An entrepreneur of undeniable savvy, Matthew Fleeger is a distinguished member of the oil and gas industry. Fleeger’s entrepreneurial journey echoes many others. After attending college and earning a bachelor’s degree, Fleeger dipped his toes in the water. With his knowledge in finance and marketing, Fleeger was well-equipped to navigate the vast business realm. Much like his father, Fleeger had a keen desire to reshape the oil and gas industry. It’s for this reason why Fleeger began accepting positions at numerous oil and gas companies. One of which included his family’s business, Gulf Coast Western.

With ample experience under his belt, Fleeger was poised for entrepreneurial success. Upon flexing his enterprising muscles, Fleeger established MedSolutions, a company aimed at disposing and treating waste left behind by healthcare facilities. As the company’s head honcho, Fleeger was responsible for devising sound solutions to waste management needs. Fleeger’s eminence quickly blossomed, earning him an honorable role in his industry. MedSolutions proved so successful that companies including Stericycle were keen to acquire it. Being the astute businessman he is, Fleeger expertly navigated the acquisition, subsequently selling MedSolutions for $59 million.

In 2007, after selling his company, Matthew Fleeger was still hungry for success. He leveraged his experience as a leader to land an executive position at Gulf Coast Western, the organization his father founded in 1970. Fleeger’s expertise was advantageous for the company, and Gulf Coast Western continues to thrive under his leadership. These days, Fleeger is finding promising industries to invest in. The tanning industry piqued his interest years ago, prompting Fleeger to take a vested interest in the tanning domain. As a result, Fleeger became the co-founder of both Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. No doubt a tycoon of vast insight, Fleeger is a vital component of the business domain.

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The investment management firm has been operational for almost four decades. It was recently acquired by a Japanese-based company known as SoftBank. The Japanese firm has diversified its portfolios over the years, and that has led to a positive trend in its revenue. The acquisition came as a surprise to many players in the business world. SoftBank’s management seeks to become one of the best investment firms around the globe. The acquisition deal was valued at $3.3 billion. Due to the regulatory changes in the U.S, the management of Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was to remain intact. One of the reasons why SoftBank decided to acquire the investment management firm is that the current management had proven to be good in making informed business decisions. View to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

SoftBank was started in 1981 by Masayoshi Son. It specialized in wholesale trading of PC software. In the next decade, it expanded its portfolio and started organizing computer trade shows and the publication of magazines. As it continued to grow, it invested in Yahoo and acquired majority ownership in the organization in 1996. Currently, it has a stake in over 400 internet firms. The management of SoftBank has shown interest in investing in tech start-ups. Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randy Nardone who currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Wes Edens in 1998.

The clients of the investment management firm include individual investors and institutions who are estimated to be over 1,750. FIG is headquartered in New York City. According to the acquisition deal, all the outstanding shares at Fortress would be owned by the SoftBank Group. The decision was also approved by the shareholders of FIG.

To yield more returns for the investors, Fortress Investment Group partnered with a connectivity company called iPass. The organization offered to fund FIG with $20 million. The president of IPass, Gary Griffiths, expressed his optimism that the partnership would benefit both firms in the long run. The security of the loan was iPass’s assets which include the SmartConnect and its patents. The deal between iPass and Fortress Investment Group was facilitated by a brokerage firm called Riley Financial, Inc.

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Investment groups have been, for a long time, a force for good for many people trying to retire. Why is this? Well, take the rising stock market, for example. There are going to be millions of people across the country trying to take advantage of a healthy stock market and an increasing rate of return. However, the stock market undergoes corrections, volatile movement, and periodic crashes. Because of this, investment firms were presented with a problem: How could they offer a better and more reliable investment option to their clients without the volatility risk of the stock market? This is where Fortress Investment Group comes in, revolutionizing the investment industry by introducing asset-based investments, a new and improved way to invest without the risk. Visit

Fortress Investment Group was brought to the public in 1998, a time when money-supply continued to increase and federal interest rates remained stagnant. With this information, Fortress Investment Group came into the public eye with one mission: offer an alternative-asset strategy to their clients for better returns and increased customer satisfaction. This idea proved its worth, as FIG saw an increase of $3.5 billion in assets over its first five years.

Early on, Fortress Investment Group offered its first investment vehicle, calling it Fund I. In 2002, the company added two key employees from Goldman Sachs who added key insight into Asian markets. By 2006, the company had expanded its investment vehicles to include Fund II, III, and IV. This move also increased their total asset count to over $20 billion. In 2007, the company launched its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, the first hedge fund to offer its stock to the public.

FIG was acquired by SoftBank for a whopping $3.3 billion in February of 2017. While under different leadership, the company still thrives to bring its customers an alternative form of investing by backing their investments by tangible assets that better retain their value, such as real estate. They also thrive on giving advice to potential investors about backing their investments by real assets as to not lose their money due to the volatility of the stock market.



According to a recent article featured on, Anthony Marsala received recognition by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (“NACVA”) for making extraordinary advances in mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, and financial forensics. The NACVA was founded on the premise of giving opportunities to up-and-coming mavericks in the diverse financial industry via recognition of their many major contributions to their communities and their profession, as well as their highly anticipated future contributions, according to the CEO of NACVA. The article entitled “Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts” states that this recognition is involved with the organization’s 2015 program called “40 Under Forty”.

