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The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, started his business to provide doctors with a different method for treating cancer patients. He felt that by using the data from a patient’s genomic testing, oncologists could choose the kinds of medicines for them that will be more effective, based on what’s in their DNA. He first got the idea for starting Tempus when he saw someone close to him receive traditional treatment for cancer years ago. This pushed him to think of other things that could be done to make treatment for this disease more advanced and precise. Through the use of technology that provides significant genetic information, he felt that doctors could get a deeper view into a patient’s medical background, and could treat them based on this individual data rather than just relying on regular methods.

Eric Lefkofsky is an innovator who has a deep interest in how to make businesses operate in a more effective way. He not only runs a company that focuses on using technology for better results, but he also teaches classes on the subject at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he is an adjunct professor, and he previously taught Applied Technology courses at DePaul University and Northwestern University. In addition to his instructional endeavors and his leadership at Tempus, he is a philanthropist who supports organizations that help others with educational and scientific aspirations, as well as those that are aimed at helping people who are in need all over the world

He encourages entrepreneurs to take risks and be bold when handling business responsibilities, and in his book entitled Accelerated Disruption, he outlines the steps they can take if they want to find the right kind of industries to innovate, as well as how they can come up with a strategy that will bring in capital that will keep their business running during its most critical stages of development. On top of being the co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, who has a JD degree from the University of Michigan, is also the co-founder of a venture fund business called Lightbank.

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 New York is known to be one of the best and busiest places in the world. When looking for a house to rent or buy in this city, it can be very frustrating. The area is unique in its own special way, and getting a reliable real estate company can be very difficult. There are various aspects to consider when an individual is looking for a real estate company that suits all their needs. if you are in New York and need a house, it is crucial to get a reliable professional who will guide you through the whole process.


Town Residential is one of the well -established companies that offers real estate services in New York City. The company has been operating for several years, and it is well known to the community. Town Residential mostly focuses on luxurious residential property. Some of the services they offer include marketing of property, sales, property development and leasing. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger in the year 2010. Andrew is a very experienced businessman, and he has a lot of expertise in the real estate industry. Andrew is the leader of the institution and together with his team of qualified and experienced professionals has worked hard to offer great services to the clients. The company ensures that all their customers find their residential home or get a good buyer for their property.


If you are looking to buy a new property in the city, the company offers a guide that provides all the professional assistance for the clients to navigate through the tough New York market. The client is also given a variety of properties to choose from within the city. The customer is helped to understand the market and is also helped in any way to make the selling and buying process smooth and easy.


The seller’s guide from the company offers the consumer some excellent services such as pricing. The client is advised about the best prices for the property. This makes them sell their property in the shortest time possible. They are also helped to market the product is the best way that the potential clients are easily targeted. At the end of the day, the company ensures that the process is very smooth and without any challenges. This year, Town Residential is expected to increase its sales. Investors from all parts of the world are investing in the US after United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union.