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EOS Lip Balm-Fast Company Recap

EOS offers great natural and organic product. Originally the company did not divulge the story of their success. They just focused on getting their product on the market. Now that the EOS is thriving they are ready to open up and share their story with their customers.

EOS is an acronym for Within a small period of seven years this company has taken over crowded market which was already dominated by long-time veterans such as Chapstick. EOS stands alone. The company has yet to take money from an outside investor. EOS lip balm even invested in their own equipment instead of outsourcing their labor to another company.

How did they wedge their way into this industry and dominate it within a few years? In a recent article, they stated that they noticed companies within the same industry were “being lazy”. They believed that competitors were not putting much effort into their products.

Initially the lip balms were meant to be gender neutral but after they did some research they found their target consumer to be millennial women. They did research to determine what women thought of traditional lip balm. Their findings are what influenced the company today to make a lip balm that women love. The shape makes it easy to find in a purse.

It took a bit of effort to push their product to retailers. But eventually Walgreens decided to put them on the shelves other major retailers including ULTA and Walmart soon followed. Since the success of the lip balm, they have been busy creating other products such as body lotions and shaving creams. They plan will having many more products available soon.

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