Medical Technology

Jason Hope Supports New Ideas in Arizona Entrepreneurs

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and innovator, living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an Arizona native and is dedicated to supporting and furthering to progression of the state through his financial and business support. Jason Hope grew up in Tempe. After completing his degree in finance at Arizona State University, he received an MBA from the institution.

He says that he has a drive to contribute to the welfare of others and uses his assets to do just that. He is passionate about giving back to the state of Arizona by staying involved with the community and helping local organizations as much as possible.

Jason Hope supports humanitarian organizations, that are working to make the human experience better. His goal is to help improve the future of mankind, especially through supporting medical advances for fighting the aging process. He believes that technology is the wave of the future and is heavily supportive of organizations and individuals in this arena.

He sees the development of mobile apps, desktop software, and other devices as ways to make life a little easier and more enjoyable for everyone. As a futurist, Jason Hope helps point young entrepreneurs and technology developers in the right direction for making a mark in the industry.

Jason Hope supports young entrepreneurs, in starting businesses, creating new products, and launching them into the marketplace. He shares his business acumen, and financial resources to help where he sees major potential. Jason Hope works with high school seniors and college students, offering grants to help them jump start their ideas.

Jason is a major supporter of the SENS Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, that does research in the area of regenerative medicine for aging. The organization’s goal is to change the way research is done for recognizing and treating age related diseases. They use cell regeneration rather than focusing on specific diseases older people face.

Jason Hope plans to continue supporting ideas and projects that he believes will help mankind improve in the years to come. Whether it is through medical technology or other areas, Jason Hope is dedicated to using his resources to improve the world and people’s lives.