Charter School

Rocketship Education has set the bar high for what educational standards should be like when it comes to educating young kids. This school is a public charter school that has been open for more than a decade now. Rocketship Education is truly one of a kind. This school really involves parents in their children’s education the way that no school by far ever has done. In addition to this, Rocketship Education is also dedicated to serving children who come from urban neighborhoods. The reason for this is because Rocketship Education wants to give underprivileged children a chance that they typically won’t receive because of statics.

Rocketship Education ha policies in place like no other school. In order for teachers to be hired at Rocketship Education, teachers are required to be interviewed by the parents of the children who attend the school before they are offered a job. This is because parents want to make sure that the teacher is not only qualified on paper, but they their personalities and attitudes match their credentials. Parent are able to follow their parental intuition when trying to figure out if the teacher in question is a good fit for the school and on rather or not the teacher is trained enough to treat their children properly.

With all of these guidelines in place, parents of the children who attend Rocketship Education feel at ease since the teachers are aware of how involved they are. So far, Rocketship Education has not had any negative instances when it comes to the relationships between parents and teachers. Teachers actually enjoy the closeness that they have been able to developed with the parents of their students.

Teachers of Rocketship Education have been feeling as if this closeness makes it easier for the students to learn each and everyday. They also feel as if the parents are able to continue teaching what their child is learning in class while they are at home for better test scores. These techniques prove to be working as of now because Rocketship Education is one of the best elementary schools out as of now.