Born in Temple, Arizona, Jason has been on a successful journey as an entrepreneur for nearly his entire career. When Jason first entered college, he was focused on the financial sector and he eventually graduated from Arizona State University to earn his Master’s in Business Administration.

Jason was an early starter and right after college, he started his career as an entrepreneur right away with several different tech startups. Within just a few years, Jason was able to build a huge amount of wealth for himself while also build a reputation as an entrepreneur throughout Arizona. After building his success, Jason started to focus on philanthropy and he has made some impressive donations over the years.

These days, Jason Hope is still living in Arizona where he calls home to Scottsdale. On top of his various startups in the tech industry over the years, Jason acts as a freelance consultant for a variety of business throughout the region. His advice is just as important as his contributions to charitable organizations, which is why Jason is an active educator and lecturer. His passion for education keeps him involved in many different industries and learning all the time to keep himself at the top of his game. Even though Jason has a successful career to manage, he has taken the time to involve himself in dozens of different projects throughout the community on top of supporting many different non-profit organizations through donations.

Since the beginning of his career, Jason has invested in many well-known charities around the world. This includes but is not limited to the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, Arizona Science Center, Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, the True Colors Fund, and the SENS Research Foundation. His most significant donation by far has been to the SENS Foundation. Jason donated more than five hundred thousand dollars to help SENS continue to research and expand their operations.

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For anyone who thinks of homeopathic remedies, it is easy to think of the Hyland’s brand. Hyland’s has been around for well over a century and is one of the most trusted companies in America. They are still family-owned and operated after all of these years and can be an incredibly beneficial choice for you and your family. Recently, Hyland’s created Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets. These tablets are great for issues involving teething and gum irritation that your baby might be experiencing. Plus, the natural-active ingredients that Hyland’s has put into these tablets for teething are incredibly beneficial and efficient at working on a wide range of different symptoms.


Along with being a family-owned and operated company that specializes in all things homeopathic, you can feel good giving these products to your child and family. Hyland’s puts an incredible amount of quality control measures into every single product being produced, whether this is their teething gel or tiny cold tablets. They also create a range of products for people of all ages, from their highly beneficial Nerve Tonic to their Leg Cramp Relief formula. Hyland’s is a brand that you are going to be able to trust and know that it is going to work for a range of different issues.


The tablets specific to teething will dissolve instantly on your baby’s tongue, making it quick and easy to begin relieving their symptoms. Plus, the tablets for teething are made using gentle and safe ingredients so that you can feel confident giving them to a baby. Whether you make the decision to buy the teething gel or would rather try their tablets, you can feel confident giving this homeopathic product to your baby. You will notice that this helps a lot when it comes to their teething problems and allows you to feel great knowing that all of the products are incredibly safe and proficient at what they are designed to do. This is why Hyland’s has been used for generations and is one of the most trusted companies out there in terms of high-quality homeopathic ingredients that you can trust.





Lincolnshire Management is private equity based in New York City with a portfolio of investment on a full scale. It was founded back in the year 1986, and the firm has experience in managing wealth, private equity, and investment. Lincolnshire Management has been growing over the last 30 years have made over 80 acquisitions. The focus is on high potential medium firms ,with the prospects of growth. They acquired Amport Inc. back in 2014, from Highstar Capital and just sold it to InstarAGF. Although the terms of the sale were not made public, it can be safely assumed that it was a very lucrative deal. Lincolnshire Management released a press statement after the purchase. Amports Inc. is based in Jacksonville, Florida and it primarily deals with port logistics in the automotive sector, and it is also a processing company.


With headquarters in New York and a regional office in Chicago, Lincolnshire Management is a force with private equity funds, which are under management worth over $1.7 billion. During the deal, InstarAGF was represented by Morrison and Foerster, who foresaw the acquisition from Lincolnshire Management. The wealth of experience that it has gained throughout its 30 years of existence have enabled private company acquisitions, management buyouts, and recapitalizations as well as many other fields that it is well respected for. Lincolnshire Management saw the potential of Amports Inc. back in 2014, in the field of portside automotive processing which it has been a leader for a long time and even won several awards on it.Lincolnshire Management continues has been on a positive growth path since inception.


Lincolnshire Management has, through the years been instrumental in some of the most key acquisitions and sales of companies in the industry. InstarAGF recognizes the significance of this incredible company that has been in charge of Amports for the last four years and made it grow even further in its field. Since the acquisition of Amports in 2014, the firm has made sure that the company has been steadily increasing and dominating given its strategic location and excellent business techniques which have seen it expand into a force that InstarAGF had to take notice.


r. Ira Kirschenbaum is a household name in the world of orthopedic. The Brown University graduate has worked in different medical capacities both in private and in public practice. Just like the majority of medical practitioners in the USA, shortly after Albert Einstein (College of Medicine), he went to residency and then to full practice. During his early years of training, his strong character and the willingness to have an impact on people’s lives made him a respected medical practitioner. He is currently the chairperson at Bronxcare Health System (in charge of Orthopaedics). Now, he is a specialist in the fast-growing Reconstructive surgery field.
Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has one of the best work routines. In his busy schedule, he always factors in administrative duties such as giving speeches and attending meetings. As a devoted medical expert, he is also passionate about developing new and safe procedures for patients. Although not all days are the same to him, all his administrative obligations and professional duties are essential. Regardless of his daily schedule, his philosophy of being patient-centered has made his one of the most respected medics. This approach to patients and efficiency in his administrative responsibilities has influenced his accreditation by different bodies in his medical niche.

