Luxury Brand

So let me tell you why I love this company. I’m not one who can afford luxury items, like the ones sold by The RealReal’s luxury consignment shop. I’m a Muslim woman on a budget, and I do functional clothing. I ask myself two questions when I’m buying clothes, “Am I covered?, and Am I be cute?”. As long as the answer’s yes for both of those questions, then I’m good to go. And I shop any wear with loose, modest clothing; it can be Target or Islamic dress shops on the street I’m not too particular. The RealReal and it’s brainchild Julie Wainwright interest me because of the ‘how’ factor. How she put together her business, how she marketed it, found her niche, did research on her customer base to figure out what to sell and when. All the juicy nuts and bolts that have made the RealReal such a success from its start only six years ago.

I’ve been doing my research on how to start a successful online business. Reading about how Julie put together the brick and mortar shop, her artist upbringing gave her the magnificent idea to display the “wearable art” as she calls it, in a very thoughtful creative way. I love how she is working towards making luxury shopping more attainable for the average shopper. Having workshops that teach shoppers how to identify a real from a fake Birkin Bag, in the ladies bathroom there is audio of how to correctly pronounce high-end designer names. And she’s created her niche when visiting The RealReal, whether online or in person, it’s an experience that is unlike anything else that is available for consignment shoppers and sellers.

I love this because everything she’s doing has set her business apart has shown me as an online business wannabe that it’s doable. It also shows me that research is right and you have to do the work to be successful. You have to figure out what is going to set you apart from your competition. Julie has done that with The RealReal, and it is reaping the rewards, her business is thriving. I only pray that my company will have this kind of success six years after opening.

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