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When Peter Briger was in university, he knew he would eventually join the world of finance. What he may not have known is that three decades later he would be rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential leaders in the field and in fact get named among the top four hundred most influential business leaders in America by Forbes magazine. This title has not come easy as he has had to prove himself over and over through his leadership skills in all the organizations he has worked for. He went to Princeton University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He would begin working for Goldman Sachs the same years, and within the first ten years, he was already a partner.

At this time, it was already clear that he would become one of the most influential experts in the credit divisions within the bank. He went on to join a number of committees that helped him grow his knowledge and solidify his position with the bank’s ranks. Peter Briger would take a keen interest on the distressed debt market. This was an area that focused on assets that were believed to be on the verge of becoming toxic for the bank if they had already invested or were assets that were considered almost failing even when the bank had not invested in them but for one reason or another had taken an interest in.

This expertise in the area saw Peter Briger get called up to become an advisor to the International Finance Corporation. In 2002 after working at the Bank for approximately fifteen years, he was headhunted by Fortress. This was an asset management group that had opened its doors in 1998 and had shown great promise as an upcoming private equity group. He understood that even though they were only managing three billion dollars in assets quite a small amount compared to what Goldman had it presented massive growth opportunities for him. Peter Briger is today the Co-CEO at fortress and a partner. He also continues to lead their credit division based in San Francisco.

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Ideamensch recently published an interview with the financial investor Ted Bauman. He is the editor of the Plan B Club and the Bauman Letter published by Banyan Hill Publishing. The article discusses Bauman’s opinions on what it takes to succeed in today’s economy.

He feels that one of the best ways to be productive is to get the hardest work done first. Time management is also key to getting more done throughout the day. He reveals that being productive is also about knowing oneself and when you are most productive. He guards the morning because he knows he is the most productive during that time. He also ensures that no one bothers him throughout the morning so he can focus.

When he was younger, he worked at some terrible jobs like McDonald’s and Burger King. He also worked at gas stations and high-end restaurants. Though he feels the jobs were not what he wanted to pursue as a career, he did learn a lot from those jobs. The working-class environment provided him with an idea of what it takes to make ends meet when dealing with a low-income job. They helped him to appreciate society and how to understand the people at the bottom of the food chain.

If he was starting again in today’s market he reveals that he would do a lot differently. The most important thing he would change if he could begin again is to learn how to manage his time better from the get-go. By learning better time management habits earlier, he would have been able to be more productive. He suggests he also should have focused on learning the more technical aspects of economics. It allows people to have a better understanding of how the world works.

Ted Bauman was also featured in the Chronicle of Week article, “Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes” written by Samuel Thorpe. He describes that there are three possible scenarios for the current stock market. It may crash and bounce. Ted Bauman suggests that there will be a significant drop followed by a quick rise in the market.

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In 1998, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens Co-founded Fortress Investment Group. The company is an equity firm headquartered in New York. Randal Nardone became the CEO of the company in 2013 after serving as interim CEO for nearly two years. Nardone earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut. Additionally, he received a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. Nardone has an extensive background in the business area. Previously, Randal Nardone held positions such as Managing Director at UBS for one year. Additionally, he worked as the Secretary of Newcastle Investment Corporation for over 14 years. Nardone has served as the Chief Operating Officer at IMPAC Commercial Holdings since 1999.

Nardone has served as a Director since 2008 on the Board of Directors for Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation. Additionally, Nardone has held the position of Director since 2010 on the Springleaf Finance Inc., Board of Directors. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is a global company which manages billions of dollars in assets for investors. Clients of the firm consist of individuals and institutional investors such as hedge funds and private equity firms around the world. There are nearly one thousand employees working for Fortress Investment Group. Since the company was established, Fortress Investment Group has been recognized as an industry pioneer.

In December of 2017, SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group for over $ 3 billion dollars. After the SoftBank purchase, the principals remained at Fortress Investment Group. The firm has three principals Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. SoftBank is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. SoftBank committed to maintain the staff, systems, and organizational culture which led to the achievement experienced by Fortress Investment Group prior to the acquisition. Fortress Investment Group has three operational areas which include Private Equity, Permanent Capital Vehicles, and Credit.


Ara Chackerian is a devoted philanthropist, entrepreneur as well as an angel investor. He is the ASC capital Holdings Managing Director. Ara’s investments are in initial stage healthcare firms whose goal is to reinvent the health care system with the US. Ara’s experience in developing healthcare firms is more than two decades. He is a co-founder of several organizations dealing with a variety of medical services such as PipelineRX, a countrywide Telepharmacy services provider, BMC Diagnostics, diagnostic imaging services leading provider and TMS Health Solutions, a provider of integrated behavioral health services.

