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A lot of people don’t want to start thinking about retirement until they are older, which is a huge mistake. The 401 (K) and social security are the options that the average individual will consider achieving their retirement goals. However, a 401 (k) can limit what investments can be chosen, thus hindering a person’s rate of return. Social security payments are limited and can’t cover many peoples living expenses. A way to boost one’s potential retirement nest egg is to consider the investment option called Freedom Checks. This unique investment strategy was labeled a scam by many in the financial community. The skepticism of this investment option was justified, however, because the world of finance has many scam artists who try to swindle innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

The reason that people could not accept about Freedom checks when they were first introduced to the world was that this investment option apparently provided an individual with a tax free income. The companies that pay these checks are “Master Limited Partnerships” and were established by Congress to help the country achieve energy independence from the Middle East. The law allows these companies to explore and produce oil and other natural resources in this country without having to pay federal taxes. Being able to avoid taxes is the reason these companies enjoy high profitability and pay substantial dividend sums.

The man who really believes in this investment strategy is Matt Badiali. He was really pushing hard for people to invest in Freedom Checks because many of the companies that issue these checks are oil and gas related corporations. He has been predicting that oil prices are going to rise, and the rise in oil will result in higher share prices, as well as dividend payments for many years to come. If you are serious about retirement, it may be wise to research Freedom Checks to see if it is an appropriate investment strategy. Individuals only need a brokerage account and don’t need to worry about building a retirement account because they are already getting tax-free privileges if they choose this lucrative investment method.


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Lauren Gensler recently wrote an article for Forbes titled, “Handyman’s Helper: How GreenSky’s David Zalik Skipped School on his Way to Becoming a Billionaire. In the article, she discusses the CEO of GreenSky Credit, one of the most valuable fintech companies in the United States.

The company has raised more than $50 million in funding and has been valued around $3.6 billion. Zalik co-founded the company in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. To this day, he still owns more than half of the company, placing him among the ranks of other billionaires.

The office is still located in Atlanta in low-rise office buildings. Many employees pitch the mobile app of GreenSky Credit to home remodeling companies and contractors. Though it seems like a strange market demographic to target, Zalik discovered that the contractors are a key to the homeowner market in America. The company seeks to make quick loans for healthcare, home improvement and other smaller loans.

Collecting on the loan is not normally a problem since they only approve borrowers with high FICO scores, instead of the more marginal loan seekers. One of the greatest benefits of the company however is that it transfers a majority of the risk and the work to other parties while gaining profits from both sides.

The company has more than 17,000 contractors that will pay 6% of the loan amount on average as well as marketing the loans to homeowners. It also has a variety of trusted bank partners like Fifth Third, SunTrust and Regions who make the actual loans. The banks each pay nearly 1% of the balance each year to GreenSky Credit.

This allows GreenSky Credit to profit but without having to deal with loan defaulters. Instead, it has become the digital middle man of loans. Zalik believes that the company will have profit margins of nearly 25% this year.

GreenSky Credit is a valuable financial technology company, second only to Stripe and SoFi. Though it is less well known than lending financial technology companies like the Lending Club Corp. or Social Finance Inc., it has become a leader in that space. Between 2012 to 2016, the company lent nearly $5 billion in loans.