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Gorgeous Hair Only A Brush Stroke Away

Women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their hair every year trying to make it look beautiful and healthy. Of course, they assume that products on the market will help them achieve those gorgeous locks. Well, the results are in, and experts have a few things to say about hair, beauty, and growing longer locks. One woman performed an experiment on her hair. She decided to find out if brushing the hair on a regular basis would stimulate hair growth and a healthier scalp. Her results were very amazing. However, the experts have something important to share with women.

Brushing Hair Stimulates Growth
A woman in the UK decided to perform an experiment on her hair. She wanted to see if brushing the hair with a certain type of brush stimulated hair growth and led to a healthier scalp. The woman discovered something that was amazing. Using a boar brush on her hair actually did improve the texture of her hair and led to hair growth. However, dermatologists have important information to share. They state that brushing the hair does stimulate the scalp and distribute the natural oils. However, there are no studies presently that prove brushing leads to more hair growth. Still, brushing is a very healthy practice because it stimulates the scalp and distributes nutrients.

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