Great Contributions of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a famous scholar of MIT, entrepreneur and a great IT guru. He has been known for his innovativeness and ability to help businesses realize their overall potential. He has been on the frontline working towards lifting the standards of the companies that he manages. His star of success has continued to shine in all his leadership positions. Many people have come to like what he does because he appears to be very honest and hardworking. His passion for career growth has made him a very famous person, and he has been respected for that.

Malcolm also possesses great academic qualifications and is among the few guys to have attended the great Massachusetts institute of Technology(MIT) where he studied for a bachelors degree in computer science. The skills he gained have made him become a great person in the society. A product of MIT is respected globally because of the necessity and practical skills that they possess. Malcolm also has a masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm CasSelle is also the president and the founder of the newly launched P2P company fondly known as Worldwide Asset Exchange(WAX) a company that is a specialist in buying and selling of virtue assets. The company is driven by integrity because of the risk involved. It has very significant and insightful designs that can fight fragmentation and also fraud which are the two major enemies of business. He is very optimistic about helping others grow in their career. Malcolm is also the president of Opskins, a very famous company that has been known for selling online video games in the whole world.

Malcolm is a former president of Tronc Inc, which is a very famous company in America. He has been very optimistic about career growth and progress and has what it takes to prove to the world that for sure he deserves recognition in his career. In 2015, he was the Vice president of SeaChange International and was able to witness the acquisition of Timeline labs towards the formation of a great company in the industry.