Judge Grants Judicial Watch Permission to Depose Clinton Aides.

Judicial Watch, a legal advocacy group, received approval from the United States State Department, to obtain sworn depositions from three former Hillary Clinton aides associated with her illegal private email system. Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, of the United States District Court, granted Judicial Watch “limited discovery.”

Judicial Watch seeks to find out why Clinton maintained an email server, in her private residence, while Secretary of State. Clinton, seeking the presidential nomination, has dismissed the issue as nothing more than a misunderstanding. She contends she, a no time, sent or received documents labeled “classified.”

Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl D. Mills, Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedinand undersecretary Patrick F. Kennedy will face deposition, from Judicial Watch, along with State Department employee Bryan Pagliano. Pagiliano maintained the Clinton server and appeared before a congressional committee, refusing to answer any questions, under the Fifth Amendment.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues its probe into Clinton’s illegal email server and classified information transmission violations. United States intelligence agencies continue to conduct their own investigations regarding specific rules and law violations. Led by the Associated Press, nearly 40 civil lawsuits demanding the release of Clinton’s records while Secretary of State. Opponents to Clinton’s illegal home-based server contend she exposed classified information to hackers and intelligence gathering organizations worldwide.

Before the granting to allow sworn depositions, the United States State Department made 52,000 pages of Clinton’s documents for public inspection. Due to the classified nature of Clinton’s documents, the 52,000 pages release is just a fraction of the entire document file she generated as Secretary of State.

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