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Over the past few decades, the daily challenges of life have continued to get more complicated and stressful for many people. Due to bigger demands with work, higher costs of living, and unusual types of pressure that were not around in past generations, many people find that they are depressed or feeling too much stress. For those that are struggling with depression, having access to proper medical care to address it is very important. For those that are in the California area, one company that has continued to provide great support to those that are suffering from stress and depression is TMS Health Solutions.

TMS Health Solutions is a mental health clinic that provides unique therapy options to its patients. The TMS therapy process is designed to help people recover from their depression and other mental health conditions and continue to live happy and productive lives. Those that go to see a clinic professional for TMS Therapy will find that they will receive personalized care that will focus on providing them with the best service possible.

When you are looking for mental health support, there are many advantages that come with going to a TMS Health Solutions clinic. One of the advantages is that there is a very dedicated team to help provide you with support. The company has a wide range of medical professionals that have spent their lives dedicating themselves to helping others get over their mental health conditions. This includes a team of doctors, psychologists, and other people that are experienced in the mental healthcare industry. These professionals will be able to provide you with a personalized plan and approach to meet your needs.

Another advantage of going to a TMS Health Solutions practice is that they are very convenient to go to. When you are feeling down or depressed, getting the motivation to go and see a professional can be very challenging. This can end up being a very vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. For those that are struggling with depression and are located in the Northern California area, there are many different nearby locations to choose from. There are clinics located in San Francisco, Oakland, Burlingame, and about a dozen other places all over the city. All of these clinics have very convenient options and are always more than willing to open their doors to meet with a client that is in need.


Everyone wants to function in a sane and rational way. Nobody wants to be identified as a person with a mental health disorder. This is especially true for the people who live, work and go to school in the greater Oakland area. While people in the Oaktown area might not want this label, the fact is that thousands of local Oakland residents suffer from some type of mental health issue. TMS Therapy can be the solution they need to help manage or even correct their mental deficiencies.

At least 1 in 6 Oakland residents have a mental health issue and 1 in 20 have a serious mental health problem. Oakland has close to 450,000 and close to 75,000 could benefit from the help of a licensed therapist or from some type of therapy-based program. TMS Health Solutions is definitely an organization that can help people in this capacity.

TMS offers various solutions for people suffering from mental health disorders. This treatment facility offers psychiatric therapy and anti-depressants for people in need. They also use magnetic pulse therapy to help a person’s brain to correct the disturbing patterns that causes a person to be depressed or filled with anxiety.
Patients are also given medications that deal with mental health disorders.

Medications will vary for each patient’s situation. The medications that psychiatrists prescribe is usually an anti-depressant. The company also has a wide variety of psychiatrists on staff who are located at various locations throughout the city of Oakland.

These highly trained and compassionate individuals understand their job and know how to help people to effectively deal with their mental health issues. These individuals have vast experience and they use it to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible.

TMS therapy has been effective with helping patients. This process also produces long lasting results. Patients will have to follow up with care because depression might never go away. The techniques that patients learn will help them to overcome various problems associated with their mental health issue. Oakland residents no longer must be defeated by depression or any other mental health issue. TMS Health Solutions can help to change their situation for the better.


“In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man” – Ralph Waldo Emerson in Nature.


There is nothing more delightfully breathtaking than the open wild. As modernization continues to infringe upon the natural beauty and habitats of the earth, the enchanting abundance of that beauty is increasingly threatened. It is with this awareness and a conservationist’s passion at heart that Mark and Sophie Hutchinson founded Wild Ark.


Wild Ark, run by a cutting-edge team of global conservationists, lives up to its mission of protecting the biodiversity of identified green belts across the planet on a daily basis. In Wild Ark’s efforts to conserve wildlife, it has devised numerous programs that create research and experience opportunities for people across the globe to connect with nature and be inspired to protect it. In this regard, Wild Ark Travel holds open the gateway for travels to both see and experience the world in its natural state.


Wild Ark Travel allows patrons to embark on journeys to enchanting wildlife destinations by providing them with an eco-friendly and sustainable traveling experience. Each journey booked with Wild Ark Travel contributes directly to the conservation and sustainability of the ecosystem being visited, thereby allowing travelers to do good while they travel. The following are just a few of the inspiring and adventurous journeys that Wild Ark has to offer.


