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Herbalife24 is sponsoring Heather Jackson as she tries to better her 2016 third-place performance in the Ironman. The Ironman competition is held in Kona, Hawaii. Herbalife24 is encouraging Heather Jackson in her pursuit of victory at this worldwide competition.


Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. The company employs people by allowing them to market Herbalife’s line of top quality health products. These products are designed specifically for the individual characteristics of different types of athletes. Careful attention is taken to ensure that key vitamins are delivered throughout the course of an athlete’s day.


Hughes started selling his health products back in 1980 from his car. Over the course of nearly 30 years, he has grown his company to nearly a billion dollar valuation. His marketing model is the main reason for his success. He chose a direct sales multi-level marketing approach. People who joined under other affiliates receive a commission of the affiliates that signed up under them. In this way, sales of the product skyrocketed, as people began to profit from selling this product.


Over time, and as the company grew, the product line expanded to include prepared meal supplements, vitamins, herbal based products, and many others. A line called Herbalife24 was designed for the complete cycle of an athlete’s day. Athletes not only were benefiting from this product financially, but they were feeling the positive effects of this herbal health supplement system on their performance.


Herbalife is still growing today. Mark Hughes is the founder and CEO and stands at the precipice of a revolution in athlete health and performance. He has a top-notch product to offer, and he also has a huge team of over 8000 individuals who market his product every day to others. With such a sophisticated model for success, this highly beneficial health supplement product sells off the shelves consistently.


Malcolm CasSelle is a famous scholar of MIT, entrepreneur and a great IT guru. He has been known for his innovativeness and ability to help businesses realize their overall potential. He has been on the frontline working towards lifting the standards of the companies that he manages. His star of success has continued to shine in all his leadership positions. Many people have come to like what he does because he appears to be very honest and hardworking. His passion for career growth has made him a very famous person, and he has been respected for that.

Malcolm also possesses great academic qualifications and is among the few guys to have attended the great Massachusetts institute of Technology(MIT) where he studied for a bachelors degree in computer science. The skills he gained have made him become a great person in the society. A product of MIT is respected globally because of the necessity and practical skills that they possess. Malcolm also has a masters degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Malcolm CasSelle is also the president and the founder of the newly launched P2P company fondly known as Worldwide Asset Exchange(WAX) a company that is a specialist in buying and selling of virtue assets. The company is driven by integrity because of the risk involved. It has very significant and insightful designs that can fight fragmentation and also fraud which are the two major enemies of business. He is very optimistic about helping others grow in their career. Malcolm is also the president of Opskins, a very famous company that has been known for selling online video games in the whole world.

Malcolm is a former president of Tronc Inc, which is a very famous company in America. He has been very optimistic about career growth and progress and has what it takes to prove to the world that for sure he deserves recognition in his career. In 2015, he was the Vice president of SeaChange International and was able to witness the acquisition of Timeline labs towards the formation of a great company in the industry.



NewsWatch TV provides established and growing companies alike the opportunity to deliver their brand identity to a mass multitude of markets worldwide. With their one to three minute segments, NewsWatch can hone your company’s message into a streamlined segment, capable of gaining interest in your company or project, or gaining sales and revenue for your latest product release. With twenty eight years in the business, NewsWatch TV understands the ever growing and changing face of PR better than most, and have worked since their first broadcast in March of 1990 to grow their audience, and perfect their production quality. The series’ commitment to quality is evident in NewsWatch’s winning of both the Gold and Platinum Marcom Award in 2017, and the Silver Telly in 2016. NewsWatch TV has worked with some of the most note worthy corporations in the world, and will do the same for your business as it has for there’s.

Some of NewsWatch TV’s most famous clients included Casio, D-Link, and Sony, but the series has a long running relationship with smaller businesses seeking to get themselves off the ground. In taking budding companies and bringing them to an audiences that is interested in what they are providing is where NewsWatch TV’s abilities really lie. With costs for segments based on the reach you would like your campaign to have, NewsWatch TV can work with any business and budget to produce a superb marketing video. Not only can NewsWatch boost your work through their popular once weekly series, they also understand the importance of viral social media marketing and have used this technique effectively to help companies like Avaca, who were seeking crowdsourcing through an Indiegogo campaign, excel far past their original goals. If your looking for the next level of marketing for your business, look no further than NewsWatch TV!


