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Thor Halvorssen Speaks About Application Of Democratic Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is a Caracas-born American citizen. He speaks fluent American English despite being a half cast of Norway and Venezuela. His father brought him up in Caracas. His father was arrested, beaten and tortured before being taken a political prisoner in Venezuela. He was working as a governed agent in drugs cartels investigations. Police force got the warrant for his arrest after he exposed corruption in the system. Thor’s mother was shot dead in a political strike. The anti-riot police fired without being ordered to shoot to kill making Thor begin his fight for freedom. In 2014, Thor’s first-hand cousin was arrested and held captive as a Political prisoner.

Thor was a film producer and also an advocate for human rights. He studied Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. His family greatly influenced his spirit and fought for liberation. For instance, Thor’s grandfather fought against Germany during the Second World War. He began fighting for the liberation of South Afrikaans Liberation. He strongly opposed The Apartheid regime.

According to Forbes, Thor initiated the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 following his mother’s death during the Anti-Hugo Chávez protest in 2004. Since its founding, it has managed to liberate seven people imprisoned due to political reasons. HRF also fights for democracy and equality in the Latin Americans. Thor serves as a Patron in the Children Peace Movement. Halvorssen also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. Currently, he serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

Thor made it public that the only way to end poverty is the creation of more wealth, not redistributing the available wealth. Many countries have tried practicing Democratic socialism, but it fails terribly like in Venezuela. Researchers have sought to define it using many ways, but its concept remains the same. Democratic socialism only works when the rule of law is applied.

When leaders fail, the public’s resources are stolen leading to a national economic crisis. It once happened in Venezuela where the government controlled and set prices for goods. This scenario later resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Thor does not agree with socialists who violate human rights by promising to end poverty then later stealing funds from them.

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