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New Jersey is a flourishing city, with developing companies building modern residential facilities for the booming population. Among the key features of these residential buildings are luxurious spaces, spacious units, fitness spaces, and secured neighborhoods. And when it comes to developing units that meet these features, Boraie Development LLC is one of the leading developers in the region. Omar Boraie has been transforming New Jersey through high rise buildings with state-of-the-art apartments such as the Shaq Tower in Newark and the Aspire in New Brunswick.




The Aspire is adjacent the Children’s Cancer Institute of RWJ Hospital System. The building features luxurious finishes to rental spaces – double and single bedroom apartments – totaling 10,000 sq. Ft. Amenities at the Aspire give unmatched lifestyles, with rooftop garden and sundeck, both outdoor and indoor clubs for resting and playing, and yoga space. Besides, you don’t have to worry if you are working or traveling; the residential units are close to the train station in New Brunswick. In addition, residents have access to the parking facility and elevators to their lobbies. The Aspire is a correct definition of luxury in New Brunswick. But it is not the only high-end building developed by Boraie Development Company. For more details visit





In Newark, basketball star Shaquille O’Neal partnered with the Boraie Development Company to build Newark’s high rise building nicknamed the Shaq Tower. With stardom attached to his basketball career and political contacts, O’Neal could merely make the best fit for a joint real development venture. On the other hand, the experience of Boraie developers in the real development was enough for the landmark Newark Tower.




According to WSJ, the 2013 joint project by Shaq and Boraie was the first residential tower in Newark after five decades. The project (with a cost of 60 million USD) would see the attendance of O’Neal, Newark Mayor, Senator Robert Menendez, Boraie officials, and other state officials during the launching ceremony. Shaq revealed the project is based on his mission of giving back to the society and praised the developers for their appealing job.


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About Boraie Development




Boraie Development is a New-Brunswick-based developer with multiple projects across New Jersey. The company’s officials include the firm’s patriarch Omar Boraie, Sam Boraie, and Wasseem Boraie. The firm has concentrated much of its focus in the New Brunswick region, with over 1 million sq. feet in New Jersey. Apart from the high-rise buildings, the Boraies participate in political and social activities such as supporting New Jersey politicians financially.



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I don’t know about you, but I hate getting shots. It’s one of the most annoying, and sometimes painful things to do. What if there was a way to get the shot, without the shot… or at least all the “fun” that comes with it. Marathon Pharmaceuticals has discovered an incredible new way to do just that. It’s real, and it’s awesome! This forward running Illinois based company is going to zip us into the future. Okay, maybe the future is already here, but it doesn’t make it any less amazing.


The innovative technology that’s been brought to the market is called “ZiNGO.” Here’s what it is: an external, noninvasive device that’s meant to numb a small targeted area of skin. This is done to allow a venous insertion to be completed without causing physical pain. The reduction in pain creates a level of trust and reduces anxiety with the patient. It does this by spraying a lidocaine based powder on the topical area. After a few minutes, the powder is absorbed through osmosis into the skin. ZiNGO doesn’t provide the shot itself, but it does provide a means of intake, for a positive experience. To simplify, ZiNGO is a mysterious magic item, that helps keep children calm during vaccination.


ZiNGO is the golden goose, the prized possession, or the priceless treasure of Marathon Pharmaceuticals; or, at least it’s a treasure with a price. ZiNGO is sold as a single use device, intended to not be used more than that. Per unit, ZiNGO cost around $140 U.S. Dollars, a small price to pay for a huge benefit. It’s targeted for children between ages 3 and 18, giving pediatricians the biggest benefit of all. For parents, it saves them a head ache or two, from the typical inevitability of a screaming child, following a shot. That incredible little canister is a sure fire way, to a better day.


