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Richard Blair is an extremely skilled and certified financial adviser. In addition to a college degree, Blair has spent much time fine tuning his skills by earning many certifications to help clients in all stages of life.

His list of certifications include Certified Fund Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certifiec Tax Specialist, Investment Adviser Representative, Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist and Certified Annuity Specialist. (1)Coming from a family of teachers,(1) Blair has always understood education to be an important and life changing commodity.

According to Wealth Minder, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions managed to combine his interest in education with his personal enjoyment of the world of finance to become a trusted, reliable and respected financial adviser. In 1994, one year after completing college, Blair founded his independent financial advising institution, Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions was founded to help those in or around the Austin, Texas area with their current financial needs as well as their future plans for retirement.

Planning is often the most important of any task. Without a proper plan, there cannot be a proper path to achieve a goal. Blair believes this is particularly true in the finance world. Over twenty years of experience has lead Blair and his team at Wealth Solutions to develop their own plans and strategies for the most efficient and productive way to help clients.

The first step is to determine where the client stands financially. It is necessary to understand this first as it is the springboard for the rest of the plan. The second step of Blair’s plan regards investing strategies. This step is going to differ from client to client. Wealth Solutions monitors the market closely to help client’s investments increase.

This can be managed, for example, by purchasing and selling investments depending on current market trends with the client’s long term goals in mind. The third part of Wealth Solutions’ financial plan pertains to insurance needs and possible future medical needs which may arise in a client’s life. This aspect is just as important as the others because it not only protects the individual or corporation, but the families as well.

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Mike Baur is a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory the best ICT Accelerator in Switzerland. He is a resident of Fribourg Switzerland. He has been working with Swiss private banking for over 20 years. Through this period, he has risen from just an apprentice to an executive board member of the big Swiss Private Bank. This has been a significant achievement since in his teenage days he had a keen interest in Finance and Banking.


Mike Baur holds an MBA from Rochester University and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Mike is reputed for utilizing most of his time with the Swiss youth entrepreneurs and mentoring them. He also provides financial support to Swiss Startups. Today Mike Baur is the Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is responsible for fundraising and financing startup projects.


 Swiss startup factory is an organization whose mission is to transform Switzerland startups to international companies. He does so by providing quality services in developing revolutionizing industries. The company is privately financed, and it was founded in the year 2014. It offers unique services to its young subscribers.


The company has a team of mentors to guide budding entrepreneurs and funding their projects. The Swiss Startup Factory has two visions, which are; to run a startup accelerator program with global standards for all available startup accelerator programs, and to have the ability to provide startups with whatever the services they need for them to run and grow with minimal or no hindrances all year round.


The Startup Factory announced a partnership with a Geneva-based Finetech Accelerator Fusion to reach more startups, mentor them, and provide them with facilities they may need to grow their businesses to from ground level to international standards.


Both companies are working to help the startups from the early stages where they create prototypes to assist them in hand over their products smoothly to market beta testing. The collaboration between the two organizations will help them create joint events, widen the mentor exchange network, cooperate with universities and provide shared offices for the startups.


The Swiss Startup Factory runs a three-month accelerator program which aims to provide a platform where startups can get free coaching, mentoring, office space, and financing for the viable projects they present to the platform. Since the company started, it has been a success, and it has been reaching more and more startups daily.


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Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur and business owner, he helps other entrepreneurs in developing their businesses and generating revenue. Starting from the ground up, Mr. Sparks begins the process by building a business model and then helping the fledgling companies secure the needed resources to be a success.

He recently redesigned and relocated his firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP, where he hosts up to three different fledgling entrepreneurial companies while introducing them to a productive and lucrative style of business. Focusing on creating a quality work environment that’s conducive to producing collaborative and high-quality work, Mr. Jacobs firmly believes that a positive and interactive environment can lead to an almost 25% increase in the possibility of success for entrepreneurs.