Before joining ASC capital Holdings, Ara held several operating executive level offices with various companies. For instance, Ara has been BMS Diagnostic company’s Chief Executive Officer, TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRX’s and PSS/World Medical’s Executive Vice President of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian loves to give back to the community. He has contributed as well as donating to various non-profit organizations focusing on education and youth development. He is also committed to ecological grounds with his Limonapa investment. For a long time, Ara has partnered with TMS Health Solutions to enlarge their experience in developing radiology for outpatient diagnostic centers to a different healthcare area. It took Ara and the partner more than a decade to come up with Northern California’s network of centers. The vision of Ara and the partner is to devise a care delivery program that caters to both the patient and the physician to obtain their preferred outcomes. Moreover, the program will be in a design that allows the patient to always come first. For more details visit

Ara Chackerian has bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida state university. Ara always focuses his energies on anything that includes strategy, vision, and coaching. He tries as much to balance between his philanthropic and entrepreneurial desires to achieve his goals. His life experiences nurture his ideas. He believes choosing the right partners in a business can lead to better performance. In addition to this, entrepreneurs need to appreciate the ideas that other partners bring on board. Moreover, entrepreneurs need to learn on how to build a full from several. Besides, Ara believes that entrepreneurs should understand the risks involved before getting into any business.

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If you’re interested in knowing why Thanksgiving dinner was significantly cheaper to purchase this year than last year, Matt Badiali has a logical explanation. He shares that this fall feast cost a little over $20 this year, and that 2013 was the last time the price was this low. He also asserts that foods like corn, which are often associated with the Thanksgiving holiday, would make a profitable investment due to growth patterns and the many things corn can be used for in terms of food processing. Badiali also shares that the oil industry is the reason for the reduction in food price, and asserts that from 2000 to 2010, this industry grew about 160%, which means it’s one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

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If you’re looking for investments, Matt Badiali has valuable information on this topic as well. He says that platinum is one of the best precious metals to invest in, since the metal has increased in value since 2016 and is predicted to be more valuable in the near future according to While most think of precious platinum jewelry when considering this investment, Badiali shares that the demand for new automobiles is the main reason that platinum makes a sound investment. Cars consume about 80% of palladium, which is used to make the platinum that we see in automobiles and fine jewelry.

Matt Badiali is a Banyan Publishing contributor, and serves as Senior Editor for the company. His hands-on approach to the economy and agriculture make him one of the company’s trusted sources when it comes to investment information. Badiali is also a geologist, and knows how to determine the value of the natural resources that we sometimes take for granted. Due to his concern for natural resources and conservation, he has spoken with a number of CEOs about their plans for oil usage and how they intend to use precious metals and stones for company profit on

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Throughout the 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle, George Soros was extremely vocal in his disdain for the majority of candidates on the Republican side during campaign season. Soros reserved his harshest criticism, for now, President Donald J. Trump and his Republican rival Ted Cruz who was accused by the Hungarian born of doing the work of ISIS by creating such racially charged rhetoric. A dedicated liberal, Soros believes the global security situation could be a major source of concern under any of the Republican candidates, a concern backed by the level of financial giving the founder of Soros Fund Management provided for Democrats throughout the 2016 election season.

Politico reports Soros is used by the Democratic Party as a signifier for other potential donors about the level of concern they should have for the future of the party and any upcoming elections. Over the course of the 2016 election campaign, Soros provided a reported $25 million in campaign contributions designed to propel former Secretary of State Clinton into The White House with an agenda developed in association with Soros; one aspect of political giving George Soros has become a master of is backing different PAC’s and Super PAC’s dedicated to aiding the candidate he backs for a particular role of elected position.

During the 2016 election campaign, the man Forbes describes as breaking the Bank of England in 1992 developed his links to a series of PAC’s dedicated to addressing some of the many different areas of concern for Democrats. The Federal Elections Commission has published the giving provided by Soros to different groups, including a $7 million donation to the Priorities USA Super PAC developed to support the campaign of Clinton; Priorities USA is well known for the high level of support provided for Clinton as the battle for the financial support of George Soros led to a battle between a number of different PAC’s and Super PAC’s fighting over his campaign contributions.

George Soros not only looked to have an impact in 2016 on the election of a Democrat into The White House but made it clear he was looking to assist as many minority groups in voting as possible over the course of the campaign. To this end, Soros provided a further $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC supporting efforts to build on the number of minority voters taking advantage of their right to vote in swing states during the election. Protecting the rights of voters has been a key issue for George Soros as he also gave $5 million to the Voting Rights Trust group aiming to overturn conservative efforts to limit access to voting rights for members of minority groups.