NewsWatch TV provides established and growing companies alike the opportunity to deliver their brand identity to a mass multitude of markets worldwide. With their one to three minute segments, NewsWatch can hone your company’s message into a streamlined segment, capable of gaining interest in your company or project, or gaining sales and revenue for your latest product release. With twenty eight years in the business, NewsWatch TV understands the ever growing and changing face of PR better than most, and have worked since their first broadcast in March of 1990 to grow their audience, and perfect their production quality. The series’ commitment to quality is evident in NewsWatch’s winning of both the Gold and Platinum Marcom Award in 2017, and the Silver Telly in 2016. NewsWatch TV has worked with some of the most note worthy corporations in the world, and will do the same for your business as it has for there’s.

Some of NewsWatch TV’s most famous clients included Casio, D-Link, and Sony, but the series has a long running relationship with smaller businesses seeking to get themselves off the ground. In taking budding companies and bringing them to an audiences that is interested in what they are providing is where NewsWatch TV’s abilities really lie. With costs for segments based on the reach you would like your campaign to have, NewsWatch TV can work with any business and budget to produce a superb marketing video. Not only can NewsWatch boost your work through their popular once weekly series, they also understand the importance of viral social media marketing and have used this technique effectively to help companies like Avaca, who were seeking crowdsourcing through an Indiegogo campaign, excel far past their original goals. If your looking for the next level of marketing for your business, look no further than NewsWatch TV!