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Fabletics is set to open about 75 to 100 stores in three to five years time. Its 7th store is set to be opened this spring. These stores will enable their customers to fit the clothes physically before making a purchase.

With these stores in place, the staffs will convince its customers to subscribe to their services for monthly discounted outfits. This will enable the company to make money and at the same time allow customers to purchase clothes at the comfort of their homes.

On their reviews, Fabletics has very few complains lately. In an interview with Forbes, Adam Goldenberg the co-CEO and co founder of JustFab affirmed that Fabletics was getting less complains. The store noted that most of its customers did not understand their terms well. JustFab then made the move to revise the FAQ section of Fabletics and improve its customer response service in a bid to make each customer understand better how the retail store operates.

In the interview which was well recorded by Racked, Goldberg said that the store was getting high sales. They send about 800,000 items in a month. He also affirmed that customers like the developments made in Fabletics.

The Better Business Bureau; a website that shows complains leveled against companies indicates that Fabletics is getting few complains lately. Part of this improvement is due to the move by JustFab to list its different subsidiaries such as Fabletics as separate entities.

About Fabletics company

Fabletics is an online retail company that offers stylish and affordable activewear, workout and fitness clothes for both women and men. It started as subsidiary of JustFab in 2013. It was co founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is well known for selling quality outfits at a low price. They sell the first purchase at a discounted price. The company accepts returns for exchange with no fee but returns for refund are charged at $5.95. Only returns that do not exceed 30 days from the day of shipment are allowed.

Fabletics are famous for their exclusive VIP membership. The first VIP purchase is discounted to $25 ( and shipping is always free. VIP members only pay $49.95 for same outfit. At the start of the membership, a person takes a short lifestyle quiz that enables the company have an overview of your preferences, then every month they send handpicked outfits to you. A person must log in between the 1st and the 5th of every month to make a selection or to ‘skip this month.’ Failure to do so results to a $49.95 charge on the 6th day and an entitlement to one outfit. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady review on Fabletics, one can skip as many months as they like and cancel VIP membership anytime.

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