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In just 9 years, Jeunesse Global has gone from a complete non-entity to being one of the most rapidly expanding and important players in the international health and beauty industry. This rapid rise is attributable to the expert guidance of its founders, industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

Ray and Lewis had long been fixtures of the North American direct-marketing business. Their dozens of companies and products have become household names, and the couple enjoyed the respect and admiration of their peers. But after a long and successful career, Ray and Lewis decided that they finally wanted to hang it up and try the retired life. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that they were not cut out for the endless boredom and lack of meaning that so often awaits those who retire from careers about which they are deeply passionate. Ray and Lewis quickly found other ways to fill their time.

One of those ways was through founding yet another company. Run out of the couple’s garage, Jeunesse Global quickly began growing from a hundred-dollar hobby business into a serious enterprise. By the end of its first year, the company had sold nearly $1 million in products. By the fifth year of operation, it was clear that Ray and Lewis had long since ceased being retired. Now, they were steering a multi-million-dollar company that counted thousands of distributors and tens of thousands of customers among its ranks.

The secret behind the company’s rapid ascent has been its innovative and effective products. One example of such a product is the firm’s foundation and bronzer. Known as NV, the foundation comes in nine different shades, allowing users to match it precisely to the skin tone that they desire. NV’s ability to match skin tones has also made it very popular throughout the East Asian markets where it is often used as a mild skin lightener.

But NV’s real selling point is its ability to erase years off of a user’s face. Containing the powerful APT-200 molecule, NV erases wrinkles, prevents new wrinkles from forming and restores elasticity and a youthful appearance to the face.

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EOS offers great natural and organic product. Originally the company did not divulge the story of their success. They just focused on getting their product on the market. Now that the EOS is thriving they are ready to open up and share their story with their customers.

EOS is an acronym for Within a small period of seven years this company has taken over crowded market which was already dominated by long-time veterans such as Chapstick. EOS stands alone. The company has yet to take money from an outside investor. EOS lip balm even invested in their own equipment instead of outsourcing their labor to another company.

How did they wedge their way into this industry and dominate it within a few years? In a recent article, they stated that they noticed companies within the same industry were “being lazy”. They believed that competitors were not putting much effort into their products.

Initially the lip balms were meant to be gender neutral but after they did some research they found their target consumer to be millennial women. They did research to determine what women thought of traditional lip balm. Their findings are what influenced the company today to make a lip balm that women love. The shape makes it easy to find in a purse.

It took a bit of effort to push their product to retailers. But eventually Walgreens decided to put them on the shelves other major retailers including ULTA and Walmart soon followed. Since the success of the lip balm, they have been busy creating other products such as body lotions and shaving creams. They plan will having many more products available soon.

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Emily McClure recently wrote a review on the hair care product WEN Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz for The entire article follows McClure through seven days of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner. People viewing her article can see pictures from each of the seven days, as well as a before picture of McClure’s hair.

McClure got most of her success using this product by applying it first thing in the morning. The days where she skipped her morning shower were the only days her hair did not reach optimal perfection. Overall, this WEN product definitely helped McClure’s hair shine. She even mentions that her girlfriends noticed her shining hair when they were out at a restaurant on the sixth day of her trial.

McClure ends her article by recommending this WEN product to all hair care enthusiasts who are committed to keeping to a strict regimen. She recommends using this hair care solution early in the morning to get the best results.

