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New Jersey is a flourishing city, with developing companies building modern residential facilities for the booming population. Among the key features of these residential buildings are luxurious spaces, spacious units, fitness spaces, and secured neighborhoods. And when it comes to developing units that meet these features, Boraie Development LLC is one of the leading developers in the region. Omar Boraie has been transforming New Jersey through high rise buildings with state-of-the-art apartments such as the Shaq Tower in Newark and the Aspire in New Brunswick.




The Aspire is adjacent the Children’s Cancer Institute of RWJ Hospital System. The building features luxurious finishes to rental spaces – double and single bedroom apartments – totaling 10,000 sq. Ft. Amenities at the Aspire give unmatched lifestyles, with rooftop garden and sundeck, both outdoor and indoor clubs for resting and playing, and yoga space. Besides, you don’t have to worry if you are working or traveling; the residential units are close to the train station in New Brunswick. In addition, residents have access to the parking facility and elevators to their lobbies. The Aspire is a correct definition of luxury in New Brunswick. But it is not the only high-end building developed by Boraie Development Company. For more details visit





In Newark, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal partnered with the Boraie Development Company to build Newark’s high rise building nicknamed the Shaq Tower. With stardom attached to his basketball career and political contacts, O’Neal could merely make the best fit for a joint real development venture. On the other hand, the experience of Boraie developers in the real development was enough for the landmark Newark Tower.




According to WSJ, the 2013 joint project by Shaq and Boraie was the first residential tower in Newark after five decades. The project (with a cost of 60 million USD) would see the attendance of O’Neal, Newark Mayor, Senator Robert Menendez, Boraie officials, and other state officials during the launching ceremony. Shaq revealed the project is based on his mission of giving back to the society and praised the developers for their appealing job.


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Boraie Development is a New-Brunswick-based developer with multiple projects across New Jersey. The company’s officials include the firm’s patriarch Omar Boraie, Sam Boraie, and Wasseem Boraie. The firm has concentrated much of its focus in the New Brunswick region, with over 1 million sq. feet in New Jersey. Apart from the high-rise buildings, the Boraies participate in political and social activities such as supporting New Jersey politicians financially.




r. Ira Kirschenbaum is a household name in the world of orthopedic. The Brown University graduate has worked in different medical capacities both in private and in public practice. Just like the majority of medical practitioners in the USA, shortly after Albert Einstein (College of Medicine), he went to residency and then to full practice. During his early years of training, his strong character and the willingness to have an impact on people’s lives made him a respected medical practitioner. He is currently the chairperson at Bronxcare Health System (in charge of Orthopaedics). Now, he is a specialist in the fast-growing Reconstructive surgery field.
Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has one of the best work routines. In his busy schedule, he always factors in administrative duties such as giving speeches and attending meetings. As a devoted medical expert, he is also passionate about developing new and safe procedures for patients. Although not all days are the same to him, all his administrative obligations and professional duties are essential. Regardless of his daily schedule, his philosophy of being patient-centered has made his one of the most respected medics. This approach to patients and efficiency in his administrative responsibilities has influenced his accreditation by different bodies in his medical niche.

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When Peter Briger was in university, he knew he would eventually join the world of finance. What he may not have known is that three decades later he would be rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential leaders in the field and in fact get named among the top four hundred most influential business leaders in America by Forbes magazine. This title has not come easy as he has had to prove himself over and over through his leadership skills in all the organizations he has worked for. He went to Princeton University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He would begin working for Goldman Sachs the same years, and within the first ten years, he was already a partner.

At this time, it was already clear that he would become one of the most influential experts in the credit divisions within the bank. He went on to join a number of committees that helped him grow his knowledge and solidify his position with the bank’s ranks. Peter Briger would take a keen interest on the distressed debt market. This was an area that focused on assets that were believed to be on the verge of becoming toxic for the bank if they had already invested or were assets that were considered almost failing even when the bank had not invested in them but for one reason or another had taken an interest in.

This expertise in the area saw Peter Briger get called up to become an advisor to the International Finance Corporation. In 2002 after working at the Bank for approximately fifteen years, he was headhunted by Fortress. This was an asset management group that had opened its doors in 1998 and had shown great promise as an upcoming private equity group. He understood that even though they were only managing three billion dollars in assets quite a small amount compared to what Goldman had it presented massive growth opportunities for him. Peter Briger is today the Co-CEO at fortress and a partner. He also continues to lead their credit division based in San Francisco.

