Inmate Phone Calls, Video Visitation App

If you’ve ever been incarcerated, or have a loved one who is, you know the value of staying in touch. Companies like Securus Technologies make that connection possible. In recent years, the cost of calling and video visitation has gone down significantly. This has been somewhat of a blessing, as there was much concern over the extreme prices charged by many carriers. Not only has Securus Technologies added services, but they’ve made them affordable. Securus has also brought along new technology and acquired new companies to make facilities safer, and better places in general.


Among the recently acquired is GovPayNet. This company was started over 20 years ago to make payments to government agencies much easier. Having a streamlined system for payments such as traffic tickets, probation fees, home monitoring and court costs, have made things much simpler for everyone involved. JPay, another financial service, has also been acquired in the last few years. Combined with Securus Technologies, the companies can introduce new technology at a much faster rate in correctional facilities. Recently, JPay has come out with tablets for inmates to purchase that includes educational software, and courses they can take to advance their skills.


Securus Technologies, having been in business since 1986 has a great deal of experience in the business. Having received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company strives to provide excellent customer service. A recent survey also uncovered a customer satisfaction rate around 95 percent. This is unusually high, and customers report that most of their concerns are resolved in just one call. Making advancements in the world of corrections can sometimes be challenging due to the nature of the business. Securus Technologies, along with its partners, makes the safety and communication safe, reliable and affordable. It will be interesting to see the new services offered in the future by Securus.

Inmate Phone Calls, Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies is a modern technology company that offers not only communication services but also its products to U.S correctional services. This private institution has been in operation for more than ten years. Being located in Texas, Securus has easily provided it’s loyal and trustable goods and services to the all the prison agencies. The company contains skilled personnel with so much experience it this kind of field. To be working for Securus Technologies, one must have been working in the prison field for a long time. Securus really upholds the inmates’ interest to speak to those they love back home. With this kindness, it’s believed that the jailed can reform to be good individuals.


The prisons are working with so much ease due to the high technology by Securus. This has been achieved through the ability to attain evidence with the technological advancements. Securus is running well under the positive management of Rick Smith who is its director. He is not only the head of the company but also a tech expert. With his working staff, he has come up with video apps which offer strict surveillance on the correctional agencies thereby minimizing the prison wardens’ roles of moving up and down always supervising the inmates.


Currently, prisons are able to monitor suspicious calls which may be a result of criminal acts. This is possible via the monitoring software by Securus that has been installing to the prisons and some governmental departments. This has really shut down all forms of immorality. The company has also come up with illegal monetary transaction devices. With these, all criminal financial transactions have been inhibited. To the correctional departments which have no knowledge on how to use Securus technological devices and programs, the company offers to teach the officers on how to go about it with a lot of ease to ensure a crime-free environment is created.


Inmate Phone Calls, Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies is undeniably a force to reckon with as far as providing inmate technological solutions for monitoring, communication, and investigation is concerned. Recently, the role played by the company’s technology in solving and preventing crimes in correctional facilities was unveiled by customer comments/feedback. The comments came from jail and prison officials around the United States in the form of email and letter communications.


In several comments, the LBS service from Securus received numerous praises. In fact, the use of the software alongside other law enforcement tools assisted one sheriff’s department to recover millions in terms of illegal money, assets, and drugs. Securus’ investigative tools also proved its usefulness in investigating potential threat cases or harassment complaints in correctional facilities. Additionally, the monitoring of calls unveiled information relating to drugs in the facility, alcohol use, suspicious conversation, threats and cellular device use.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the leading for-profit prison technology companies in the US. It has made a name for itself through the provision of government information management, detainee communications, and parolee tracking solutions. Currently, the Dallas-based company serves more than 2600 correctional institutions situated in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Aside from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies operates regional offices around the nation in several areas like Allen, Georgia, Carrollton, the Dallas metro area, and Atlanta.


As a leader in the provision of innovative technical solutions and excellent customer service, Securus Technologies mostly focuses on the needs of law enforcement and corrections communities. The company is known for introducing a system aimed at controlling contraband mobile phones in correctional facilities. In fact, over five departments of corrections had approved the Managed Access Solutions by 2016. Additionally, Securus Technologies revealed in July 2016 that it had invested over $600 million in acquisitions, technologies, and patents for about three years.


Video Visitation App

Each day that I show up for my job as a corrections officer at the local prison, I know that I am literally taking my lie in my hands because certain inmates have such a hatred for authority. Since you already have many of those inmates serving a life sentence, another life sentence for hurting an officer means nothing to them. For that reason and more, me and my fellow officers have to be walking around focused or things can escalate quickly.


One reason for the violence in the prison has to do with the rampant drug usage with inmates. These inmates will tell you they can score any type of drugs in the jail easier than they could while on the streets. To try an combat the problem, we have to take several proactive measures each day in addition to all our other prison duties. The most important is getting a team to the visitor center and make sure no one is coming in with drugs, handing drugs to the inmates, or that the inmates are getting to their cells with drugs.


We’ve been lucky to have Securus Technologies install their call monitoring system in our prison, it helps us to listen to inmates on the phone and helps us slow down drug trafficking too. The company is based out of Dallas Texas, and the one thousand employees of Securus Technologies have a single objective they work towards each day, making our world safer.


The LBS software can alert my team to when inmates are talking about things like drugs. Soon as we hear an inmate giving a family member instructions on how to get drugs into the visitor center and pass it to them, we take action, This resource has helped us to make the jail that much safer.