For wildlife photographers, Wild Ark offers a series of quests similar to the Botswana Photographic Safari that invites amateur wildlife photographers to explore the African Safari with like-minded photographers, connect with nature, contribute to its conservation, and collectively improve their photography skills. In the pristine Alaskan wilderness, travelers are invited to visit the Alaska Sportsman Lodge to take part in a once in a lifetime fly-fishing experience during which accommodations, meals, fishing equipment and guides are all provided for the travelers. For the more adventurous of Wild Ark’s patrons, Wild Ark Travel offers multiple African Wilderness Trails that feature hiking and camping experiences through the rough African terrain as well as numerous EcoQuest Wilderness Experiences that place travelers in African bush camps to explore the African bush on foot, completely immersing themselves in the African wilderness for one-two weeks as desired. There is a wide variety of destinations specifically tailored for the traveler in you! Be sure to check out Wild Ark Travel!


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Karl Heideck, Swarthmore College Alum
Karl Heideck is a graduate of Swarthmore College

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney based out of the greater Philadelphia area. His experience is focused in compliance and risk management in a court room setting. Since 2015, he has focused his efforts as a banking litigation and securities fraud attorney contracted through Grant & Eisenhofer.

Karl Heideck graduated from Swarthmore College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Later he graduated with his Juris Doctor degree and was on the Dean’s List in 2009. Before becoming a contract attorney, Karl Heideck was a quality control specialist for Pepper Hamilton LLP, and an associate for Conrad O’Brien.

What Education Does a Litigation Attorney Require to Practice?

A litigation attorney is required to obtain their bachelor’s degree. After graduation, they are required to pass the LSAT examination in order to enter law school. They are required to obtain their Juris Doctor degree, or doctorates in law.

After graduation, litigation lawyers are required to pass the state bar examination.

What Does a Litigation Attorney Do?

A litigation attorney, such as Karl Heideck, is a trial lawyer, or attorney provides the extremely important service of handling tough cases in a court case. They have extensive experience in negotiation, communication, coming to settlement agreements, and resolving difficult disputes.

Litigation attorneys must become proficient in filing motions, responses, and appeals, as well as helping clients understand laws and how they relate to their clients. Litigation lawyers must also be ready to defend their clients if lawsuits are filed against them, or claims are made against them.

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He technology industry, as well as the fashion industry, have many things in common. From the ancient times, we have all seen how these two industries have stayed together ahead of the rest. Fashion and technology are two seamless entities which never grow tired to work together. According to Chris Burch, he has developed mechanisms to determine how these industries have kept on growing through their different criterion. This is a topic which requires much understanding through innovation and capabilities. For you to get a better understanding of this reason, you must first work distinguish the common factor about the two industries. They have all worked to grow together seamlessly.


For the longest time possible, fashion has grown to become technologically fashionable. On the other hand, technology has also grown to acquire all the properties of fashion to get well-known among the people in this regime. For this reason, we might consider having the necessary criteria to develop high-end solutions to the great benefits of the universal entities in this regime. A fascinating part of this story is when we talk about the reason why they keep growing together through all ages. For this reason, we might want to consider looking at the end-results and see how they have kept up with the growing spirit together through past events.


When we look at the boom box, we might consider having an excited entity which works to develop high-end solutions through categorical management capabilities. This is one of the reasons why we always consider technology to make fashion better and greater. The 70s brought to us the new technology in music which was considered as fashionable. The boom box was one of the excitements which gave the new generation a thing to talk about through all their social life. Because it allowed the user to carry around their favourite tunes and stations, it was adopted on a massive scale. It was also characterised by a special feature with two cassette decks. While you were using one side of the cassette to play music, the other side was used to record the music.


When the 90s came about, a more personalised music experience was brought about by the boom box. This was the latest technology in the use of the music appliances. This was one of the techniques which used a higher standard of functionality and innovation. Whenever one used he Walkman, hey was considered as fashionable and technologically wise.



Christanna Bevin studied as a postgraduate at the Australian Institute of business. She has been awarded a master’s degree in business administration. Over the years, she has worked for firms such as stork, Parsons Brinkerhoff among others. In these companies, she has done remarkable jobs which have made her earn many titles such as the best project specialist.

Clients hire Christanna Bevin for her excellent skills in improving various projects. This is exhibited by her good decisions in funds management and the personnel she hires. She creates an industrious surrounding for everyone she works with. She worked as a consulting and contract manager in one of the company’s. She examined the cost control processes and provided recommendations for improving these processes. She also worked at Chelopech Mining Company as the project controller and commercial manager. Here, she recovered the costs and expanded the schedule control systems. She also came up with the monthly cost program and reports on the company’s progress.

She then worked at Oakajee port and rail. Bevin trained personnel in this company to help in the expansion and unlimited functionality of the firm. She also aided in developing the OPR control systems. She has also assisted in adjusting the budget of various companies that she had worked with. Christanna formulates a budget such that the project will utilize the money allocated. She then keeps the balance aside for future emergency processes. From her financial management tactics, clients hire her to plan and oversee their projects earning her a name in the industry dominated by the male gender.

As a project manager, she continually talks to her personnel about the competence of their work and trains them on how to improve them. She also selects processes that enable her team to explore their full potential with minimal supervision. She has excellent skills in managing the resources, and her employees love her for assisting them in their respective jobs.