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There is no greater risk than trusting a stranger to put you under and perform a medical procedure, elective or not, and hope everything comes out okay. With the increase in noninvasive aesthetic surgeries the need for plastic surgeons at the top of their field has grown as well. The residents of Texas seem to have a pool of the finest plastic surgeons at their disposal, but here a the few many can’t stop talking about.

Dr. Rod Rohrich completed his residency years in Michigan and then continued his education at Oxford where he studied pediatric plastic surgery techniques before accepting a microvascular fellowship at Harvard Medical School.He offers a myriad of surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, face lift, neck lift, breast reduction, breast life, and body contouring. His practice also offers chemical and laser peels to help rejuvenate skin and give it a natural healthy glow.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most talked about female plastic surgeons in her field. As a native Texan Walden obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Texas and graduated salutatorian from the Medical Branch of the University. Walden continued her education in Texas and completed both her internship and residency years in her native home. Her skills were noticed by many of her colleagues and talk made its way across the country to Dr. Sherrell Aston, a widely celebrated and prestigious plastic surgeon.

Walden generously accepted a fellowship with Dr. Aston at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital where she studied under his hand and perfected his techniques. Walden left the hospital after a few years and opened up her own practice on the Upper East Side where she stayed for eight years. After her twins were born she moved her practice back to Texas and opened up an office in Marble Falls with a satellite office in Dallas. Her phenomenal skill set has attracted people from all over the country to fly in just for a consult. Dr. Walden has published multiple research articles in medical journals as well as co-authoring a book about plastic surgery.

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Women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their hair every year trying to make it look beautiful and healthy. Of course, they assume that products on the market will help them achieve those gorgeous locks. Well, the results are in, and experts have a few things to say about hair, beauty, and growing longer locks. One woman performed an experiment on her hair. She decided to find out if brushing the hair on a regular basis would stimulate hair growth and a healthier scalp. Her results were very amazing. However, the experts have something important to share with women.

Brushing Hair Stimulates Growth
A woman in the UK decided to perform an experiment on her hair. She wanted to see if brushing the hair with a certain type of brush stimulated hair growth and led to a healthier scalp. The woman discovered something that was amazing. Using a boar brush on her hair actually did improve the texture of her hair and led to hair growth. However, dermatologists have important information to share. They state that brushing the hair does stimulate the scalp and distribute the natural oils. However, there are no studies presently that prove brushing leads to more hair growth. Still, brushing is a very healthy practice because it stimulates the scalp and distributes nutrients.

Wengie grew up in Australia with a love for beauty and fashion. In the back of her mind, she knew that this was something that she would like to share with others on a larger scale. The Chinese-Australian beauty has one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Furthermore, her one million subscribers stop by her channel on a regular basis for a daily dose of Wengie beauty secrets. Surprisingly, Wengie was a six figure marketing executive that quit her job to start a career on YouTube.

Wengie’s beauty tutorials and tips on hair, makeup, fashion, and beauty have made her a leading beauty expert on YouTube. Wengie believes that her Chinese background along with growing up in Australia gave her a unique perspective on beauty. This has inspired her to compare popular beauty trends in other countries with others.


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When it comes to digital marketing agencies, White Shark Media is one of the best in the game. Over the last 5 years they have helped thousands of businesses in the United States properly utilize online marketing to grow their customer base.

Here are 3 core values that have made them stand out in the very crowded digital marketing space:

#1 – They Treat Your Business As If It Was Their Own

Glass Door report says that at White Shark Media they treat every client as if they were a business partner. That means they have just as much interest in your business succeeding as you do. They realize you are entrusting them with thousands of advertising dollars every single year. As a result they do all they can to not only provide the best performance, but the best service as well.

#2 – They Always Over Deliver

White Shark Media makes it a point to always exceed your expectations. They know this is the only way to truly build a loyal clientele. They strive to over deliver in two key areas. The level of service they provide and their dedication to helping you reach your overall goals for your business.

