roberto Santiago, also known as the Brazilian Mall Tycoon, is the owner of one of the most popular malls in Brazil, known as the Manaira Shopping Mall. the Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the main attractions in the city of Joao Pessoa, which is also Roberto Santiago’s home town.


Manaira Shopping Mall, Robert’s Biggest project:

Open in 1989, the Manaira Shopping Mall was built to become a center of gathering in the Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa. When Roberto Santiago bought the plot of land that the mall was built on in 1987, it is hard to tell whether or not he knew how big this mall would become. The Manaira Mall is the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa and it contains cinemas, a food court, game areas, gyms, concert halls and a school. On the roof of the mall is a concert hall known as the Domus Hall. Over two stories high, the hall seats 4000 and it has a maximum capacity of 10000 viewers. It is equipped with the latest sound technology, and the entire area is soundproof. the Domus Hall has hosted concerts, exhibits, conferences, and weddings, and performers come from all over the world to play in this concert hall because of its popularity. Since the mall was opened, it has seen five different expansions to make it the largest shopping center in the state of Paraiba, and it contains 280 vendors.


Other Projects:

Roberto Santiago is very dedicated to building up his city so it may become the biggest entertainment draw in its state of Paraiba. In addition to the Manaira Shopping Mall, Santiago has built an “electronic amusement park”, also known as the Game Station. This amusement park contains 200 games, bowling alleys, and a ballroom. Santiago’s most recent project, the Mangabeira shopping project, was completed in 2014. Mangabeira Shopping took over two and a half years to build, and had a development cost of 500 Million Brazilian Reals. It is known as one of the most architecturally modern buildings in Brazil, and it created 3000 jobs for local citizens. Roberto Santiago’s main goal is to use all of his development projects to build up his local area of Joao Pessoa, and after that he intends to build mall projects in Brazil’s bigger cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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In just 9 years, Jeunesse Global has gone from a complete non-entity to being one of the most rapidly expanding and important players in the international health and beauty industry. This rapid rise is attributable to the expert guidance of its founders, industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Ray and Lewis had long been fixtures of the North American direct-marketing business. Their dozens of companies and products have become household names, and the couple enjoyed the respect and admiration of their peers. But after a long and successful career, Ray and Lewis decided that they finally wanted to hang it up and try the retired life. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that they were not cut out for the endless boredom and lack of meaning that so often awaits those who retire from careers about which they are deeply passionate. Ray and Lewis quickly found other ways to fill their time.

One of those ways was through founding yet another company. Run out of the couple’s garage, Jeunesse Global quickly began growing from a hundred-dollar hobby business into a serious enterprise. By the end of its first year, the company had sold nearly $1 million in products. By the fifth year of operation, it was clear that Ray and Lewis had long since ceased being retired. Now, they were steering a multi-million-dollar company that counted thousands of distributors and tens of thousands of customers among its ranks.

The secret behind the company’s rapid ascent has been its innovative and effective products. One example of such a product is the firm’s foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the foundation comes in nine different shades, allowing users to match it precisely to the skin tone that they desire. NV’s ability to match skin tones has also made it very popular throughout the East Asian markets where it is often used as a mild skin lightener.

But NV’s real selling point is its ability to erase years off of a user’s face. Containing the powerful APT-200 molecule, NV erases wrinkles, prevents new wrinkles from forming and restores elasticity and a youthful appearance to the face.