About Venezuela

Everyday people around the world enjoy some of the benefits of great health care, especially those suffering from cancer. However, recently in Venezuela, patients suffering from cancer are needlessly dying because of medicine shortages. The corruption from the government and medical agencies are creating a situation where there are too many shortages of medicine needed to treat patients who are suffering from cancer.
This medical crisis according to Dr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is reaching a critical status resembling human rights suffrage. It is possible that organizations such as Amnesty First may need to get involved to help the Venezuelans who need the medicine to survive

Add to that the recent problems that Venezuela is having with the Zika virus and the number of persons who are starting to fall ill with that virus. The country is facing a health crisis. “It is not just cancer patients who are suffering” Dr. Gonzalez added. The entire healthcare industry in Venezuela is suffering as hospitals are deteriorating and becoming more and more filthy. Cutbacks have made it so there is no one to clean or take care of patients or the facilities.

With a Health crisis like this, the government is failing Venezuela. If change or help is not given immediately more people will continue to needlessly die.