They focus on being proactive instead of reactive. This means they are always two steps ahead and able to deliver results that truly blow the clients mind.

#3 – They Are Never Satisfied

No matter how good White Shark Media is doing, they are never satisfied. They are always pushing the limits trying to reach new heights. They believe the day they stop growing, the moment they believe they are good enough, is the very moment their competitors will pass them by.

That’s why they work with passion and urgency every single day. They have one goal in mind and that is to dominate the digital marketing space. They know that’s not possible if they rest on their laurels.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that provides various online marketing services including pay per click, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. If you are a small to medium sized business looking to increase traffic to your website, they can help.

Visit their website at and request a free Adwords evaluation. Doing so will give you the opportunity to speak with a certified strategist about your business. You may also schedule your free Adwords evaluation by calling (305) 728-4828.


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White Shark Media is a company based in Miami, Florida in the United States. Its services and operations are widespread making the company have offices beyond its borders; now in Central America and in Denmark. The industry where White Shark Media belongs is Marketing and Advertising.
White Shark Media Company is an amazing agency that proffers SEO, Adwords Management and Web Services to start- up business entities.

To these start- ups, they provide online marketing solutions using their novel search engine marketing strategies that see to it that the start- ups develop and grow into bigger entities. They eye particular fields where their clients fetch real good cash, providing Product Listing Advertisements in virtually all their management plans. This is where their focus totally lies- on customer satisfaction. In my own opinion, this is something that is surely plausible.

Its founding was met by approbation by Google which offered them a full premier link to the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership and for a long time now, they have teamed up. They also formed an alliance with the marvellous Bing Ads Authorised Reseller.

White Shark Media works with a formula. This formula ensures proper tracking of the marketing efforts of all their clients. Their Facebook page has it tha White Shark Media’s top- notch priority is securing their customers success which is after all vivid as clients obtain quick reports from the company and at all times experience fast responses to telephone or mobile phone calls and sent emails, transparency, cheap costs, flat free marketing solutions and no involvement of contracts.

The company is at all times accountable to their clients. This is made possible by the keyword- level call tracking, by the proprietary reporting software and by Google Analytics. All this adds up to ensuring that the clients are fully protected. Fully security in turn breeds trust and confidence on the part of the clients towards the White Shark Media Company, ensuring nothing but smooth operations between the two parties.

White Shark Media Company fully takes care of the shopping interests of its clients, regardless of where each client carries on their shopping. Even if it is taking place in their local markets, in Hispanic markets or even on Google – full report here: Well qualified and certified personnel are tasked with helping clients identify business ideas which when put into action can result in an enormous transformation, an invention of a great discourse whose capacity is really fascinating.

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Steve Murray, who is now deceased, is the prior CCMP Capital CEO and big time investor found in shocking news from Fortune Magazine recently. Before his death, Murray had taken time off from work at his firm and a month before headlines across the nation sadly announced him dead. He had ongoing health issues, but no release has eluded as to what its nature was.

The investor was born in the United States on August 2, 1962. He attended Boston College where he studied and graduated with an economics degree that would pave the way for his competitive future and life in the investment field.

As an all-American citizen, Steve Murray’s story would eventually impact the world and inspire the formation of one large organization. It was him who helped established CCMP Capital for the name we recognize it as today. Kudos to Murray.

Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partner was identified as its own firm in 2006, but in 1984 was still under its primary organization, Morgan Partners at the time. Nevertheless, things have changed drastically as CCMP Capital manages growth capital in conjunction with leveraged buyouts and in excessive multi-million dollar campaigns.

Those holdings allowed the firm to become impressive in the private equity business, and it now operates daily transactions that are experienced by the planet at large.

With this firm, it’s not hard to envision an organization that retains $12 billion in assets. …which it currently does manage. They have employees working all across the world. But today, this current operation is overseen by none other than, Greg Brenneman, who lives up to the CCMP Capital reputation.

