Inmate Phone Calls

Securus Technologies – One of the Largest Crime Prevention and Inmate Communication Services Provider

Securus Technologies is one of the leading technology firms in the field of inmate communications and crime prevention. The company offers a vast range of services to the law enforcement agencies and inmates. The inmate communication services offered by the company helps the prisoners to remain in touch with their friends and relatives, and also receive money from their relatives through the money transfer service offered by the company.


It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and presently provides its services to over 2,600 correctional facilities and over 1.2 million inmates. Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies in its sector and has even won the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service training team. Securus Technologies comes up with new and innovative services from time to time to ensure it continues to modernize the incarceration experience for the inmates. The company invests heavily into research and development to ensure that the products and services offered are top notches and highly efficient.


In a recent move, Securus Technologies launched a press release online that showcased what the law enforcement officials feel about the company’s services and technology. The company also invited the customers and investors of the company to check out its technology center situated in Dallas, Texas. It proves how transparent the company is in its business machinery, which is one of the good signs every corporate company exhibits.


As a law enforcement official, I have used the services of the Securus Technologies for long. It has helped my colleagues and me to stop crime at many places and even helped us catch the offenders red-handed. Moreover, it helps in keeping the prison environment much safer. The information provided by Securus Technologies is very useful for the law enforcement and crime prevention agencies, and I am thankful for the continuous development by Securus in the field.