How Lori Senecal Focuses on Global Expansion

Global expansion is the name of the game for Lori Senecal and CP+B. It’s all because of her dedication to her craft and her position as a CEO for CP+B. Lori is considered a revolutionary CEO, not only for her role as a female CEO, but for her ability to grow this company globally beyond her wildest dreams. Managing more than 9 international offices for CP+B, Lori is consistently focused on growing the company and improving the culture for the good of the team overall.


Behind Lori is a good education and training with companies she worked with prior including, Kirschenbaum Bond and McCann Erickson. According to, one of Lori’s greatest inspirations is due to the power of creativity, and innovation. During a time when the digital age has continued to grow, so did the businesses with which she worked. Lori has been deemed a global leader by her peers in the marketplace, and has worked in a broad spectrum of industries. Having worked with teams both on an executive level and beyond, Lori has vast experience to contribute to any company she works with. Above all, Lori remains focused on creating value in the marketplace every day.


Continuing with global development, Lori can benefit from a strong team of executives. Her ability to build strong relationships with her team is a key component of the growth CP+B has enjoyed and will continue to sustain through her time there. Due to her competitive nature and strong desire to excel in her craft, Lori Senecal has been awarded numerous times by prestigious business organizations. Lori was awarded on three different occasions in 2017 bu Fast Company for being, “One of the Most Creative in Business”. She was also awarded in 2017 by the Adweek Power List, listed among the top 100 leaders in media, marketing and tech. Lastly, in 2017, Lori was also awarded as being one of the top 20 women in marketing.