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For those who have not seen the ads on the television, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is developed by LA hair stylist Chaz Dean. This product features five key ingredients: rosemary extract, panthenol, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and glycerin. All of these ingredients have a specific function in making the user’s hair strong, rich, and naturally shiny. This product is designed to be a shampoo, conditioner, and hair stylist lotion all in one. Wen products are available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora. It can also be purchased online via Amazon.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner can be tried by literally anyone. It was designed to work for all hairstyles. In Chaz Dean’s own study of the product, people who used Wen reported more shine in their hair, more manageable hair, and said that their hair felt more moisturized after only three weeks. This product is currently available both online and in many retailers across the nation. Visit the website:



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For women that are looking for a product for the hair that is known to be high quality and is known to completely erase all damage caused to the hair from sunlight or chemicals, a product known as Wen [see,] is greatly recommended for individuals that are looking to have sleek and shiny hair that is completely healthy. Wen is a product that was created by Chaz Dean, a businessman with a passion for giving individuals a unique product that reverses any hair damage without even having to break the bank when applying the product to the damaged or dry hair.

The product of Wen was recently tested out by one blogger in particular who used the product daily and have her honest opinion about the results of her hair. This blogger stated that after just a few days of using the cleanser conditioner, the damage of her hair just went away. Though this blogger recommends this Amazon sold product to individuals with fine hair, this blogger also wants customers to note that the product does require a bit more time in the morning. For individuals that are looking to make their hair perfect once more, it is recommended to wake up a little earlier in the morning.

The product of Wen was created by Chaz Dean, and individual who had spent months within a lab perfecting his product without using harmful chemicals that would truly damage the hair of the customer. Like the name of the product suggests, Chaz Dean wants to offer his clients a quiet retreat while their hair is being reformed into something that is truly an art. The products that Wen offers outside of salons gives individuals a chance to enjoy washing their hair and to enjoy the results of smooth and soft hair that looks salon quality. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more info on this amazing brand.

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WEN hair shampoos and conditioners have been endorsed on QVC  by a number of celebrities for their natural ingredients. The hair products also yield great results for a number of customers. If you’ve been looking for a new conditioner to make your hair healthier and shinier, you may have considered giving Wen a try. Emily McClure from Bustle tried Sephora’s Fig conditioner for seven days. Here are a few important things she discovered.
McClure warns that it takes a lot of product to fully saturate the hair and give your tresses a deep conditioning. You could use up to 32 pumps of conditioner for one washing session. So, if the product works for your hair, it may be best to buy a couple of bottles at a time.

Emily also states that her hair felt better right away. Instantly, her hair was shinier and felt like it had more volume. The Wen conditioner also gave her hair a pleasant scent.

She noticed that her hair was much less frizzy while she was using the conditioner, but her hair was slightly greasier as well. Since her hair was oilier, it didn’t hold a curl for very long, but still had volume and shine.

Overall, McClure says Wen conditioner is ideal for women who wash their hair on a daily basis. She also recommends the conditioner for women with thin hair who want to add more volume to their coifs.
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Why use several hair care products when you could use one. That is the draw of WEN hair. The cleansing conditioner can be used instead of regular conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler. To see how the product really measures up, Emily McClure of Bustle reviewed the product using it for a week straight. Emily claims to have fine, thin hair and was hoping to give it some volume and shine.

To start with, Emily was surprised with the amount the bottle recommended to use, which is about twice what normal shampoo and conditioner recommend. However, in spite of the amount, Wen hair did not weigh her hair down and Emily enjoyed the shiny, bouncy feel of her clean hair. For someone with thin hair, Emily felt like after only one use, WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner actually made her hair feel thicker.
After a week of use, Emily enjoyed the product, but commented that her hair was greasy feeling and looking by the morning. She recommends showering every morning while using the sephora marketed product, since after a night of sleeping, hair seems more greasy. For those who diligently shower in the morning, WEN by Chaz is perfect; however, for those lazy people who don’t shower every day or shower at night, the product may make hair more oily than normal. Emily was amazed about how WEN by Chaz did make her hair thicker and shinier with more bounce. Wen hair is available online on Amazon.
WEN by Chaz was designed by Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles hair stylist. Along with his career as a hair stylist, Chaz helped other companies design hair care products before creating WEN. After climbing the ranks of a Bel Air salon, Chaz bought the business and relocated to Hollywood. He has an extensive clientele list of celebrities. Like the WEN hair facebook page: