Farron Bernhardt recently was awarded the position of CEO with The Manse on Marsh. He has had over three decades of experience in senior housing leadership. His previous position was with the Nevada housing and neighborhood development as the vice president of assisted living. He will be replacing the duties of previous CEO, logan sexton.


The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility located in downtown San Luis Obispo. They service families from the nearby communities of Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles. The Manse on Marsh has been open to seniors for over 15 years and is owned by Chris Skiff. Their goal is to provide a living environment that is much more exciting than the typical “old folks home.” They have won awards including: the year 2000 builder of the year from HBA Central Coast, the best retirement home in 2003 by reader’s choice, the 2007 award for historical renovation from parade of homes, the 2010 first successful compliance audit in California and the best of 2016 by SeniorHousingNet.com.


Their living environment is much like a hotel. There are studios, cottages, and suites to choose from. Their facilities include activities such as puzzle solving, carnival parties, super bowl parties, zumba, yoga, bingo and mock horse racing gambling. The dining experience is like a five star restaurant with Bernard Livingston as the director of culinary services. There are professional nurses on staff to take care of the elderly patients’ medical needs. There are maids on staff and transportation services on demand.  They also have job listings available on Indeed.com, for those interested in applying to The Manse.