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Adam Goldenberg Gets A Head Start On Success

Adam Goldenberg is making major moves in the world of business. As the co-founder of JustFab Inc, Goldenberg has delivered an innovative shopping solution for the retail fashion lovers worldwide. JustFab offers an unsurpassed personalized online shopping experience. Shoppers have the option of signing up for a monthly subscription service that allows them to receive a new pair of shoes each month at a discounted price. The fashion gurus at JustFab use results from a preference quiz completed by members during the signup process to determine the styles that best fit their personalities and fashion trends on YouTube. This creates a more personalized experience for members, and is one of the reasons JustFab quickly soared to the top in online retail.

Goldenberg is no stranger to entrepreneurship. When he was just 15 years old, he founded Gamers Alliance- an advertising network of several gaming platforms and websites. After just three years, Goldenberg had founded his first company and established his professional reputation sparking the interest of several top social media platforms. In 1999 he sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media. Shortly after, Goldenberg traded in his high school class schedule for a full time leadership position with Intermix. He packed his bags and left home serve as Vice President of Strategic Planning at Intermix Media. After being promoted to Chief Operating Officer just a few short years after joining the company, Adam Goldenberg met JustFab co-founder and friend Don Ressler.

Under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg, JustFab has become one of the top leaders in subscription based retail companies. From shoes and handbags, to scarves and accessories, JustFab can be considered a fashion lover’s dream come true. Recently, JustFab launched an extension to the already innovative and customizable shopping experience. Fabletics and FL2 have made their debut and made the shopping experience all the more Fab! Fabletics offers a wide variety of athletic wear for women, while FL2 offers high performance gear for men at Since his early years, Goldenberg has been on a mission to deliver a memorable and innovative product to the market, and with the founding of JustFab he surpassed his goal.