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When Anthony Petrello was in high school he showed a level of understanding of mathematics that qualified him to be a genius. His brilliance in mathematics was so clear that he could no longer compete with his fellow students. He had an exceptional grasp of mathematics that made him handle problems that could only be solved by people with advanced levels of training. Having been a poorly established school that did not have all the facilities to enable proper delivery of education, Anthony Petrello had a dream that one day he would beat the odds and become join a prestigious university. This dream was achieved one day. While attending a mathematics contest, Anthony Petrello was spotted by representatives from Yale University. They noticed that he had a special talent that needed to be nurtured. Yale University offered the little know Anthony Petrello from a humble background a full scholarship to study at their institution. He was also given an opportunity to be mentored by one of the mathematics professors at the institution. After clearing his high school education, Anthony Petrello moved to Yale to start his studies.

Anthony never failed in whatever initiative he undertook. After joining Yale, he showed his brilliance in mathematics under the mentorship of professor Serge Lang. although there was stiff competition from other undergraduate scholars, Anthony’s brilliance was in a class of its own. He was way above their league. Anthony Petrello helped his mentor Serge Lang come up with theories in mathematics. This was quite an achievement from such a young mathematical scholar. Together they proved some very complex mathematical theories that his peers would never have understood.

Despite his brilliance in mathematics, it got to a point where Anthony petrel felt that he was no longer interested in being a mathematician. He wanted to make a change that would see him become a lawyer. Anthony Petrello decided to drop out of the mathematics classes even after achieving bachelors and masters in mathematics.

Anthony Petrello joined the Harvard school of law for a degree in law. His passion was no longer in mathematics but in human sciences. However, despite this shift, Anthony Petrello never lost the passion and zeal he had towards succeeding in life. He was now determined in becoming a lawyer. True to his word he successfully completed his law degree and even inducted into the bar as a lawyer who could act on behalf of clients.

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The New Jersey State is proud to report that the State Theatre will be bringing forth some family time this summer by providing the Free Summer Move Series. In a report by, hey have offered the free movies for families in the past and are excited to have the opportunity to bring it back to the community. The will be sponsored by Boraie Development and The Provident Bank Foundation. The family movie event will offer movies through the month of July and August which will include Frozen, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University and Aladdin. There will be a morning show that will air at 10:30 am and then an evening show that will air at 7:00pm. Tickets are absolutely free of charge to the community. They are happy to be able to offer this experience to families in the New Jersey area. The State Theatre is a historic part of history with its 46′ film screen. Jane Kurek who serves as the Executive Director of the Provident Bank Foundation is thrilled to bring these events back to the community. It allows families to experience some quality time together before school starts. Boraie Development has also been very generous with their donations to help families come together this summer with the expectations of around 7,500 people. You can obtain your movie tickets by calling the ticket office or visiting

For several decades, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development LLC has been working hard to provide some of the best services in relation to the real estate market in New Jersey. They primarily focus their efforts of Real Estate Development, Property Management and Marketing. Their team of experts has been dedicated to overseeing the construction process of building immaculate properties while offering some of the best customer services the real estate market has to offer. Their wide array of talent and expertise within the community has named them as one of the most promising businesses in the industry while they work to enhance their relationship with some of the best financial institutions on the market. Their timely completion, dedication and knowledge has landed them as one of the best real estate companies. They work to provide valid and evident deadlines with a close estimated time of completion. Boraie Development is committed to a positive vision with their reliable services in relation to ever project they interact with. They are proud to be one of the most sought after developers in the area. Read the full article on

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Marc Sparks is the ideal entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur as in if you were to look up the term “serial entrepreneur” in the dictionary the face next to it would be that of Sparks. Sparks has tried to launch many different programs since his graduation back in 1975. Some of those have gone on to do brilliantly while others have turned out to be completely disastrous. However, Sparks chalks it up the plans God has for him in life, and he believes that his successes and failures were part of God’s plan. It’s the only way that makes sense to Sparks to justify his overall success. Otherwise, how does a simple high-school kid from Texas sell $100s millions worth or products? To Marc Sparks, there is no other explanation than the will and grace of God. Learn more:


