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The Academy Of Art University Holds Panel To Discuss Good Design

The Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco, California, in 1929. Since that time many students have attended this private owned for-profit university. They offer several programs to graduate from such as acting, architecture, animation, fine arts, game development, and graphic design among others. They have an admission acceptance rate of 100% because they don’t turn away anyone who wants to pursue a higher education. It is led by its president Elisa Stephens who is the granddaughter of this university’s founder.

The Academy of Art University held a panel in early 2018 that was about a big issue in the art community. This was whether good design always designing for just a few groups or whether it is more inclusive than that. Designing for people with disabilities, for example. The panel was moderated by Flore Morton who is the assistant director of fashion styling at this university.

The hope was that this panel would cause students to rethink what good design is all about. They want students to start creating clothing and styling while keeping the needs of disabled people in mind. Disabled people have difficulty wearing some styles and types of clothing so they have a limited selection to choose from.

When the Academy of Art University was established by Richard Stephens its purpose was to teach advertising art. Since that time they have added many more disciplines to what they teach. They have also become a regionally accredited university which occurred in 2007. They are members of both the Western Association of Schools and Colleges as well as the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Some of their programs can be completed online, such as earning a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Today around 18,000 students attend the Academy of Art University each year. There are 283 full-time professors at this university as well as 1154 teachers that work part-time. Their graduates have gone on to work for prestigious companies such as Pixar, Apple, Zynga, Nike, and EA. Their students graduate with the skills they need to work professionally.