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GTL makes false allegations against Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil justice and criminal technology. It provides solutions for the correction market to investigate and monitor correction facilities. The company recently made a press released with a set of corrections to Global Tel Link’s press release. GTL had previously released a press release that contained several statements about Securus Technologies. Securus analyzed these claims and found them to be inaccurate and misleading. Securus then issued a press release that sought to correct claims made by GTL.


The third allegation presented by GTL stated that the PTAB determined all innovations were patentable. This permitted GTL to go to court to protect its technology from monitoring. Securus Technologies corrected these claims saying that the PTAB cannot determine if any innovations are patentable. What the PTAB did was to state that they would conclude the renovations. According to the current request for rehearing, the application whether GTL is going to go back to court was not yet settled.


The fifth allegation made by GTL was that the company is seeking damages and injunctions. If permitted, the company would require Securus to cease using GTL’s patented technologies. Securus noted that the company made use of the word “if granted.” According to Securus point of view, Securus does not use GTL’s patented technologies. The company has a separate video visitation platform. Therefore, there has been no facility where infringements have occurred.


According to Securus CEO, GTL doesn’t want to pursue its patents and hence seeks to invalidate others. GTL is aware that patent litigation costs millions to pursue and take many years. The company was questioning whether the approach made by GTL made sense. GTL made press releases that were certainly not in the best interest of the enterprise. However, Securus Technologies has determined to defend themselves and the correction community that suffers from GTL’s injustice.