Lincolnshire Management Sells Amport Inc. To InstarAGF

Lincolnshire Management is private equity based in New York City with a portfolio of investment on a full scale. It was founded back in the year 1986, and the firm has experience in managing wealth, private equity, and investment. Lincolnshire Management has been growing over the last 30 years have made over 80 acquisitions. The focus is on high potential medium firms ,with the prospects of growth. They acquired Amport Inc. back in 2014, from Highstar Capital and just sold it to InstarAGF. Although the terms of the sale were not made public, it can be safely assumed that it was a very lucrative deal. Lincolnshire Management released a press statement after the purchase. Amports Inc. is based in Jacksonville, Florida and it primarily deals with port logistics in the automotive sector, and it is also a processing company.


With headquarters in New York and a regional office in Chicago, Lincolnshire Management is a force with private equity funds, which are under management worth over $1.7 billion. During the deal, InstarAGF was represented by Morrison and Foerster, who foresaw the acquisition from Lincolnshire Management. The wealth of experience that it has gained throughout its 30 years of existence have enabled private company acquisitions, management buyouts, and recapitalizations as well as many other fields that it is well respected for. Lincolnshire Management saw the potential of Amports Inc. back in 2014, in the field of portside automotive processing which it has been a leader for a long time and even won several awards on it.Lincolnshire Management continues has been on a positive growth path since inception.


Lincolnshire Management has, through the years been instrumental in some of the most key acquisitions and sales of companies in the industry. InstarAGF recognizes the significance of this incredible company that has been in charge of Amports for the last four years and made it grow even further in its field. Since the acquisition of Amports in 2014, the firm has made sure that the company has been steadily increasing and dominating given its strategic location and excellent business techniques which have seen it expand into a force that InstarAGF had to take notice.