A successful businessman with over a dozen successful startups in his past, Mr. Sparks is now focused on offering his considerable experience in the field to other members of the business community. His personal experiences in the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship led him to write his first book, “They Can’t Eat You” which outlines his journey in learning the realities of entrepreneurship.

After outlining and codifying his unique approach to business Mr. Sparks, started yet another business, Timber Creek Capital, LP. Timber Creek Capital, LP allows him to use his considerable experience and provide entrepreneurs assistance in launching a successful business.

Mr. Sparks takes on up to three companies at a time and mentors them through the process of creating a viable business model, all the while offering them access to resources like banking, marketing, capital, office space, etc.

By removing the some of the inherent risks of entrepreneurship, Mr. Sparks allows the emerging business a chance to solidify their vision, without having to sacrifice their ethos in the face of mundane realities. The Timber Creek system supports and nurtures the entrepreneurs, providing a solid and secure base for the new business to operate from.

Mark Sparks is also a philanthropist who works closely with Habitat for Humanity in building housing for families, running his non-profit, Sparky’s Kids and he has also been involved for over two decades with The Samaritan Inn a large homeless shelter in Texas.

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The society we live in has made us believe that success can only come after getting exceptional grades in high school and then attending a prestigious college. There is, however, one person who has proved this notion wrong. Marc Sparks graduated from college with an average grade of C+, but this did not stop him from becoming an entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur.

Using his expertise in business planning and strategy, Marc has guided many companies to financial success.

According to Crunchbase and, Marc Sparks believes that success is not brought by luck but rather by hard work. He credits his success in business to his faith in God and the positive attitude he has acquired after several setbacks in his career. Despite being very successful, Marc does not think of himself better than others. That explains why he is so generous in sharing about what has made him successful. In his book “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc outlines his path to success to encourage others.

Marc Sparks knows too well that without financing, start-ups cannot go anywhere. As a venture capitalist, he has given many promising start-up businesses money, and many have become very successful. He is also a renowned philanthropist who has donated to several programs in Texas in addition to being a volunteer in several organizations.

When it comes to helping other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks never gets tired. Spark Tank is his latest endeavor that is a social innovation challenge aimed at empowering social entrepreneurs to change the world. The winner of the challenge is awarded $5,000 to continue impacting lives in the community.

Two rounds of the Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge have been completed, and the winners announced. In Round One of the challenge, a total of 14 applications from across Texas were received. The three finalists were House of Eli, Metro Relief and Dogs Matter.

Dogs Matter was announced the winner and was presented with a trophy and a check for $5,000. Many more applications were received in Round Two where the winner was Mommies in Need. The two other finalists were House of Eli and Families to Freedom.

Applications to Round Three will be open as from September to Oct. 1, 2016. The applications must be made online. The eligible applicants are only 501(c) (3) organizations that have been operating for less than two years. Read more:  Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

A panel carefully reviews each application before choosing three finalists. The chosen finalists are given a maximum of 10 minutes each to present their ideas before the panel in person. A Q&A session follows the presentations where each finalist is given a maximum of 10 minutes to respond to questions. Each program is evaluated on the basis of the presenter’s ability to tell a story, the ability to measure results and the impact the $5,000 will have on the program.

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Lake Tahoe’s north shores community has seen better days. First, a drought took a heavy toll on local businesses and resorts that depend on visitation dollars. Then an incorporation battle threatened to change the area’s civic and business climate.
Squaw Valley Resort CEO Andy Wirth says he is relieved that both problems have been resolved.

“Our community has had a rough go over the last few years,” said Wirth. “First the weather then the incorporation effort. I wasn’t sure if we would survive it.”

With the help of El Nino, early storms are hitting the area and producing massive amounts of snow. This pleasant surprised led to area resorts opening well before the ski season.

Backers of the Olympic Valley incorporation (Learn more: effort formally withdrew this past week.

