Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Is Taking The Cosmetics World By Storm

Doe Deere is the creator of the Lime Crime Cosmetics line. She is an important figure on Instagram and you may have seen her with her brightly colored face or interesting clothes on Instagram. Doe Deere has been named by self-made magazine one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs. In a recent interview, she talks about how she had a vivid imagination as a child and really like to experiment with color and everything from close to accessories and of course makeup.

She says she feels like she’s not working at all that she’s just having a good time. She said that one of her first memories experimenting with makeup involved a sleepover with her friends when she was nine. She said they wanted to dress up like witches to conjure spirits and they began applying dark makeup with eyeliner and they were back at closing. She said it looked terrible but they had a great time. She goes on to recount her makeup experiments in her twenties. She began posting her new look online and even though she said they weren’t the best she created a name for herself with her followers. Her followers didn’t seem to mind if her makeup wasn’t perfect they love her style and her attitude and became loyal.

When asked about the name Lime Crime she goes on to tell that she came up with the name on a whim when she was trying to think of an eBay name. She took her favorite color and a rhyming word and she got Lime Crime. She said she’s already made a name for the company so she’s not going to change it to something else at this point.

In the interview, she talks about how she created Lime Crime Cosmetics is for women want color in their lives. She realized how hard it was for women to find bold bright colors in the makeup industry and felt it was up to her to provide them with the colors they needed. Lime Crime create a variety of bold bright colors for people everywhere. She also talked about the challenges of her company being very internet-based. Although there are some issues facing internet based businesses overall she’s very happy with her overall business plan and her customers are receiving her company.