Business Ventures

Arthur Becker’s Business Ventures

A managing member of Madison Partners LLC, Arthur Becker is involved in the investment firm’s real estate and Bio Tech advancements. Arthur Becker created Madison Partners LLC with the goal to provide evolve bio technology and substantial economic opportunities in order to impact people’s life. Respect is a key component to Becker’s success. He believes that working with people he respects allows him to bring his ideas to life. With a special interest in the trends that bio tech, especially in the field of cancer, Arthur Becker has active interests in many components of this field. With a vast interest in his company and endeavors, Arthur Becker is an entrepreneur who does not have nay plans to slow down.

Since the early 70’s Arthur Becker had his eyes set on a career in business. Arthur Becker attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Since leaving there he has implanted himself in the business field.Arthur Becker has an extensive background in business that was shaped by his early accomplishments and his education.

He is currently the chairman and CEO of Zinio. In the past, he was the CEO NaviSite which is a company that provides technology and application management services. They provided cloud-based application management to their clients. For seven years Arthur Becker was a senior advisor at Vera Wang Fashion Company. Since 2011 he has been a private investor in technology and real estate. His extensive experience has led him to create a vast and successful career.

Arthur becker has had a long life in business. His successful career has led him to be a part of many business ventures. He has created, sold, and helped many businesses in throughout his career and has no plans of quitting anytime soon. He is still heavily involved in his many ventures and businesses.