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Vincent Parascandola grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Xaverian High School. For his university education he attended the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. His degree was in computer science. He soon entered the insurance industry upon graduation and over the years has developed into a top executive.

Parascandola’s first job was at Irving Trust Company, a bank, however. Vincent Parascandola worked there as an analyst for two years up through the time the company was acquired by the Bank of New York. He decided to exit banking and instead enter the insurance industry. His first job in this new role was at Prudential Insurance where he was an insurance agent. In the two years he was in this role he learned quite a bit about the insurance industry and how policies work. He turned this experience into a position change and joined The MONY Group as one of their financial professionals. He sold insurance products such as annuities and life insurance. He also became skilled in managing investments such as his client’s retirement accounts.

Over the years, Vincent Parascandola rose through the ranks at The MONY Group. He was a sales manager, then managing director, and finally earned the rank of field vice president. Much like Irving Trust Company, though, The MONY Group was acquired. AXA, a huge international insurance and investment firm, bought The MONY Group in 2005. However, Vincent Parascandola stayed on after the acquisition was completed and became an executive vice president for AXA Equitable, the new name of one of AXA’s United States subsidiaries. For more details visit WalletHub.

While working for AXA Equitable, Vincent has served in a number of executive roles. He has been a president of three divisions; the Northern Division, the Advantage Group, and the Continental Division. He is now the senior executive vice president of AXA US. Based in New York, he manages a large team of financial professionals who work out of New Jersey. He also recruits new people to these roles and provides training to them. His responsibility is also to make sure that profit targets are hit each quarter by his team. Check out Brightscope for the details.

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Marc Sparks is the ideal entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur as in if you were to look up the term “serial entrepreneur” in the dictionary the face next to it would be that of Sparks. Sparks has tried to launch many different programs since his graduation back in 1975. Some of those have gone on to do brilliantly while others have turned out to be completely disastrous. However, Sparks chalks it up the plans God has for him in life, and he believes that his successes and failures were part of God’s plan. It’s the only way that makes sense to Sparks to justify his overall success. Otherwise, how does a simple high-school kid from Texas sell $100s millions worth or products? To Marc Sparks, there is no other explanation than the will and grace of God. Learn more:


Outside of his entrepreneurial work Mark Sparks has a heart as big as his passion for business ( Sparks is active in countless charities and donates his time and money to many causes near to him. His foremost cause is a homeless shelter in Texas called the Samaritan’s Inn which been aiding since the late-1980s. People get a hand-up here not a hand-out. Sparks says the place houses about 160 people every single night from homelessness, and the average person stays about 5 months. They also have to turn away at least 75 people a week who want into the program and can’t make it in because the resources just aren’t there. It breaks his Sparks heart to tell anyone “no” and he wants to continue to grow the program till they never have to turn someone away again. Sparks favorite part is seeing people “graduate” the program and then go on to succeed in their lives. It’s humbling and tear-jerking for him every time someone comes back a year on and shows how well they are able to do for themselves. Learn more:


Marc Sparks also has a burning passion to help through the charity Habitat for Humanity where he actively helps build homes for people who are less fortunate. Sparks himself has worked on over 12 new homes for families. Sparks also participates in the American Can! Academy which is a magnet school system for underprivileged children. Sparks has donated enough money to buy over 1,000 BRAND NEW computers for the schools to help the children learn and grow! Sparks is a man whose heart is as big as his pocketbook!



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The Wessex Institute of technology is an organization that brings together Universities and private research organizations. They will often have research jobs listed throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.Recent graduates should highly consider searching for a career with the Wessex Institute of technology.

The organization works very closely with some of the best and innovative minds in the educational industry. Working with Wessex will open up opportunities that would have otherwise been unimaginable.The University of Southampton has been working very closely with the Wessex Institution for their research projects. The university has been actively seeking graduates to work with their upcoming research projects.

Business Ventures

A managing member of Madison Partners LLC, Arthur Becker is involved in the investment firm’s real estate and Bio Tech advancements. Arthur Becker created Madison Partners LLC with the goal to provide evolve bio technology and substantial economic opportunities in order to impact people’s life. Respect is a key component to Becker’s success. He believes that working with people he respects allows him to bring his ideas to life. With a special interest in the trends that bio tech, especially in the field of cancer, Arthur Becker has active interests in many components of this field. With a vast interest in his company and endeavors, Arthur Becker is an entrepreneur who does not have nay plans to slow down.

Since the early 70’s Arthur Becker had his eyes set on a career in business. Arthur Becker attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Since leaving there he has implanted himself in the business field.Arthur Becker has an extensive background in business that was shaped by his early accomplishments and his education.

He is currently the chairman and CEO of Zinio. In the past, he was the CEO NaviSite which is a company that provides technology and application management services. They provided cloud-based application management to their clients. For seven years Arthur Becker was a senior advisor at Vera Wang Fashion Company. Since 2011 he has been a private investor in technology and real estate. His extensive experience has led him to create a vast and successful career.

Arthur becker has had a long life in business. His successful career has led him to be a part of many business ventures. He has created, sold, and helped many businesses in throughout his career and has no plans of quitting anytime soon. He is still heavily involved in his many ventures and businesses.