Outside of his entrepreneurial work Mark Sparks has a heart as big as his passion for business ( Sparks is active in countless charities and donates his time and money to many causes near to him. His foremost cause is a homeless shelter in Texas called the Samaritan’s Inn which been aiding since the late-1980s. People get a hand-up here not a hand-out. Sparks says the place houses about 160 people every single night from homelessness, and the average person stays about 5 months. They also have to turn away at least 75 people a week who want into the program and can’t make it in because the resources just aren’t there. It breaks his Sparks heart to tell anyone “no” and he wants to continue to grow the program till they never have to turn someone away again. Sparks favorite part is seeing people “graduate” the program and then go on to succeed in their lives. It’s humbling and tear-jerking for him every time someone comes back a year on and shows how well they are able to do for themselves. Learn more:


Marc Sparks also has a burning passion to help through the charity Habitat for Humanity where he actively helps build homes for people who are less fortunate. Sparks himself has worked on over 12 new homes for families. Sparks also participates in the American Can! Academy which is a magnet school system for underprivileged children. Sparks has donated enough money to buy over 1,000 BRAND NEW computers for the schools to help the children learn and grow! Sparks is a man whose heart is as big as his pocketbook!



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Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, which is a technology company that has built a super operating system to be used in battling cancer. Eric is also a founding partner of Lightbank, a company that ventures in fund investment in matters to do with disruptive technologies. On the other hand, he is the chairman and co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace globally as well as a co-founder of Uptake Technologies. Uptake Technologies is one of the world’s largest industries in predicting analytics platform. Echo Global Logistics is a logistic outsourcing and technology-enabled transportation firm, and Inner Workings is a provider of managed promotional and print solutions globally.

Tempus mission is to redefine the way genomic data is used and applied in a clinical setting. The company’s major goal is to ensure that each and every patient benefits fully from the treatment of those individuals who come before by ensuring they provide physicians with the adequate tools that learn and gather more data. Also, the company provides transcriptomic and genomic services and analyzes germline and somatic molecular data along with therapeutical data to ensure they empower physicians to make a compelling data-driven decision.In the year 2006, Lefkofsky together with his wife formed a charitable trust by the name Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Its mission is to support charitable and educational organizations, scientific and causes around the entire world. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to ensure that advance initiatives and high impact programs can improve the living standards of human life in the communities. The foundation focuses on human rights, education, arts and culture, and medical research. The grant making is always evaluated quarterly, and higher part of the money is focused on Chicago which is Lefkofskys’ hometown, whereby arts and culture take the largest donations.

Eric’s education support initiative focuses on Greater Chicago area where they engage in helping younger children as well as giving charters to schools, scholarship programs and after-school programs for the disadvantaged youth. The foundation also engages in supporting medical centers particularly those that care for children as well as give donations to pancreatic cancer. Also, Lefkofskys has supported research in the treatment as well as the cure for lung cancer, thyroid cancer, and leukemia. The foundation has also partnered with Motorola Mobility and Google to create 1871 FEMtech, with the hope and goal of enabling and encouraging more female tech to break into the field as entrepreneurs.

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The Wessex Institute of technology is an organization that brings together Universities and private research organizations. They will often have research jobs listed throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.Recent graduates should highly consider searching for a career with the Wessex Institute of technology.

The organization works very closely with some of the best and innovative minds in the educational industry. Working with Wessex will open up opportunities that would have otherwise been unimaginable.The University of Southampton has been working very closely with the Wessex Institution for their research projects. The university has been actively seeking graduates to work with their upcoming research projects.

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Traveling Vineyard has been operational for the last six years. The company has succeeded in creating a portfolio of satisfied customers through its quality products and good customer care.

Some of the wine brands include Red, White, and Fizzy. The firm uses a unique business model that has been proven useful for its wine business.

Traveling Vineyard hires and trains Wine Guides whose responsibilities are to market and sell the firm’s wine brands. They organize free wine tasting events for potential clients, and from that point, they are able to sell the commodity. The model benefits the company as well as the Wine Guides. The organization has reduced its overhead costs since it started using the model.