Wirth says the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to fight the incorporation effort was money well spent. Had the effort passed, the local area would have experienced higher taxes and decreased services.

Wirth says regardless of how they tried to spin it, it would have been disastrous for the community.

Backers answered Wirth’s allegations by stating that the efforts to stop incorporation seemed to be more personal than business. California’s Local Agency Frmation Commission agreed with Wirth and pumped the breaks on the effort.

Wirth says despite the division, the one thing they all have in common is the love for the area.

Wirth has been a mainstay in the community since he was installed as CEO in 2010. Since that time, he has transformed Squaw Valley Resort into one of the best in the U.S., if not the world.

He has over 25 years in the resort industry, having worked for Steamboat Springs Resort for several years. Wirth says he was determined to address all of the issues put forth by visitors over the last few years. He started with a complete overhaul of the ski area and infrastructure. The latest plans call for a gondola to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

In an effort to enhance airport travel, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board recently made Wirth a member. “His extensive experience within the resort industry and international airline experience makes him the obvious choice for the position,” said a board member.

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Thor Halvorssen is a Caracas-born American citizen. He speaks fluent American English despite being a half cast of Norway and Venezuela. His father brought him up in Caracas. His father was arrested, beaten and tortured before being taken a political prisoner in Venezuela. He was working as a governed agent in drugs cartels investigations. Police force got the warrant for his arrest after he exposed corruption in the system. Thor’s mother was shot dead in a political strike. The anti-riot police fired without being ordered to shoot to kill making Thor begin his fight for freedom. In 2014, Thor’s first-hand cousin was arrested and held captive as a Political prisoner.

Thor was a film producer and also an advocate for human rights. He studied Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. His family greatly influenced his spirit and fought for liberation. For instance, Thor’s grandfather fought against Germany during the Second World War. He began fighting for the liberation of South Afrikaans Liberation. He strongly opposed The Apartheid regime.

According to Forbes, Thor initiated the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 following his mother’s death during the Anti-Hugo Chávez protest in 2004. Since its founding, it has managed to liberate seven people imprisoned due to political reasons. HRF also fights for democracy and equality in the Latin Americans. Thor serves as a Patron in the Children Peace Movement. Halvorssen also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. Currently, he serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Thor made it public that the only way to end poverty is the creation of more wealth, not redistributing the available wealth. Many countries have tried practicing Democratic socialism, but it fails terribly like in Venezuela. Researchers have sought to define it using many ways, but its concept remains the same. Democratic socialism only works when the rule of law is applied.

When leaders fail, the public’s resources are stolen leading to a national economic crisis. It once happened in Venezuela where the government controlled and set prices for goods. This scenario later resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Thor does not agree with socialists who violate human rights by promising to end poverty then later stealing funds from them.

More information for Thor Halvorssen:

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White Shark Media is a company based in Miami, Florida in the United States. Its services and operations are widespread making the company have offices beyond its borders; now in Central America and in Denmark. The industry where White Shark Media belongs is Marketing and Advertising.
White Shark Media Company is an amazing agency that proffers SEO, Adwords Management and Web Services to start- up business entities.

To these start- ups, they provide online marketing solutions using their novel search engine marketing strategies that see to it that the start- ups develop and grow into bigger entities. They eye particular fields where their clients fetch real good cash, providing Product Listing Advertisements in virtually all their management plans. This is where their focus totally lies- on customer satisfaction. In my own opinion, this is something that is surely plausible.

Its founding was met by approbation by Google which offered them a full premier link to the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership and for a long time now, they have teamed up. They also formed an alliance with the marvellous Bing Ads Authorised Reseller.

White Shark Media works with a formula. This formula ensures proper tracking of the marketing efforts of all their clients. Their Facebook page has it tha White Shark Media’s top- notch priority is securing their customers success which is after all vivid as clients obtain quick reports from the company and at all times experience fast responses to telephone or mobile phone calls and sent emails, transparency, cheap costs, flat free marketing solutions and no involvement of contracts.