All of the 40 Under Forty honorees were chosen by NACVA’s Executive Staff from a consolidation of 125+ nominees. They were picked for their amazing advances in specific fields, like M&A. All of those rising stars of the financial frontier, including Anthony Marsala, have been featured subjects of a string of press releases, including professional profiles in NACVA’s Association News, the QuickReadBuzz Blog, and The Value Examiner, just to name a few industry publications.

Mr. Marsala’s specialties are corporate finance, M&A, and business valuation. With 13 years under his belt involved with numerous industry sectors and companies of all sizes, he has effectively worked on ventures in the fields of biotech and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technology, staffing, manufacturing, the energy sector, wholesale and distribution, and food and agriculture.

First and foremost, Marsala is one of the co-founders as well as CEO of Madison Street Capital, which has shown a serious dedication to optimum standards of professionalism and integrity in investment banking. They provide a number of services to their clients, including valuation services, corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, and mergers and acquisitions expertise for both privately and publicly held organizations.

In addition to North America, Madison Street Capital has offices in both Africa and Asia, where its consummate financial professionals are drawing on their specialized expertise every day when they partner up with firms throughout a number of niche markets, as well as industry verticals. Their core belief is in meeting their clients’ specific financial needs and supporting philanthropic organizations, such as United Way. The difference between Madison Street Capital and some other well-known firms is the wealth of experience that they possess. The professionals there have helped clients in a broad range of fields in a variety of circumstances that have demanded cautious analysis followed by decisive recommendations.

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The recent death of Stephen Murray has shook a lot of people to their core. This is someone that was highly respected, loved, and valued in his line of work. His occupation was that a private equity investor and philanthropist. He knew how to invest, when to invest, and the proper steps to take.

That is why he was so successful for so many years and why his death is such a tragedy. However, he may be gone, but as they say, he is certainly not forgotten. His legacy and what he accomplished will live on forever. The positive impact he made will not go unnoticed, unappreciated, or undervalued.

I mentioned that he was a philanthropist. So many people give back because it looks good or it makes them feel good as sort of a pat on the back. That was most certainly not the case with Stephen Murray. He gave back because he knew in his heart of hearts that it was the right thing to do.  Read more: Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital

He always did right by his investors and he always did right when it came to giving back. He knew that with great wealth came great responsibility. He was not a materialistic man looking to buy fancy things. It was just the opposite. He was looking for ways to help out others and make their lives a little easier.

In my view, that is the true measure of a man and that is why I say there is only one Stephen Murray. We don’t want to admit it, but we would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t face facts: we live in a cynical world these days. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Stephen Murray had a kind heart, was generous, and an incredibly smart man. What he accomplished as the the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital was second to none. He has left the company in good hands for the present and for the future.

While he is gone, he would not want us to mourn his death or sit around being sad. He would want us to remember his vision and his goals and carry on his legacy. That is one thing you can never take away from a man along with his reputation. That will forever stay with the people that were lucky enough to know him, work with him, and even get to call him a friend. Again, there was only one Stephen Murray.


Investing banking just like any other form of banking is essential in supporting investors to enable them to realize their business ideas and dreams. It is a discipline that primarily deals with helping individuals, corporations, and governments in raising financial capital. Investment banks guarantee or act as client agents in securities issuance. Also, it helps companies involved in acquisition and mergers and provides additional services like market making, trading of derivatives, equity securities, and fixed income instruments like currencies and commodities. Investment banks are unique; they do not take deposits from commercial banks.

There are two broad lines of business that investment banks deal with; they include the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves trading securities for cash or securities for other securities; this may include facilitating transactions and market making. The buy-side, on the other hand, deals with the provision of advisory services to firms that buy investment services. Most typical buy-side entities include private equity funds, mutual funds, life insurance companies, unit trusts and hedge funds. Also, investment banking in some circumstances can have private functions which are separate from public services.

Investment banks support governments and giant business corporations in raising funds to run their operations. Also, investment banks are instrumental in jointly determining current market rates with other ordinary commercial banks. Market interest rates assist in determining how expensive is it to borrow and how profitable is to save. Additionally, investment banking offers valuable advice on the kind of investments you can make and the right season to invest. Also, it helps you in managing your assets, properties, and finances.

Madison Street Capital is a reputable investment banking firm; it is globally established and committed to providing excellent services to its clients. Based in Chicago, Illinois, it offers corporate financial advisory to both the public and the private sector. Other services include asset management, business valuation, financial opinions, and valuation for financial reporting. Additionally, it provides business goodwill and intangible assets valuation services. Furthermore, its clients benefit from services like fairness and solvency opinion. Its customers include medial bond Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC and fiber science.

The company believes in building and supporting businesses across the US through dedicated services to its clients. Also, Madison Street Capital supports charity organizations like United Way. This helps needy communities globally by providing education, health, financial stability among other key issues. Madison Street Capital has a dedicated team with exceptional knowledge and expertise. This certainly has made it be among the best middle-level market investment banking firms. Its professionals have the ability to arrange the appropriate financing and capitalization that suits their clients. For business persons seeking acquisitions, selling an asset, building an asset strategy and matters of corporate governance, Madison Street Capital is the solution.

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