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Oren Frank: The Mind Behind Talkspace

Oren Frank is an American tech entrepreneur credited for the creation of Talkspace. His creation made it possible for therapists across the world to speak with their clients through a specialized application, making their recovery faster and more effective. Oren Frank stated that the application became an idea back in the early 2010s as his marriage started to go under extreme problems. There came a time that his wife threatened him with divorce, and because he does not want their marriage to end up like that, he considered creating an application that allowed him to located therapists near his area. When he found out, he started speaking with them through his smartphone, and he was advised to go over the office to have a deeper conversation about his marriage issues. His trip to the therapist saved his marriage, and an idea was born – he wanted to recreate the software he made to be used by the public, and by 2012, Talkspace was launched. Check the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Talkspace initially became a hub for people who wanted to find someone to talk to, but when therapists started to sign up for the application, the world of Talkspace became different – patients started downloading the application, and they are talking with the therapist that could best help them with their problems. Talkspace quickly became a well-known application, having more than 350,000 users by 2017. This huge number is attributed to the world-class services offered by the therapists who have signed up for the program, and many people wanted to see how they can get better through speaking with professionals over an application.

Oren Frank expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped him with his venture, and he is hoping that Talkspace would expand further, to serve billions of people around the world who needs to speak with a therapist who would help them with their emotional and mental issues.