Hair Product Reviews

Wen By Chaz is the newest and greatest product from Chaz Dean. At this point, people have come to expect it from him. He loves doing this and that is why he got involved in it in the first place. This is something that is not just a job for him or a way to make a living. People can tell that in the products. People are incredibly smart, and Chaz Dean treats them as smart, free-thinking individuals. That is why he keeps blowing people’s minds with his products. Now, with WEN, he has created a product that can truly do it all: shampoo, condition, and work as a styling treatment.

It is making people happy all over the world, which is something he takes to heart, without question. He also loves when the reviewers are happy such as Emily McClure of in this review, She knows exactly what is going on in the hair care community. She gets a lot of things to review and look at, but she made a special exception and special review for on Wen ( When something gets this much buzz and this much excitement, she feels as though it is her duty to give the people the truth on the Sephora endorsed product.

The truth is that the product does everything it advertises on YouTube and then some. For example, she has fine hair, and she wanted something that would give her hair some bounce and some shine. The Fig version did that for her, and in the photos, it is hard to ignore the smile on her face. She also commented and shared with her readers the confidence it gave her and how so many people commented on it and noticed it. This product is a head turner, and Chaz Dean has done it once again.

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