Update a Wikipedia Page, Wikipedia Revisions

A couple of years ago, an innovative software developer called Ed Summers established a Twitter account, which tracks Wikipedia edits made using congressional computers anonymously. The account, @congressedits, is a home of the peculiar, the funny and at times worrying edits. Since new Wikipedia edits are publicly tracked, Ed Summers created a script, which alerts Twitter each time somebody in a congressional office decides to update a Wikipedia page.

Many of the edits are formal, especially when a Senator is voted in again, and the page is edited to reflect that. According to the New York Times, some of the edits are from people with ulterior motives. For instance, after a Kansas Republican, Tim Huelskamp annoyed the leadership of House Republican; someone used a congressional computer to add a section named “National Conservative Leader.” Another weird change is the removal of Sgt. Lloyd J. Reeder from Hiroshima mission crew’s list. In response to the success of @congressedits, similar Twitter accounts have emerged across the globe. The aim of creating these accounts is to enhance government’s transparency and accountability.

Get Your Wiki

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Why having a Wikipedia page is a wise decision

Visibility and traffic

Wikipedia pages and articles appear on the first page of nearly all search results, providing visibility to the owner of the page or article. For instance, a business that has linked its website with Wikipedia pages can enjoy an increased traffic, which might translate into increased sales.

Maintaining an excellent online reputation

Wikipedia pages are essential tools for the maintenance of an impressive online reputation. Uploading a large number of positive and reliable information about business or brand improves reputation by pushing negative comments and reviews further down the search results of prominent search engines.

Authenticity and credibility

Nowadays, consumers tend to carry out thorough research on the Internet before buying products or services from a particular company. Possession of a Wikipedia page increases the level of reputation, credibility, and authenticity to the business, business owner, and brand.