Greg Brenneman got his career established as the owner of Quiznos Sub and by running the Burger King Corporation. These career breakthroughs allow him absolute authority as chairman of CCMP Capital and tremendous respect in the world of investment. He first graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas before receiving his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

You can find his private equity investment firm located and headquartered on 245 Park Avenue, Ny., New York. The investment behemoth is registered today under limited liability partnership clauses now that it has officially “spun-out” from its parent organization we know today as JP Morgan Chase. The change occurred in 2006.

Here is where the firm began its reputation that garnered worldwide attention and a rank as one of the largest private equity funds around. The year 2007–only one year after the group was launched–saw the organization ranked at number 17 in the world among all investing equity firms.

It has a unified task force whose offices can be found in New York City, Hong Kong, London and even Tokyo.

CCMP Capital Built on Trust, Integrity, Teamwork, and Diversity by Stephen Murray, Founder
I am searching for a great New York-based private equity investment firm, but I had to think about what I wanted in this business. What do I look for and what do I expect.

The firm I came into contact with was one started by Stephen Murray. Mr. Murray, the former President, and CEO of CCMP Capital showed me an impressive background. A proven track record of accomplishment and experience that allowed me to trust this investment firm to do all they could for me.

Stephen Murray was a great philanthropist and private equity investor and sat at the helm of his company CCMP Capital. His educational background is one that I would expect. A degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration earned him the credits to run this investment firm. All great CEO’s require a training program, working with the best in the finance field. Mr. Murray did his training through a program with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. During this training period, Mr. Murray saw and was part of many mergers, and transitions take place.

Mr. Murray is not all about business as he did recognize some worthwhile priorities such as supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County Boston College, Columbia Business School, and Stamford Museum.

Mr. Murray started CCMP Capital Advisors, a private equity firm, placing his focus on four sectors of industry.

1. Industry
2. Consumer Retail
3. Chemical and Energy
4. Healthcare

To accomplish this, Murray had to develop a team of experts having the knowledge and skill needed to offer the public an expert service. This team of over 40 people uses their knowledge and skill for the four focused groups of expertise. These extensive team of members combines their talents and expertise to specialize in buyouts and growth equity investments throughout Europe and North America in the four targeted industries mentioned.

Murray wanted to share his vision for the future of business by placing just the right values on the priorities he chose to set. He carefully worked with the management team, to continue his diligence to develop CCMP into what it has become today in the global marketplace.

CCMP’s financial targets, incentives, and objectives drive this company to its pinnacle of success due to frequent interaction and communication with the portfolio management. Team members keep in mind that integrity, diversity, teamwork, and partnership remain a critical part of this company’s success equation.

Because of the values this company was built on by Mr. Murray, his business has earned the trust and accomplishments of a private equity firm. Investors learned that CCMP proved to be astute in the management of corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations, fund to fund accounts sovereign wealth funds, and high net-worth investors. Trust also comes in the fact that its members invest a good share of their personal net worth alongside the growing investors of CCMP. The proof of success is in the well over 40 companies putting their trust in CCMP, which is divided amount the four target areas of industry mentioned earlier.

Because of this track record of accomplishment and the background held by this outstanding CEO, Mr. Stephen Murray, I decided to enter into a partnership with the other over 40 companies’ already realizing success.

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Fabletics is set to open about 75 to 100 stores in three to five years time. Its 7th store is set to be opened this spring. These stores will enable their customers to fit the clothes physically before making a purchase.

With these stores in place, the staffs will convince its customers to subscribe to their services for monthly discounted outfits. This will enable the company to make money and at the same time allow customers to purchase clothes at the comfort of their homes.

On their reviews, Fabletics has very few complains lately. In an interview with Forbes, Adam Goldenberg the co-CEO and co founder of JustFab affirmed that Fabletics was getting less complains. The store noted that most of its customers did not understand their terms well. JustFab then made the move to revise the FAQ section of Fabletics and improve its customer response service in a bid to make each customer understand better how the retail store operates.

