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Herbalife24 is sponsoring Heather Jackson as she tries to better her 2016 third-place performance in the Ironman. The Ironman competition is held in Kona, Hawaii. Herbalife24 is encouraging Heather Jackson in her pursuit of victory at this worldwide competition.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. The company employs people by allowing them to market Herbalife’s line of top quality health products. These products are designed specifically for the individual characteristics of different types of athletes. Careful attention is taken to ensure that key vitamins are delivered throughout the course of an athlete’s day.


Hughes started selling his health products back in 1980 from his car. Over the course of nearly 30 years, he has grown his company to nearly a billion dollar valuation. His marketing model is the main reason for his success. He chose a direct sales multi-level marketing approach. People who joined under other affiliates receive a commission of the affiliates that signed up under them. In this way, sales of the product skyrocketed, as people began to profit from selling this product.


Over time, and as the company grew, the product line expanded to include prepared meal supplements, vitamins, herbal based products, and many others. A line called Herbalife24 was designed for the complete cycle of an athlete’s day. Athletes not only were benefiting from this product financially, but they were feeling the positive effects of this herbal health supplement system on their performance.


Herbalife is still growing today. Mark Hughes is the founder and CEO and stands at the precipice of a revolution in athlete health and performance. He has a top-notch product to offer, and he also has a huge team of over 8000 individuals who market his product every day to others. With such a sophisticated model for success, this highly beneficial health supplement product sells off the shelves consistently.


Another high ranking athlete has joined the Herbalife Nutrition sponsorship program. Jonathan Dos Santos, LA Galaxy midfielder, becomes the latest high profile name to join the ranks of Herbalife Nutrition.

The deal is expected to run through the 2021 Major League Soccer season. The firm now becomes his official partner in sports nutrition. The Herbalife24 products will be exclusively available to the Mexican. They are manufactured to enhance the performance of sports professionals and have received the green light from NSF.

Herbalife also gains from the deal as Jonathan will act as an ambassador for their marketing initiatives. He will also be involved in sports nutrition education. The firm takes part in a joint community partnership and they hope to enjoy the midfielder’s support in this endeavour.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Rich Goudis expressed his delight in their new signing. Herbalife’s CEO was keen to point out the commitment that Jonathan had demonstrated towards fitness and nutrition. He was confident that the partnership would help them achieve their goal of increasing the health and joy of the world.

On his part, Jonathan looked forward to working with the firm’s experts. He hoped to make the most of their customized products to take his performances to the next level. The Herbal24 Rebuild Strength has already become part of his diet. He first got wind of these products in the LA Galaxy lounge.

The Dos Santos brothers have spent a great deal of their playing time side by side. Along with his elder brother, Giovani Dos Santos, Jonathan started out in the popular La Masia, FC Barcelona’s academy. Senior Dos Santos would later join Villarreal and in 2014, Jonathan took the same step. It was at this Spanish club that his full potential was realized. When LA Galaxy came calling in 2017, it was no surprise that the Mexican would take the offer to reunite with his brother.

About Herbalife Nutrition

The world nutrition firm began its operations back in 1980 with the goal of offering products that would transform lives. Ageing, obesity and poor nutrition are some of the problems that they work round the clock to provide solutions for. They have distributors spread across more than 90 nations in the world.

A good number of athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo enjoy their sponsorship deals. Their services are also extended to needy children through the Herbalife Family Foundation. Close to 8000 individuals get their daily bread from the firm that enjoyed $4.5 billion in terms of sales last year.