Rally Racer

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known rally driver who lives in Brazil. The incredible 41-year-old driver participates in the Prototype T1 competitions with his brother Michel Terpins. The two brothers are celebrated over the world, and they have both gained their recognition locally and internationally following their remarkable rally and driving skills and talents.

The unbeatable driver, Rodrigo Terpins also participates in the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, which is considered one of the best teams, which take part in the off-road championship competitions such as Sertoes Rally competition. Notably, Rodrigo is a co-founder of the Blue Sertoes along with his brother. The two brothers have won many uncountable races in their past championships, and they have upheld the spirit until today.

The passion of the great Rodrigo Terpins can be traced from his family. His father Jack Terpins and Michael Terpins his brother have passionate personalities in the rally sports field. However, his father used to play basketball for the Hebraica while he was young. His father was also appointed in a senior position in Jewish Sports Organization.

The two brothers participated in the 24th edition of the Sertoes rally a match where they won the second stage and were ranked in the top five categories. That was considered an incredible performance for Rodrigo Terpins and his brother aboard on the T-Rex model developed by the great MEM Sports Organization.

On the 22nd edition rally, Rodrigo Terpins was able to participate along with another renowned partner, Fabricio Manchiana. This rally covered around 2600 kilometers, which were divided into various stages and stretched to two states. The duo racing TI prototypes finished third in their category and held the 8th position in the overall match featuring 38 teams in the entire event. This off-road edition was the largest in Brazil, and it drew attention from different rally drivers, sponsors as well as enthusiastic fans.

Talking after the race, Rodrigo Terpins stated that he and his partner were in a position to adapt to the vehicle as well as the terrain and stay vigilant during the race. He also noted that the results were beyond their expectations and a big surprise was new to them. You can visit Terra for more.

His Career Journey

Rodrigo Terpins went to the University of Sail Hilaire where he acquired some business management skills. These skills helped him rise in his position of the president until he vacated the position in the year 2007. Rodrigo formed his company in 2008 and named it T5 Participicoes. Since then, the company has been in the front line in organizing the most outstanding racing events inside and outside Brazil.


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Brian Torchin, Business, CEO, Healthcare

Brian Torchin is the founder of Healthcare Recruiting Counselors (HCRC). He helps to staff, open and manage several medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Florida. He strives to achieve the best quality of care for all his patients. Digital Journal, Release Fact, and The Examiner all have featured articles on Brian Torchin and his accomplishments.

He has successfully recruited individuals for dental industries, physician assistants, urgent cares and medical staff. As soon as his company receives a recruiting request, they will send resumes within 72 hours. This is fairly quickly, especially if the location in need tried to do this on their own. His business model is to staff quickly, but with qualified candidates who will love the job. His company spends a good amount of time counseling those candidates and ensuring a good fit. Read more on about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin’s facebook page is filled with job placement opportunities across the country. Under each ad he has placed detailed expectations for the job as well as compensation and benefits provided. One of the advantages of using his services is that you will get good quality candidates. You won’t have to waste time interviewing, and then training an individual who you thought would be a good fit. Through their extensive counseling with qualified candidates they take that burden for you. Also, another big advantage is it is a time saver. You can spend the majority of your time focuses on your patients while HCRC does the background work to provide you with candidates you need. Learn more:



Another high ranking athlete has joined the Herbalife Nutrition sponsorship program. Jonathan Dos Santos, LA Galaxy midfielder, becomes the latest high profile name to join the ranks of Herbalife Nutrition.

The deal is expected to run through the 2021 Major League Soccer season. The firm now becomes his official partner in sports nutrition. The Herbalife24 products will be exclusively available to the Mexican. They are manufactured to enhance the performance of sports professionals and have received the green light from NSF.