In the interview which was well recorded by Racked, Goldberg said that the store was getting high sales. They send about 800,000 items in a month. He also affirmed that customers like the developments made in Fabletics.

The Better Business Bureau; a website that shows complains leveled against companies indicates that Fabletics is getting few complains lately. Part of this improvement is due to the move by JustFab to list its different subsidiaries such as Fabletics as separate entities.

About Fabletics company

Fabletics is an online retail company that offers stylish and affordable activewear, workout and fitness clothes for both women and men. It started as subsidiary of JustFab in 2013. It was co founded by Kate Hudson. Fabletics is well known for selling quality outfits at a low price. They sell the first purchase at a discounted price. The company accepts returns for exchange with no fee but returns for refund are charged at $5.95. Only returns that do not exceed 30 days from the day of shipment are allowed.

Fabletics are famous for their exclusive VIP membership. The first VIP purchase is discounted to $25 ( and shipping is always free. VIP members only pay $49.95 for same outfit. At the start of the membership, a person takes a short lifestyle quiz that enables the company have an overview of your preferences, then every month they send handpicked outfits to you. A person must log in between the 1st and the 5th of every month to make a selection or to ‘skip this month.’ Failure to do so results to a $49.95 charge on the 6th day and an entitlement to one outfit. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady review on Fabletics, one can skip as many months as they like and cancel VIP membership anytime.

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Line of Hair Products

The Chaz Dean line of cleansing conditioners is a 5 in 1 formula that will transform your hair leaving you with greater volume and more moisture. This line of hair products is suitable for all kinds of hair and actually allows the consumer to replace 5 different products with just this one option. It replaces leave in conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, shampoo and basic conditioner in just one product known as the Wen Cleansing Conditioner. This cleansing conditioner is free of sulphates and lather so it leaves your hair cleansed and feeling smooth and silky. All the natural oils within the hair are left behind as these oils are essential. The product allows the hair to be moistened, strengthened and it becomes a lot more manageable. The sweet almond mint version of the WEN Cleansing Conditioner revealed with several users that it left their hair 100 percent more moisturized, 97 percent more shine and 95 percent said it made the hair more manageable.

Some of the ingredients within the Wen Cleansing Conditioner are Glycerin which provides the moisturizing benefits that are experienced by users. It contains chamomile extract used for both calming and soothing properties. Wild Cherry Bark is used in order to condition the hair and Rosemary is used in order to sooth the hair.

The popularity on Amazon of this product was recently stated in an article on Guthy-Renker, where a user performed a 7 day trial of the conditioning cleanser and found that her friends complemented her saying how beautiful and shiny it looked. She also said it had never felt so full in volume as she has very fine hair to begin with. She highly recommends this product to anyone looking to improve their hair.




In 2015 SKOUT teamed up with the SF-Marin Food Bank to feed 10,000 individuals who were facing hunger. Now, in 2016, they have decided to once again team up with the SF-Marin Food Bank to feed those in need. This time however they are upping the ante. Instead of feeding 10,000 individuals, their goal this time around is to feed 20,000.

If you have never heard of SKOUT, it is one of the most popular apps being used by millions of people to make new connections all over the world. To help celebrate National Potato Chip Day, which took place on March 14, 2016, SKOUT asked all of its users to give back through a virtual gifting campaign.

This special one day event encouraged users to send virtual gift bags to all of their friends via the SKOUT app. The bags would be filled with virtual snacks such as chips.

For every bag of virtual snacks that was sent to a friend, SKOUT would turn them into real cash donations that go straight to the food bank. This went on for the entire day until the goal of feeding 20,000 people was reached.

Virtual gifting is actually a very popular feature within the SKOUT app. This according to Christian Wiklund, co-founder and current CEO of SKOUT. The SKOUT team has used this feature on many different occasions to make a difference in local communities all over the world.

