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Jorge Moll: Why Giving Feels Good

Everyone has experienced that feeling before, especially when giving donations to charities and foundations, or from just merely giving your food to a homeless man on the street. The atmosphere can be described as warm and pleasurable, and it touches the heart, mind, and soul of an individual. There is no official name for the phenomenon described, but people have started nicknaming the strange event in a hundred ways, such as “helper’s high,” “giver’s heartwarming feeling,” and hundreds of silly but catchy names. The phenomenon is known for ages, but there is no official study on why it happens until Jorge Moll began studying why it feels good to give.


Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist, and he is known for studying the brain and unlocking the secrets of morality. Jorge Moll teamed up with Jordan Grafman to conduct a study and determine why giving feels good. They invited several volunteers who agreed to be studied upon, and they were welcomed inside an empty room. Jorge Moll asked them to imagine two scenarios – one would depict them being generous, and another would depict them being selfish. Right after requesting what the volunteers would do, Jorge Moll watched the monitor from equipment that works like a scanner. The two neuroscientists were surprised after seeing the result of the volunteer’s brain.


The monitor is displaying great activities happening inside the brain, symbolized by moving patterns that grow faster and more visible as the thought deepens and feels closer to reality (Fehosul). Jorge Moll also noticed a small area in the brain that manages all of the movements inside the volunteer’s head, and they have seen that this particular area of the brain is responsible for releasing hormones and other chemicals which causes the pleasurable feeling that an individual feels when they give. This study was immediately recorded on their system, and Jorge Moll shared his discovery with the scientific community. The scientific community commended Jorge Moll and his team for sharing the results of the research, and for doing a great job in unlocking the secrets of the mind. Jorge Moll and his team thanked the scientific community and promised them that they would be studying the mind further.

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