Herbalife also gains from the deal as Jonathan will act as an ambassador for their marketing initiatives. He will also be involved in sports nutrition education. The firm takes part in a joint community partnership and they hope to enjoy the midfielder’s support in this endeavour.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Rich Goudis expressed his delight in their new signing. Herbalife’s CEO was keen to point out the commitment that Jonathan had demonstrated towards fitness and nutrition. He was confident that the partnership would help them achieve their goal of increasing the health and joy of the world.

On his part, Jonathan looked forward to working with the firm’s experts. He hoped to make the most of their customized products to take his performances to the next level. The Herbal24 Rebuild Strength has already become part of his diet. He first got wind of these products in the LA Galaxy lounge.

The Dos Santos brothers have spent a great deal of their playing time side by side. Along with his elder brother, Giovani Dos Santos, Jonathan started out in the popular La Masia, FC Barcelona’s academy. Senior Dos Santos would later join Villarreal and in 2014, Jonathan took the same step. It was at this Spanish club that his full potential was realized. When LA Galaxy came calling in 2017, it was no surprise that the Mexican would take the offer to reunite with his brother.

About Herbalife Nutrition

The world nutrition firm began its operations back in 1980 with the goal of offering products that would transform lives. Ageing, obesity and poor nutrition are some of the problems that they work round the clock to provide solutions for. They have distributors spread across more than 90 nations in the world.

A good number of athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo enjoy their sponsorship deals. Their services are also extended to needy children through the Herbalife Family Foundation. Close to 8000 individuals get their daily bread from the firm that enjoyed $4.5 billion in terms of sales last year.

Business, Finance

Financial management can be a difficult task for someone, and because of its complexity, many people are turning to private firms to help them with managing their finances. In Australia, many people rely on the services provided by financial management firms, with the Infinity Group Australia being considered as one of the best in the industry. The company was founded by Graeme Holm, who is a businessman who had the vision to provide financial management services to the Australian public. The company is currently headquartered in New South Wales, and their services have already helped thousands of people to overcome their problems with finances. One of their most well-known services gives their clients a chance to be financially independent by taking them out of debt. However, Graeme Holm stated that people should be ready and disciplined whenever they called the services provided by his company.



People who wanted to get rid of their debts and start having a financially independent life should begin by sending their information and financial capabilities to the company. This includes their name, address, age, and even their weekly or monthly income and expenses. When the company receives this information, the Infinity Group Australia reviews it extensively, pointing out important details about their client, and giving them a heads up about the type of service that they have to provide their client based on their lifestyle. Each data is also analyzed, making it possible for them to create new spending habits to their customers who wanted to get out of debt.



Graeme Holm has been stating that his company has been changing lives ever since it was founded. He also shared that this year, a young client that already has a family managed to pay out his $90,000 debt, all because of the services and tips provided by the Infinity Group Australia. He wanted the public to try out the services provided by his company, and see for themselves how their lives will be changed. He also stressed that it is their priority to make sure that every service offered by the company can be followed strictly by their clients. Presently, the company provides three primary services – debt reduction for those who wanted to get out of debt, wealth creation for those who wanted to earn more money, and retirement services for the senior population who just wanted to enjoy life.



According to the latest statistics, over 30% of Australians are indebted, and this has become one of the inspirations of Graeme Holm to work harder to give those who are in debt a sigh of relief. He stated that the company would be developing new ways of how they could help those who struggle with their everyday finances. Learn more:


Financial Expert, Investor

In 1998, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens Co-founded Fortress Investment Group. The company is an equity firm headquartered in New York. Randal Nardone became the CEO of the company in 2013 after serving as interim CEO for nearly two years. Nardone earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut. Additionally, he received a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. Nardone has an extensive background in the business area. Previously, Randal Nardone held positions such as Managing Director at UBS for one year. Additionally, he worked as the Secretary of Newcastle Investment Corporation for over 14 years. Nardone has served as the Chief Operating Officer at IMPAC Commercial Holdings since 1999.