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I don’t know about you, but I hate getting shots. It’s one of the most annoying, and sometimes painful things to do. What if there was a way to get the shot, without the shot… or at least all the “fun” that comes with it. Marathon Pharmaceuticals has discovered an incredible new way to do just that. It’s real, and it’s awesome! This forward running Illinois based company is going to zip us into the future. Okay, maybe the future is already here, but it doesn’t make it any less amazing.


The innovative technology that’s been brought to the market is called “ZiNGO.” Here’s what it is: an external, noninvasive device that’s meant to numb a small targeted area of skin. This is done to allow a venous insertion to be completed without causing physical pain. The reduction in pain creates a level of trust and reduces anxiety with the patient. It does this by spraying a lidocaine based powder on the topical area. After a few minutes, the powder is absorbed through osmosis into the skin. ZiNGO doesn’t provide the shot itself, but it does provide a means of intake, for a positive experience. To simplify, ZiNGO is a mysterious magic item, that helps keep children calm during vaccination.


ZiNGO is the golden goose, the prized possession, or the priceless treasure of Marathon Pharmaceuticals; or, at least it’s a treasure with a price. ZiNGO is sold as a single use device, intended to not be used more than that. Per unit, ZiNGO cost around $140 U.S. Dollars, a small price to pay for a huge benefit. It’s targeted for children between ages 3 and 18, giving pediatricians the biggest benefit of all. For parents, it saves them a head ache or two, from the typical inevitability of a screaming child, following a shot. That incredible little canister is a sure fire way, to a better day.


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Life in the city can be stressful. Traffic, construction, and everyday life has a way of clouding our minds. Studies show being in nature is proven to reduce these life stresses. This article here gives a complete rundown of the houses, manors, and lodges available throughout the countryside.

Sussex Healthcare positions a fully trained staff, ready to provide holistic care at every site. Every resident has a unique plan designed for them from the moment they’re provided with Sussex assistance, based off of an evaluation done on every individual. Specific dietary needs are discovered and addressed by a personal dietician. There is an on-site chef and a wide range of mobility activities are available to keep the residents’ spirits high. These are the types of responsibilities a Sussex Healthcare employee is faced with. The article features pictures of each site and a specific phone number to call for any questions.

For the gym goers, this article covers the many different services available with Sussex Healthcare. Working side by side with experts in every program, residents perform these activities that are specially designed to improve the condition of one’s health. Swimming for flexibility and endurance, neurogenesis for critical thinking, and ellipticals to improve joint health. The article also dives deeper into educating the reader on the many benefits of group sessions or the implementation of reflexology to reduce muscle tension.

These are just two articles from a wealth of information on Sussex Healthcare located here at CrunchBase. Talents needed at Sussex Healthcare include handling neurological conditions, PMLD, dementia, and elder care. Sussex is unique in providing a wide range of amenities, this means individuals with unique skills are in demand. There are many ways of contacting Sussex about any job opportunities, contact information can be found at the bottom of each article.

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The idea of a to-do list is to help you complete your work on time, which is very helpful in the world of freelancing. You do not want to miss an important deadline and risk losing a valuable client. The following tips are just what you need to meet your deadlines.

Assign Time Attributes To Each Task

The first thing you want to do when adding a task to your to-do list is assign a time attribute to it. There is more to assigning a time attribute than just writing down the deadline. Your time attributes should include your start date and the time of day you plan to work on it. You can also include how long it may take to complete the task. The last thing you are going to add is your deadline.

Prioritize Every Task On Your To-Do List

The last thing you need is an unexpected situation challenging your deadline. You cannot always avoid a change in your schedule, but you can prepare for it by assigning a priority to every task on your list. Start your day with the task that has the shortest deadline, especially if it is due by midnight. Your last task has a lengthy deadline and can be rescheduled if needed.

Always Evaluate Your To-Do List

Spend a little time at the end of each week evaluating your to-do list. There may be a task you are constantly putting off because you are not interested or it does not pay well. If you cannot bring yourself to work on this task, remove it from your to-do list. Removing the tasks that are not important to you gives you more time to focus on the tasks that are important to you.

Upwork is a helpful website in the freelance world because you can find short-term or long-term work. Clients post jobs in a variety of categories, such as website design, blog writing and video production. You can find work that allows you to showcase your skills every day.

When you create a realistic schedule and focus on the important tasks, you never have to worry about missing that important deadline.