Women in Business

One thing I like about QNET is that they encourage entrepreneurs. They also support humanitarian causes. One good thing about being an entrepreneur is the sense of freedom that one could get from the pursuit. However, it takes a while before one could experience this sense of freedom. With women entrepreneurs who want to achieve a better work-life balance, there often is a period where both male and female entrepreneurs are going to have to put in some extra work for long hours before they get to experience the benefits that come from running a successful business. 

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To go along with the freedoms of being an entrepreneur, I find that there is also unlimited potential for making income as it depends on the productivity of the entrepreneur. With greater financial potential comes more financial freedom. As a result, both men and women entrepreneurs can donate to humanitarian causes like Kidney Dialysis. QNET has formed a partnership with Lions Clubs International in order to participate in the humanitarian cause of donating for Kidney Dialysis. 

Often times, women entrepreneurs feel more confident about their pursuits to the point where they want to do good for others. QNET allows them a greater opportunity to make more income with direct selling as well as donate to one of the humanitarian causes that they support. As a result, women entrepreneurs as well as others find themselves on a journey that is filled with productivity and generosity that will leave them feeling great about their lives. 

QNET’s products range from watches and luxury products to life-enhancing products that their independent representatives can sell.

Their independent representatives can work from anywhere and as a result, they are very content with their positions at the company according to Glassdoor reviews. Currently QNET has offices in 25 countries and their employees span in 100 countries and the number is growing every day.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016