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The Birth of a Giant

Steve Murray, who is now deceased, is the prior CCMP Capital CEO and big time investor found in shocking news from Fortune Magazine recently. Before his death, Murray had taken time off from work at his firm and a month before headlines across the nation sadly announced him dead. He had ongoing health issues, but no release has eluded as to what its nature was.

The investor was born in the United States on August 2, 1962. He attended Boston College where he studied and graduated with an economics degree that would pave the way for his competitive future and life in the investment field.

As an all-American citizen, Steve Murray’s story would eventually impact the world and inspire the formation of one large organization. It was him who helped established CCMP Capital for the name we recognize it as today. Kudos to Murray.

Chemical and Chase and JP Morgan Partner was identified as its own firm in 2006, but in 1984 was still under its primary organization, Morgan Partners at the time. Nevertheless, things have changed drastically as CCMP Capital manages growth capital in conjunction with leveraged buyouts and in excessive multi-million dollar campaigns.

Those holdings allowed the firm to become impressive in the private equity business, and it now operates daily transactions that are experienced by the planet at large.

With this firm, it’s not hard to envision an organization that retains $12 billion in assets. …which it currently does manage. They have employees working all across the world. But today, this current operation is overseen by none other than, Greg Brenneman, who lives up to the CCMP Capital reputation.

Greg Brenneman got his career established as the owner of Quiznos Sub and by running the Burger King Corporation. These career breakthroughs allow him absolute authority as chairman of CCMP Capital and tremendous respect in the world of investment. He first graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas before receiving his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

You can find his private equity investment firm located and headquartered on 245 Park Avenue, Ny., New York. The investment behemoth is registered today under limited liability partnership clauses now that it has officially “spun-out” from its parent organization we know today as JP Morgan Chase. The change occurred in 2006.

Here is where the firm began its reputation that garnered worldwide attention and a rank as one of the largest private equity funds around. The year 2007–only one year after the group was launched–saw the organization ranked at number 17 in the world among all investing equity firms.

It has a unified task force whose offices can be found in New York City, Hong Kong, London and even Tokyo.

CCMP Capital Built on Trust, Integrity, Teamwork, and Diversity by Stephen Murray, Founder
I am searching for a great New York-based private equity investment firm, but I had to think about what I wanted in this business. What do I look for and what do I expect.

The firm I came into contact with was one started by Stephen Murray. Mr. Murray, the former President, and CEO of CCMP Capital showed me an impressive background. A proven track record of accomplishment and experience that allowed me to trust this investment firm to do all they could for me.

Stephen Murray was a great philanthropist and private equity investor and sat at the helm of his company CCMP Capital. His educational background is one that I would expect. A degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration earned him the credits to run this investment firm. All great CEO’s require a training program, working with the best in the finance field. Mr. Murray did his training through a program with the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. During this training period, Mr. Murray saw and was part of many mergers, and transitions take place.

Mr. Murray is not all about business as he did recognize some worthwhile priorities such as supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County Boston College, Columbia Business School, and Stamford Museum.

Mr. Murray started CCMP Capital Advisors, a private equity firm, placing his focus on four sectors of industry.

1. Industry
2. Consumer Retail
3. Chemical and Energy
4. Healthcare

To accomplish this, Murray had to develop a team of experts having the knowledge and skill needed to offer the public an expert service. This team of over 40 people uses their knowledge and skill for the four focused groups of expertise. These extensive team of members combines their talents and expertise to specialize in buyouts and growth equity investments throughout Europe and North America in the four targeted industries mentioned.

Murray wanted to share his vision for the future of business by placing just the right values on the priorities he chose to set. He carefully worked with the management team, to continue his diligence to develop CCMP into what it has become today in the global marketplace.

CCMP’s financial targets, incentives, and objectives drive this company to its pinnacle of success due to frequent interaction and communication with the portfolio management. Team members keep in mind that integrity, diversity, teamwork, and partnership remain a critical part of this company’s success equation.

Because of the values this company was built on by Mr. Murray, his business has earned the trust and accomplishments of a private equity firm. Investors learned that CCMP proved to be astute in the management of corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations, fund to fund accounts sovereign wealth funds, and high net-worth investors. Trust also comes in the fact that its members invest a good share of their personal net worth alongside the growing investors of CCMP. The proof of success is in the well over 40 companies putting their trust in CCMP, which is divided amount the four target areas of industry mentioned earlier.

Because of this track record of accomplishment and the background held by this outstanding CEO, Mr. Stephen Murray, I decided to enter into a partnership with the other over 40 companies’ already realizing success.