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Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and his father was a college professor. He was born on October 17, 1957, In Bronx, New York. He joined Cherry Hill High School East. After graduating, he joined the University of Maine where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Today, Lawrence Bender is a celebrated filmmaker with over 20 years of experience. He has produced several movies including Pulp fiction, Django, the Inconvenient Truth, the countdown to zero, Goodwill hunting, Reservoir dogs and safe among others.

Lawrence Bender has scooped over six academy awards and has been nominated 29 times for the best picture films. Lawrence Bender is also the man behind the production of the movie ‘The great raid’. The movie is set around the world war ll era. Carrying a rescue mission during World War II in the Japanese POW camp was the most daring mission in the movie. The movie was set in the heart of Luzon the largest island in the Philippines. US troops and the Philippine fighters were confined inside Camp Cabanatuan after being overpowered. They were trounced on Bataan peninsula on March 1942. The soldiers were forced to walk for over 60 miles to a prison camp where a notorious ordeal had occurred.

All those soldiers that survived the March ordeal suffered from malaria, malnutrition and dysentery. Others suffered at the hands of the Japanese. Surprisingly, in 1945 the US 6th Ranger battalion attempted a raid on a camp that never seemed impossible to attack. Inside the Cabanatuan camp, we meet Major Gibson; an American fighter who hasn’t lost any hope of rescue. Sad enough his body is growing weak because of Malaria. Commander of the 6th Battalion Lt. Col. Henry Mucci picks a young Captain Prince for heroic duty.

Prince is assigned the duty to rescue all the 510 US prisoners confined in the camp. Before the rescue, a Japanese commandant douses some prisoners with gasoline and burns them alive. Dahl gives out a story indirectly of a certain widow who camouflages as a Lithuanian widow. She assists smuggle supplies, information and medicine from Manila Philippine into camps such as Cabanatuan.