Nardone has served as a Director since 2008 on the Board of Directors for Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation. Additionally, Nardone has held the position of Director since 2010 on the Springleaf Finance Inc., Board of Directors. Currently, Fortress Investment Group is a global company which manages billions of dollars in assets for investors. Clients of the firm consist of individuals and institutional investors such as hedge funds and private equity firms around the world. There are nearly one thousand employees working for Fortress Investment Group. Since the company was established, Fortress Investment Group has been recognized as an industry pioneer.

In December of 2017, SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group for over $ 3 billion dollars. After the SoftBank purchase, the principals remained at Fortress Investment Group. The firm has three principals Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. SoftBank is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. SoftBank committed to maintain the staff, systems, and organizational culture which led to the achievement experienced by Fortress Investment Group prior to the acquisition. Fortress Investment Group has three operational areas which include Private Equity, Permanent Capital Vehicles, and Credit.

Business Leader, OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Industries, a company that specializes in the manufacturing and packaging of protein products and food items. The company is situated in Aurora, Illinois and it services the food service and retail sectors. When he first joined OSI in 1971, Sheldon was just a financial consultant. However, over the years, he became actively involved in the company operations.

In the 1970s the company was going through financial problems, and they were unable to meet their delivery supplies. Sheldon steeped in as the company’s financial advisor. He assisted in steering the business to immense growth and helped to source funds from financial institutions. Under his leadership, OSI Industries has quickly developed from a local food processing firm into a global company. The company now has over 60 locations in 17 different countries.

In 1975, Sheldon became actively involved in the company beyond providing financial advice. He started sourcing for investment and business overseas. With the retirement of Otto Kolschowsky from the business, Sheldon Lavin partnered with his sons. The company name was altered from Otto & Sons to the OSI Industries. Sheldon has played a major role in assisting the company to realize a broader customer base. From supplying to areas around Illinois, the company also sells their protein products to other global regions including North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa, The Philippines, and Japan.

Sheldon worked hard to expand OSI’s operations across continents, and he bought a controlling interest, which enabled him to take over the company. Sheldon Lavin has transformed the meat and food processing industry all over the globe. OSI Industries specializes in large-scale operations which enable them to manage complicated supply chains.

Sheldon works with a team of ambitious and like-minded individuals to gain success in the meat processing sector. The company believes in teamwork and has a collaborative culture that guarantees a low turnover rate of employees. Being a smart businessman, Sheldon Lavin ensures that the company remains on top by tracking essential factors such as technological advances, resource shortages, and consumer preferences. Sheldon has also bagged numerous awards and received recognition for his charitable efforts such as providing basic needs and housing for families struggling with chronic diseases.

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Intellectual Property

Globalization has changed the way the businesses function and outsources or source their products and services. The management of supply chains today differs vastly from what it used to be earlier. The company that has operations overseas are developing offshore manufacturing as well as distribution centers, and thus, the economy across the globe continues to get more and more interconnected. There is a need to create a patent system as it would help the domestic and regional economies greatly. As the former director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO, Kamil Idris says that intellectual property as the economic drivers is essential to every country.

Kamil Idris says that it is necessary that every country take Intellectual Property seriously and make a political commitment and have a will to develop its laws and guidelines further. Creating awareness about the significance of Intellectual Property and the need to respect its laws in every sector would help its protection. Kamil Idris says that the local legislative, as well as the infrastructural and political operatives, should be willing to upheld Intellectual property. Due to the globalization at a massive scale that is happening worldwide, Kamil Idris says that there are many pitfalls of Intellectual Property that are surfacing in the form of counterfeiting and piracy. It is also becoming difficult to process massive amounts of patent registration’s backlogs.

Kamil Idris says that due to the secure communication channels available worldwide and the seamless supply chain management operations that can be created with ease, the intellectual property rights in many cases are disregarded. It has facilitated the massive distribution of pirated and counterfeit products across the globe. Kamil Idris, who has been the director general of WIPO for over a decade said that WIPO plays a significant role here in protecting the intellectual property rights and controlling the problems of IP damage on various levels. About the intellectual property, Kamil Idris said that the tariff announced by the U.S President Donald Trump on China for trade exchanges would hit the latter hard. It is a result of the China stealing American IP on a massive scale for many years.