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OSI Group is one of the leading food manufacturers in the world. It features a workforce of well over 20,000 people. The support system is spread across many regions. OSI operates in 17 countries with more than 65 plants on line. OSI has continuously grown and taken on new challenges within food manufacturing. At one time its only focus was on supplying meat. However, OSI evolved over the years through acquisitions of other companies that specialize in unique aspects of the industry. OSI Group is an example of a business that has stood the test of time. OSI has stuck to its ethics by promoting from within.

The company began as a meat market in the early 1900’s. It was a family-run organization. In the 1950’s OSI took on a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation. This would put the company in position for tremendous growth. The success of OSI Group parallels the amazing story of McDonald’s. The company expended at an incredible rate. After securing relations with the McDonald’s Corporation OSI Group branched out to international interest. A partnership with K & K foods spawned the Asia Pacific Division in Taiwan.

OSI continued to spread throughout the Pacific Rim and enter into regions such as Central America. There have been other acquisitions made such as mergers with Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods of Europe. OSI also partnered with Turi Foods in Australia and purchased Tyson Foods in Chicago. OSI has been able to maintain its consistent level of growth by recruiting the kind of talent that wants to stay with the organization. Leadership at the company is proud of the fact that there’s a very low turnover rate among its staff. This allows the company to make the kind of long-term decisions that keeps it ahead of the competition.

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Herbalife24 is sponsoring Heather Jackson as she tries to better her 2016 third-place performance in the Ironman. The Ironman competition is held in Kona, Hawaii. Herbalife24 is encouraging Heather Jackson in her pursuit of victory at this worldwide competition.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. The company employs people by allowing them to market Herbalife’s line of top quality health products. These products are designed specifically for the individual characteristics of different types of athletes. Careful attention is taken to ensure that key vitamins are delivered throughout the course of an athlete’s day.


Hughes started selling his health products back in 1980 from his car. Over the course of nearly 30 years, he has grown his company to nearly a billion dollar valuation. His marketing model is the main reason for his success. He chose a direct sales multi-level marketing approach. People who joined under other affiliates receive a commission of the affiliates that signed up under them. In this way, sales of the product skyrocketed, as people began to profit from selling this product.


Over time, and as the company grew, the product line expanded to include prepared meal supplements, vitamins, herbal based products, and many others. A line called Herbalife24 was designed for the complete cycle of an athlete’s day. Athletes not only were benefiting from this product financially, but they were feeling the positive effects of this herbal health supplement system on their performance.


Herbalife is still growing today. Mark Hughes is the founder and CEO and stands at the precipice of a revolution in athlete health and performance. He has a top-notch product to offer, and he also has a huge team of over 8000 individuals who market his product every day to others. With such a sophisticated model for success, this highly beneficial health supplement product sells off the shelves consistently.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Editor-in-Chief at Oncotarget, a proffessor of Oncology, and a researcher who has published plenty of information about aging. He has also been studying cancer and how it can be treated therapeutically for many years and is well-known for supporting Rapamycin, which is a cancer drug that may increase the length of years that a person can live. His work in the field of science will be appreciated by those who benefit from it for years to come.

Sirolimus, which is another name for Rapamycin has been used to make organ transplants go smoother, as a cancer drug, to treat unique diseases that effect the lungs, and to coat coronary stents. Years ago it was found to have immunity boosting properties as well as anti-fungal abilities. One of the amazing things about the drug is the fact that it is much less toxic to the liver than most other drugs that help organ transplants to not be rejected by the body. It is also used to treat hemolytic-uremic syndrome but mainly when people get a kidney transplant due to the syndrome. Many times, the new kidney can be effected by the old kidney, during transplant, and the new kidney can contract hemolytic-uremic syndrome. Rapamycin prevents this from happening. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has proven through tests on mice that Rapamycin helps to fight tuberculosis as they age. He also is continuing to champion Rapamycin as an anti-aging drug despite inconclusive evidence, so far. On this front, there is ongoing research on marmoset monkeys to show that it can treat Alzheimer’s disease as well as Muscular Dystrophy. On top of this the drug has been shown to be a possible cure for SLE as it blocks the activation of certain compounds that are a part of the disease. Read more on

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has always hoped that people worldwide would be able to get the kind of medical care they deserve, no matter how rich or poor they are. His work in the field of cancer has been invaluable, and he also continues to make large contributions in the field of aging. His interest in these two fields stems from the fact that older people are usually more prone to get cancer. It is good that there is someone like Mikhail Blagosklonny in the world, because it is people like him that inspire others to do great things. His tireless work in his field of study has not gone unnoticed, and many of his students and colleagues have been motivated to add to the work he has done. This will surely help to bring more possible cures and treatments for aging and cancer.

Something unique about Mikhail Blagosklonny is his desire to not just treat cancer but to do it in a way that is less painful and expensive for the patients who must suffer through it. He hopes to find the way to destroy cancer cells in the body while keeping normal cells healthy at the same time. He knows that this will help patients to be able to stay in good physical and mental health while going through treatment, and this attitude of his has brought him much attention from the media.