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Is Wen Conditioner Worth It?

WEN hair shampoos and conditioners have been endorsed on QVC  by a number of celebrities for their natural ingredients. The hair products also yield great results for a number of customers. If you’ve been looking for a new conditioner to make your hair healthier and shinier, you may have considered giving Wen a try. Emily McClure from Bustle tried Sephora’s Fig conditioner for seven days. Here are a few important things she discovered.
McClure warns that it takes a lot of product to fully saturate the hair and give your tresses a deep conditioning. You could use up to 32 pumps of conditioner for one washing session. So, if the product works for your hair, it may be best to buy a couple of bottles at a time.

Emily also states that her hair felt better right away. Instantly, her hair was shinier and felt like it had more volume. The Wen conditioner also gave her hair a pleasant scent.

She noticed that her hair was much less frizzy while she was using the conditioner, but her hair was slightly greasier as well. Since her hair was oilier, it didn’t hold a curl for very long, but still had volume and shine.

Overall, McClure says Wen conditioner is ideal for women who wash their hair on a daily basis. She also recommends the conditioner for women with thin hair who want to add more volume to their coifs.
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