The company is at all times accountable to their clients. This is made possible by the keyword- level call tracking, by the proprietary reporting software and by Google Analytics. All this adds up to ensuring that the clients are fully protected. Fully security in turn breeds trust and confidence on the part of the clients towards the White Shark Media Company, ensuring nothing but smooth operations between the two parties.

White Shark Media Company fully takes care of the shopping interests of its clients, regardless of where each client carries on their shopping. Even if it is taking place in their local markets, in Hispanic markets or even on Google – full report here: Well qualified and certified personnel are tasked with helping clients identify business ideas which when put into action can result in an enormous transformation, an invention of a great discourse whose capacity is really fascinating.

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Talk Fusion is a company that makes it possible for people to video chat. People can use the video chat feature of talk fusion from any device that they have. They could use a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or a laptop. The app is available on both iTunes and Google Play. One of the major advantages of Talk Fusion is that it is compatible with almost any device. As a result, almost anyone that has Internet access could use it. It is good not only for video chat, but it can also be used for enhancing email messages.

The person behind this innovation is Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is one of the few people who have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as natural talent. He has taken the time to learn a lot about the industry so that he can use his expertise to come up with something that is very helpful to users. He has an impeccable talent for recognizing trends that are emerging. He is also very good at relationship marketing which gives him a special talent for bringing forth greater innovations in technology that brings people together.

Bob Reina has worked as a relationship marketer for more than 20 years. He also works for animal causes in order to help animals get the treatment and care that they need. He makes plenty of regular donations and other contributions towards these causes. As of right now, his company, Talk Fusion is getting ready to release a 30 day free trial for all of the products that they offer.

One thing that Talk Fusion offers is state of the art video technology. The images are very high in definition. Among the innovations that Talk Fusion offered when it first started out was Video Email. Talk Fusion is not only helpful for personal activities, it also helps with business activities. People can go on live conferences and meetings with Talk Fusion. It can also be used for marketing in many different methods.

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Most parents would do anything, to make sure their children are healthy and happy. Mr. Shah is no different. On finding out that his 4 year old son was autistic, his first thought was on how to fix it. After hosting Snoop Dog, the world renowned rapper, in his house one afternoon, he discovered a way that he could help fund autism research.

The charity Autism Rocks, stages concerts in London and Dubai, and donates all the money collected towards autism research. Since its creation in 2014, the charity has raised over DH15 million for the research. Mr. Shah has so far managed to arrange invite only concerts with Drake, Prince and Lenny Kravitz in London, as well with Joss Stone and Elvis Costello in Dubai.

All the funds go to the Autism Rocks Trust which in turn, funds the Autism Research Center, based at Cambridge University. The center currently has 15 ongoing projects, aimed at finding ways to identify people who are likely to get autism early, as well as finding ways that can make their lives more comfortable.

Autism rocks is currently not out to find a cure for the condition. Its main goal, is for families, like the Shahs, to understand and relate better with their autistic children. As he says, he would not change anything about his son. The charity has a page where you can comment, tweet or donate to the cause.

The Man Who Came up With the Plan

Mr. Sanjay Shah is a British multimillionaire, father, husband and the founder of Autism Rocks. The 43 year old retired trader, was raised in a well off London neighborhood and studied medicine at Kings College, before dropping out and becoming an accountant. He worked at a number of investment banks till 2009, then decided to start his own brokerage business. He named it Solo capital and in 5 years he had a net worth of €280 million, and offices in London and Dubai.

For Mr. Shah, Autism research is a cause close to his heart, with his son Nikhil having been diagnosed with the condition. Having been a Dj in university, he was able to get in touch with Dubai based Done events, and get Prince for the launch of his charity. His goal apart from funding autism research, is to create an autism compilation album, with tracks from various artists. Check out Sanjay’s blog on WordPress for more news and information.