The financial resources that were being set aside for sales and marketing are utilized for other growth purposes. Wine Guides earn good incomes, through commissions and monthly wine club sales, enough to pay their bills. Also, they enjoy a flexible work schedule, create networks, and a sense of accomplishment. Traveling Vineyard’s robust social media presence encompasses LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The organization sells a lot through these platforms because of the large following.

Becoming a Wine Guide can be a very good decision. By using good marketing techniques, Traveling Vineyard provides workers with the opportunity to make as much money as they want. There is nothing better in business than promoting a high quality product, and Traveling Vineyard provides quality wine that many people love to drink. Regional meetings and an annual harvest are also provided for workers to help discuss marketing strategies that can be used for getting the best results with Traveling Vineyard.

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Vijay Eswaran is a self-established Asian executive behind the successful QI Group of companies. He has worked in Europe, U.S., Australia, and Canada. He is a respected leader in the circles of motivational and public speaking. He handles topics such as spirituality and business. Vijay Eswaran educates people on ways of succeeding in life through his interesting life management books. Due to his achievements in the worlds of multi-level marketing and philanthropy, he has pocketed many high-status awards, including Lifetime Achievement Award, Special Award for Education Excellence and CEO of the Year Award in 2013.

The inception of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran inaugurated QI Group in 1998. The company is an e-commerce-based conglomerate that specializes in telecommunications, luxury and collectibles, workshop and conference management, retail and direct sales, and property development at Through its several subsidiary firms, QI Group has a strong presence in about ten nations. It has service centers in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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Education and career

Vijay Eswaran is an alumnus of top universities in the U.S. and the UK. Formerly, he held executive positions in various companies outside Asia. After deciding to venture in the multi-level marketing early in the 90s, Eswaran returned to Asia. His QI Group expanded within a few years of inception and established several affiliate companies.

Philanthropy and motivational speaking

After establishing a successful empire in the multilevel marketing world, Eswaran has concentrated on changing lives through giving back. Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the celebrated RHYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate charity subsection of QI Group. The organization engages in philanthropic initiatives worldwide. Eswaran has founded several foundations to spearhead his philanthropic interests. For instance, he started the Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father. The foundation works in close cooperation with local NGOs and other nonprofits on initiatives for mentoring children and young adults, empowering women, and offering special education.

Eswaran mentors young individuals who are striving to build their career in the multilevel sector on Facebook. He has lectured across the globe on a wide scope of subjects, including finance, leadership, business, life management, and spirituality. He has been a guest speaker at business & leadership forums and leading universities.

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InnovaCare Health has announced the additions of three new leadership positions. Not only will more people work in the facility, but there will also be more assistance for people that are patients in the healthcare facility. The people that are starting the new positions have a lot of experience when it comes to working in health care facilities and health insurance companies. This will not only help the patients get the services that they need, but this will also help health care facilities provide the care that the patients need. The new workers are also trusted to make contributions to the experience of the customers.

Among the people in leadership positions in InnovaCare are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers, Mike Sortino, and Rick Shinto. One thing that could be said about these additions is that they will bring a unique set of skills to the company. This will give them a more complete ability to serve others. For one thing, they can help the healthcare provider manage the changing landscape of healthcare. InnovaCare will not only be able to handle the changes as they come, but they will also be able to keep ahead of the changes continuously occurring in the healthcare industry.

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InnovaCare offers people Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage plans. This gives people a ton of options when it comes to the type of healthcare they can choose from. The main objective of InnovaCare is to make sure that people are getting what they need from the healthcare facility. They understand that people are different and they go through many different circumstances that may result in different effects to their body. This is why InnovaCare is working hard to expand on its services.

One very important quality of InnovaCare is that it not only focuses on the mental health of the patients, but the professionals also take the time to make sure that they are listening carefully to the patients according to Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare is also involved in many government health plans and health facilities in different countries. One of the best ways to insure that they are getting the health care that they need, they have to make sure that they are going to the right facilities.