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Rodrigo Terpins: A Man Chasing His Love For Sports

Rodrigo Terpins, a prominent rally driver from Brazil, is a clear example of someone who decided to chase his dreams even after having a successful career in business. Coming from a family of prominent sports personalities, Terpins has participated in several sporting events and rallies and has also taken part in events wherein he raced alongside his brother, Michel Terpins, who is also a prominent rally car driver. One of the things that keep Terpins going is his passion for the sport and the drive to perform his very best every time he is behind the wheel.



Rodrigo Terpins has always tried to actively engage himself in a number of physical activities and sports ever since he was a child. His family, particularly his father, actively tried to push him towards taking up new games and trying his hand at new things. In school and during his college years, he played on a number of sporting teams and was considered to be an athlete who showed an incredible amount of promise in what he did.



When it was time for Terpins to pick a degree during his years at University, he decided to choose the field of business management. Soon after graduating, he partook in a number of business ventures and started up several companies. During his first few years itself, he managed to build a number of successful companies that grew to be prominent names in their field. Check out




Even though he was successful at the work he was doing; there was still something that was calling out to him – which was his love for sports. During this time, he actively took part in a number of sporting ventures and realized that this was his true passion in life. He started to participate in rally events in particular and realized that this was one of the most thrilling things that he could to engage in. After attending a number of events, he decided that he would take this up professionally, which is what has led him to have the professional career that he possesses today in rally car racing.


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