This time SKOUT wanted to keep things close to home and help the community in which they live and work.

Paul Ash, the Executive Director at SF-Marin Food Bank was quoted as saying, “People are facing a rapidly shrinking margin between their income and expenses.” This is a huge contributing factor to the rising number of people dealing with hunger.

That’s why the SF-Marin Food Bank was very excited to team up with SKOUT and use technology and creativity to stomp out hunger.


SKOUT is an app that makes meeting new people a little easier. All you need is your mobile device and you will be able to discover new friends in every corner of the world. The SKOUT community consists of millions of users from over 100 different countries.

The thing that makes the SKOUT community so amazing is their zero tolerance for bad behavior. If you act up, you will be banned from using the app. They also take safety very seriously by offering two separate communities for teens and adults.

To learn more about this amazing app visit

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When we think of prison inmates we think of hardcore criminals who have committed serious crimes involving murder, rape, drugs and kidnapping. In reality over 86% of inmates are charged with a victimless crime and will be released from prison sometime in their life. Prison used to only be about punishment but as the world is changing so is prison life. Most inmates who are released get sent back to prison within a year or two. Securus Technologies wants to help reduce recidivism. How you ask?

Securus Technology has invested over $600 million in different products and services. So far they have deployed 84,000 intelligent communication devices and plan on exceeding 150,000 devices by the end of 2016. These devices include tablets, video visitation kiosks, and s-phones, all which have the highest level of security. What these devices will do is provide education for the inmates, access to law libraries, better communication with their loved ones, as well has help them find a job when they are released. Preparing inmates for life without bars will better their chances of not becoming an inmate again. The technology that Securus is providing for the jail will not only make the inmates and officers safer but the outside world as well. This software is going to change the face of inmate phone calls. To implement it, simply download the app from either Google play or the App Store, register for the technology and connect the two.

Securus Technology is headquartered in Dallas, Tx and serves over 3,400 correctional facilities. They not only provide these facilities with leading edge technology but they also offer services online for friends and family of the incarcerated. If you are unable to visit your loved one that is behind bars you can do so through their website and video chat. This will save you time, gas, and money. Securus also provides emergency response, incident management, as well as providing you with public information solutions. Their leading technology for the incarcerated is helping make the world a safer place. 
Inmates that sit in a cell all day every day with one hour of “recess” will become antisocial and disturbed. Their chances of committing a more serious crime once released become greater. Providing them with these technologies will help prepare them for the outside world, better their education and reduce the risk of a more serious crime being committed. 
Women in Business

One thing I like about QNET is that they encourage entrepreneurs. They also support humanitarian causes. One good thing about being an entrepreneur is the sense of freedom that one could get from the pursuit. However, it takes a while before one could experience this sense of freedom. With women entrepreneurs who want to achieve a better work-life balance, there often is a period where both male and female entrepreneurs are going to have to put in some extra work for long hours before they get to experience the benefits that come from running a successful business. 

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To go along with the freedoms of being an entrepreneur, I find that there is also unlimited potential for making income as it depends on the productivity of the entrepreneur. With greater financial potential comes more financial freedom. As a result, both men and women entrepreneurs can donate to humanitarian causes like Kidney Dialysis. QNET has formed a partnership with Lions Clubs International in order to participate in the humanitarian cause of donating for Kidney Dialysis. 

Often times, women entrepreneurs feel more confident about their pursuits to the point where they want to do good for others. QNET allows them a greater opportunity to make more income with direct selling as well as donate to one of the humanitarian causes that they support. As a result, women entrepreneurs as well as others find themselves on a journey that is filled with productivity and generosity that will leave them feeling great about their lives. 

QNET’s products range from watches and luxury products to life-enhancing products that their independent representatives can sell.

Their independent representatives can work from anywhere and as a result, they are very content with their positions at the company according to Glassdoor reviews. Currently QNET has offices in 25 countries and their employees span in 100 countries and the number is growing every day.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

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